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There are many aspects when it comes to running a successful gaming community. But there are a few that most do not consider: consistency, reliability and stability. So, when I look for a good game server hosting company, I look for one that can help provide that.

Unfortunately, in my eternal search to continuously improve the service to my gaming community, I stumbled upon GTX Gaming. They hooked me in with a pretty good website, many “positive reviews” on the trust pilot and incredible prices on Dedicated Servers. For example, we rent 8 dedicated machines, and our two flagship machines are the Ryzen 7950x with the default 4.5Mhz speeds and 128GB of DDR 5 RAM, which are nearly $500 a month each. GTX Gaming is selling the same Ryzen 7950x but is calling it “Turbo” because the speed is 5.7 Mhz, which is quite impressive. Plus, it came with 192GB of DDR 5 RAM for only $300 a month.

So it was a much faster processor, and the additional 64GB of RAM would be suitable for both RUST and our 7 Days To Die Overhaul Modded servers.

So I contacted them on their websites and online chat messaging services and was connected to a guy called Lee. He seems like a nice chap, and when he found out I was the founder of Salty Zombies, at the time, ranked #1 and #2 on Battle Metrics for most popular 7 Days To Die servers and #1 for RUST PVE servers on the voting website. He got a little ecstatic. I mentioned we had 8 Dedicated Servers with Ping Perfect and were shopping around. I told him I would like to buy 2 of their Ryzens 7950x to start with. Within about 15 minutes of the conversation, the CEO of GTX Gaming, Mathew Griffin, joined the conversation.

Lee and Mathew are both excellent salesmen. They bigged me up and made me feel like a celebrity. They were practically laying out a virtual red carpet for me. I am not going lie, I fell for it. They both assured me they have great servers, fast support and good DDOS protection.

So I paid them $600+ for two Ryzens, one in the UK to expand our RUST PVE Servers and one in LA to expand on the 7 Days To Die Overhaul mods. The UK server login credentials came on the same day. But I noticed something a little weird with the ticket system.

GTX Gaming support tickets are public?

When replying to the tickets, I noticed that it asked me to enter my GTX Gaming login credentials each time I replied. I thought that was annoying. Then I realised it was not asking for my credentials to reply. It was because I was not logged in. But how can I view the ticket and chat history if I am not logged in? It’s because the tickets were public.

Yeah, that’s right. If you have the ticket URL, you can view the entire ticket. I thought this was a major security risk, so I replied and told them, and this is where I can introduce you to Robert Pearson, GTX Gaming’s Senior Network Engineer. This guy was the biggest moron in tech support I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. 

So Robbert, from GTX Gaming, replies to me and says, “It’s not public, this is for your own account only”. I sent him an image of a screenshot of my friend who could access the ticket if he was given the ticket URL. I was somewhat shocked he was being so dense about it. Again, he just dismissed me, stating, “I am not sure what your issue is here? I was just informing you of a delay earlier, and then I opened another ticket with your rdp info?”

So I reply a little harshly with an example of the Ping Perfect ticket and the GTX Gaming ticket, and the next thing I know, the CEO of GTX Gaming steps in. He tells me I am correct, apologises, and adds a fix immediately. Robert then follows up with a reply apologising and not understanding me. 

That’s ok, I thought. We all make mistakes. If Robert had spent more than 3.2 seconds reading the ticket, he would have realised what I was saying. But maybe he was too busy. However, if you ever had your server compromised at GTX Gaming and they blamed you, it could be that their ticket system has been public since 2021. I am not a hacker, but I know every hosting company uses WHMCS for their ticket system, and none have their ticket URLs public.

GTX Gaming CEO Admitting ticket security issue

Missing Server?

It was a rough start, but ok, I’m moving on. A few days went by whilst we were setting up the RUST UK server, and I noticed we still don’t have the LA Server login credentials. Robert said there would be a delay of 8 to 12 hours, but 4 days had passed and nothing. I sent a message to the ticket, and they came back with the wrong RAM sticks that were delivered; they sent 4x 32GB of RAM, not 4x 48GB of RAM. The new sticks should arrive in a few days.

1 week passes, 11 days after paying for the dedicated server in LA and still nothing. More excuses about the delay in delivering the RAM cards. GTX Gaming offered to set up a 128GB RAM server and then upgrade it when it’s ready. I didn’t want the downtime for an engineer to change the RAM sticks over just after we launched. So I decided to wait and push back the wipes on the 7D2D Overhaul mods by a week.

Caught In A Lie

Then, 3 days later, we asked again, and Robert, the GTX Gaming Senior Engineer, dropped a bomb. He said because of the Palworld and Enshrouded release, they have been swamped, stock is selling out everywhere, and it’s hard to get hold of the RAM.

So it’s over 2 weeks since we paid them, and they accidentally admitted that they haven’t even bought the RAM Sticks yet? I don’t think Robert realised he messed up, so we asked for the tracking information on this “delayed delivery“. We never got it. Even when the CEO said he would give it to us, he never did.

To keep this part short, 4 weeks passed, and the server was never delivered to us. To add insult to injury, their system invoiced us for the renewal of the LA server, which we never got in the first place. 4 weeks of the Robert, saying:

“8 to 12 hours” – “it will arrive any day now” – “ASAP” – “by the end of the day” – “I will update you in a few hours”

Only for him to never follow up until we reply days later asking “Well…So whats the update?”. We even decided to take them up on their offer of getting the 128GB and upgrading later. Did they do it? No, of course not. They instead tried to get us to buy another dedicated server in New York with promises of being ready in 24 to 48 hours.

Roberts’s reply was so ridiculous I could swear the GTX Gaming team had a poll going to see how long they could bullshit us before we finally gave up asking and cancelled the order. 

So what really happened to the LA server?

My personal opinion on what GTX Gaming did with our server. Is that like most hosting companys, they didn’t know Palworld was going to explode and 1000’s of customers were wanting Pal World Servers. So, I think the RAM Sticks arrived already, but they were running low on stock and decided to use our server we paid for to supplement their Palworld customers. I mean, think about it, why give us the server for $300 a month, when they could probably fit 25 Palworld servers on there for $40 a month?

Then they just kept lying to us, stringing us along. Offering the 128GB server instead, then denying that and asking us to buy another server in New York. Then their would be “delays/issues” with that server. Anything to buy them time until they Palworld rush clamed down.

4 weeks after their lies and bullshit I told them to cancel the order.

GTX Gaming’s $4,338 invoice for another server they didn’t have

Just as another example of GTX Gaming’s chief engineer incompetence, we were so excited about these new servers being such a good price we asked if they had any of them in Asia. The sales team said they didn’t. But we went through this once before, and the hosting company said they could get us an Asian server if we signed a 1-year contract. So, I asked GTX Gaming if we did the same thing. Next thing I knew, the GTX sales team passed me on to Rob, and he invoiced me $4,338.15

Before I was about to pay, I asked where in Asia will the server be. Robert replies we don’t have any servers in Asia.

I wanted to reach through the screen and strangle this idiot. I asked him if he could please just take more than 3 seconds to read a ticket and reply again. He did and replied in a few more words, “Sorry busy with Palworld. There are no servers in Asia”. I then replied, then why did you invoice me $4,338 for a 1 year contract. Not to mention $4,338 divided by the 12 months of the year = $361.5 a month. That’s like $60 a month, more expensive than what we are paying now!

The GTX Gaming team do not communicate with each other, and Robert is not readying the tickets properly. It’s like he doesn’t even care. But at least we have 1 working Server in the UK, and it’s ready for launch, right?… WRONG!

Invoicing me then telling they don't have any
4k invoice from GTX Gaming

Hardware Failure on the UK server.

After a few weeks of setting up the new RUST UK server. We launched it with the other RUST servers on forced wipe. The UK server was the smaller pop server since it was new, averaging 20 or so people, but there were complaints of lag and network time-outs. Which I thought was weird because its the only gaming running on there was the RUST UK server and it was barly using 1 out of the 16 cores we had and only 12GB to 15GB of the 192GB of RAM.

Then about 7 days into wipe, the server goes offline. I can’t access the game panel nor connect via SSH. I contacted them, and they confirmed it was offline and rebooted it via iDrac; one day later, it did the same thing, and again, it needed another reboot from the GTX Gaming team.

Next day it goes out for good. Not even the GTX Gaming staff can access it. They contacted the Data center and find the server has hardware failure. The RAM sticks need replacing. They asked me when is a good time to send an engineer to replace the sticks and gave me a time frame they were available. I said since the server is down and now is within their time frame, let’s do it ASAP. So they did, and half a day later, the server was back online for at least 12 hours anyway. Then, it goes offline for good again. 

Multiple Hardware Failure???

Another hardware failure, this time they didn’t tell me what it was. The GTX Gaming team just said they would need to move the harddrives into another machine. But since it was no Friday evening, no engineer would be available until Monday.

Move the hardrive to another machine!!! Hardware failure is quite rare of dedicated servers, but MULTIPLE HARDWARE FAILURE!!?!?! is virtually impossible especially on a new Machine. Ryzen 7950x release date at this point was just over a year old, and its only compatable with RAM and motherboard of simular ages.

So how in the world can a new Ryzen dedicated server have multiple hardware failure? And only within a few weeks of us using it? 

All the bullshit and issues you have read so far had pretty much happened within a month. If this was the first month with GTX Gaming, I can’t imagine being with them for another month or even a year. So At this point, I was done. I do not want to be in business with GTX Gaming or have anything to do with them.

I told them not to bother with fixing the server, I want out. Just refund me for the UK Server and the LA server that never same and lets just part our ways. We moved all the UK Servers back to the EU, and my team and I compensated every UK player for whatever they lost and even spent the weekend helping them rebuild their bases.


After demanding a refund, Robert refused it, saying it would not happen. He kept on saying something about he will talk to the Data Center to see if they will compensate them (GTX Gaming) for the issues. I told Robert that whether or not the data center refunds or compensates you has nothing to do with me. You sold me a broken server that didn’t just have network issues but had multiple hardware failures. Something that pretty much impossibe. 

He kept saying it was the Data Center’s fault and would talk to them about a refund. He follows up with how GTX Gaming uses the Data Center as a 3rd party, etc,.. I repeated my position that they act as a 3rd part of GTX Gaming, and if they don’t issue the refund, I will do a PayPal reversal.

Robert said if I were to do a reversal, GTX Gaming would fight it. I’m like yea good luck. Within 7 to 9 days of a launch or our RUST UK server, there were network issues, broken RAM sticks, and 2nd hardware failure. Even states on the GTX Gaming website, under the dedicated servers section, they ensure 100% uptime.

I am sure being down for an entire weekend with multiple hardware failures within 3 weeks of having the server doesn’t equate to 100% uptime.

No one at PayPal is going to deny me this reversal.

GTX Gaming refusing Refund because of Data Center
GTX Gaming guaranteeing 100percent uptime

GTX Gaming – “What hardware issue?”

I gave Robert a few days to talk to the Data Center, although I will fight for the refund regardless of the results. I would rather part ways with GTX Gaming amicably than drag out this fight for weeks with a PayPal dispute, so I was awaiting his reply on whether he would give the refund.

Do you know what he did instead? A few days later, he replied with an arbitrary statement about how the “Data Center couldn’t find any crashes in the logs but could see the reboot command being run.” Yeah, well, of course, RUST servers need regular reboots, especially the PVE ones with all the extra events and content plugins they have. But has that got to do with me awaiting my refund?

He truly believed he could ignore the fact that the machine was down for the entire weekend with multiple crashes that came from multiple hardware failures. Mind you, this is in the same Ticket thread where other members of the GTX Gaming team are telling me about the hardware failure, just 8 replies down.


GTX Gaming pretending the-hardware failure didn't happen

Email With The CEO of GTX Gaming

After they refused to refund me for the broken UK machine, I told them I would do a PayPal reversal. They ignored me and marketed the ticket as “Answered”. I thought the leading GTX Gaming network engineer, Robert, who had been lying and misleading us for over a month, was hiding the ongoings of this whole situation from the CEO but repeatedly marked the ticket as answered every time I replied. I worked with the WHMIC ticket system before; marketing it as answered hides it from everyone as technically it’s considered as “solved”, so no one can see it unless you go to review previously solved tickets.

So, I emailed the CEO of GTX Gaming directly. He replied, stating he knew of the situation and that my talking about doing a PayPal reversal was “threatening and tantamount to blackmail” and was willing to listen if I could list out why I had such a bad experience “succinctly”. Firstly, explaining your next steps if you didn’t get a refund for being sold a broken product is not even in the same realm as Blackmail. I am starting to see that he, too, doesn’t seem to be in the grasp of reality.

Regardless, I wrote all the issues respectfully and in bullet points, just as he asked. He didn’t even reply.

To add insult to injury, when I asked Robert to cancel the UK server since we don’t want anything to do with GTX Gaming, he kept marking the ticket as “Answered”. He didn’t cancel the order, and I was autocharged $310 for the UK server renewal.

GTX Gaming Lied in the PayPal Dispute

I opened the dispute with PayPal. Strangely, though, PayPal has no clear avenues to state “sold faulty product”. You can only open disputes under titles like “not as described”, “was not delivered”, or “not satisfied with services”. Then, there are subtitles under these main titles, none of which clearly allowed me to state “broken product”.

So I went with not as subscribed since GTX Gaming guarantees 100% uptime on their website. And within 9 days of launching the RUST UK server, it was down for the entire weekend. I then added in about the multiple hardware failures, network issues, etc. GTX Gaming had a week to reply, which they did on their last day.

Now, if they argued against the dispute with something legit, honest, or just their perspective of what happened, for example:

“We did our best to accommodate the customer, but hardware failure is something that happens. We fixed it as quickly as we could… we don’t feel our level of services warrants a refund, blah, blah.”

I would have at least respected them for having a different perspective on the matter. But they didn’t. They straight up lied to the PayPal dispute team, telling them they had already refunded me. They gave PayPal the refund transaction IDs of the LA server that never came and the auto-renewal of the UK Server that I asked them to cancel, knowing full well that I was asking for a refund of the original payment to the UK Server.

They knew EXACTLY what they were doing. I had literally sent the personal email to the GTX Gaming CEO a few days ago, and Robert closed my ticket yet again with no reply, only a day before that! They didn’t have a legitimate argument to come back with, so they tried to lie/trick the dispute team.

GTX Gaming pretending to Refund me

Final Thoughts

No hosting company will be perfect. Just as games you host have bugs you can’t fix or issues that are out of your control. Hosting companies will have similar problems with the different data centres they use. But I certainly have a new appreciation for Ping Perfect. We have been with them for 4 years, and I have checked out other hosting companies, like Tempest, Nitrado, BlueFang, and Packet Data and always decided that Ping Perfect do a good job all around. 

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