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Salty Zombies Twitch Steam Team

“Alone we can do so little, together there is nothing we can’t accomplish”

Welcome to the Salty Zombies Twitch Stream Team. Here you can see all our Patreon Streamers and Streaming Partners. Please give them a watch, a follow and don’t be shy to pop into their chat and say “Hello.” The streamers below are from the Salty Zombies community and stream on our servers, so if you ever wanted to know what playing on our servers is about, here are some great showcases.

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2 Types of Twitch Stream Team Programs

We have 2 types of programs for the Salty Zombies Twitch Stream Team. One is the Patreons Program, and the other is the Partner Program. Both have varied benefits and perks. Check below for the difference between them.

SZ Patreon Streamers

The Patreon Streamers are players who have subscribed to us to help pay for the dedicated servers. One of the many perks is adding their Twitch streams here on the website and on the Twitch Stream Team Discord channel, which has 11,000+ members. This is for any streamer to get an extra boost in viewers and subscribers. They also get access to the Twitch Stream Team channel to collaborate with other streamers. 

SZ Streaming Partners

Salty Zombies’ Streaming Partners are seasoned streamers who have gathered a bit of a following and play on our servers. They are given a creator code that allows them to earn a reoccurring commission if any of their views play on our server and signs up for our donorship program that helps pay for the dedicated servers. If you are interested in becoming part of the Salty Zombies Streamers Partnership program, click on the button below.

Why Join The Twitch Stream Team

Collaboration, teamwork, networking, support, marketing & exposure, to name a few advantages to the Salty Zombies Twitch Stream Team. Check out this video of one of the guys I took a lot of advice from for streaming. He talks about how networking and collaborations are among the greatest ways to grow your audience. 

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Every top streamer knows that collaborations with other content creators is one of the quickest ways to grow. Being part of the SZ Twitch Stream Team, you will have access to other streamers that play similar games. You can collaborate and grow together.

Salty Zombie Events Exclusive

Planning events can be exhausting but great for viewership. When I started to stream on Twitch, I averaged 10+ viewers, but when I streamed the Salty Zombies events, I got up to 75+ viewers. The Twitch Stream Team gets exclusive SZ events streaming rights.

11,000 + Discord Promotions

Not only does our bot embed your stream into our Stream Team channel when you go live, but your Discord profile is raised to the top of the members in our Discord. This will allow everyone to see you are live, furthering your exposure to our members to check out your stream.

Twitch Stream Team Rules?

There are rules to being on the Twitch Stream Team. As a team, we must portray a certain level of professionalism to each other and to the branding of Salty Zombies. Please read the following before applying to be part of the Salty Zombies Twitch Stream Team. Not complying with the rules will result in your removeal from the team.

Stream On Our Servers

If you are part of the Salty Zombies stream team, you must regularly stream on our servers. Although this may seem obvious to most, you can not stream on someone else’s or another organisation’s server. Us promoting your streams only for you to stream and advertise our competitors would be counterproductive to say the least.

Salty Zombies Discord Link

Salty Zombies Discord should be linked to the main part of your Twitch Profile, and you should be active in the Salty Zombie Discord and verbally encourage your viewers to join it. I do not recommend having your own Discord, especially if you’re a male streamer.

Discord communities based around individuals never procure any benefit. Even Discords that belong to big streamers like Ninja or Pokemane are just inactive. Their settings are always set to “appear offline”, and they never interact or talk with their Discord members. The Discords for big streamers are usually just pushing their sponsor’s promotions. There is no sense of community or camaraderie in these Discords.

Raid Team Members

A stream team is all about helping each other grow. An excellent way to do that is to check this page as you end your steam. Here, you can see if any other stream team member is live. If they are, you should raid them and send your viewers to check out their stream.

To raid another streamer, type in your Twitch chat /raid [twitch name]. So, for example, /raid Nams – then press enter. There will be a 10-second countdown at the top of your chatbox. Once it hits zero, you can hit the raid button, instantly sending your views to the other streamer.

Auto Host/Recommended List

All Twitch stream team members must add the other members to their auto-host/recommended list on their Twitch channel. To do this, go to your “Settings”“Channel” – Then scroll down to the bottom, and you will see “My Streamer Shelf”. Edit the auto-host list and add the current stream members.

How to add Recommended Twitch Channel

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