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Are you a fan of the first-person horror simulation game The Forest? Then the Salty Zombies Forest Discord is the perfect place to find an active community of other fans of this game. Here you will find all kinds of fans of the game from the newbies to the pros!

The Forest Discord is a great place to get help, in case you are stuck somewhere in the game. The senior players here are quite helpful! You can also find other players to discuss game strategy with, team up or play against using our Forest PVE server. And since you’re a fan of The Forest, we’re pretty sure that you also like other survivor type games? How about ones with zombies in it? Well, we love plenty of survivor games and host the Discord and PVE servers for a variety of them. So just head on over to the Salty Zombies gaming Discord to check out what other games we host!


The Forest Discord Rules

The aim of the Salty Zombies gaming discord is to give gamers a safe space where they can discuss and play with or against each other. However, sometimes, things can get a bit ugly when discussions get too heated up or when someone starts behaving like an ass! In order to prevent such incidents from spoiling the whole environment, we have certain protocols and rules in place.

Simply put, we don’t allow any unnecessarily rude or insulting behaviour and bullying of other members. If it’s just a discussion or debate getting heated up, just move the conversion to private messages between each other. On the other hand, if you are on the receiving end of bullying or similarly unacceptable behaviour, then just follow the chain of command to alert a moderator who will handle the situation for you. Here are some of those simple rules to follow:

  • Do not make any sexist or racist comments
  • Avoid excessive Trash talking or you will be muted
  • Do not promote or advertise any third Gamiing organisations and/or servers
  • Do not promote or advertise any third Discord servers
  • Do not post nude/vulgar/obscene pictures or memes
  • To report any abuse, contact a moderator by following the chain of command
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Valheim Group Of Monsters
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What is The Forest?

Forest is a first-person horror simulation game where you find yourself to be the lone survivor after a jet crash. But it’s no ordinary place. This forest is filled with mysteries and is home to cannibalistic mutants. Your job, of course, is to survive against the mutants as well as the various elements.

The Forest is a living ecosystem where you can chop down and use any plant and tree. In this game, you must explore, find food, build shelter and do whatever you can to stay alive! Here are some of the game features that you can look forward to:

  • Build yourself a shelter or camp by chopping trees. You can also use this wood to make a fire. And since you also need food to survive, you better start scavenging for what you can consume.
  • Whether you build a little camp or a massive fortress is up to you and how many resources you can gather. 
  • Ideally, you should be exploring or building during the day. Take cover in your base and defend it during the night against hordes of mutant enemies who not only look almost human but also behave like one by having their own morals, beliefs and families.
  • You can defend your base by placing traps around your building. You can even craft various weapons and tools to fight against the mutants
  • You can either use stealth to hide from your enemies and sneak attack them or you can take them head-on by even crafting and using a crude weapon made of stones and sticks.

What is Discord?

If you’ve ever used any of the older group chatting apps like mIRC, then you will be quite comfortable using discord. At the most basic level, Discord is just a group chatting app, with a very good user interface nonetheless! This has made it very popular, especially since the covid pandemic.

Discord was originally aimed at gamers, to discuss, build strategies and play together with other gamers. However, discord’s popularity soon spread among other communities like folks who’re into cooking, gardening, dating etc. Discord has become so popular now, that it has long since overtaken other options like the Facebook Groups.

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You should know by now, that we at Salty Zombies, absolutely love playing all sorts of survivor games! Especially if they even got zombies in them! Which is why we don’t just host The Forest Discord and The Forest PVE server. At Salty Zombies, you will find your perfect community for a whole lot more survivor games!

Our SZ staff are hardcore fans of survivor games like ATLAS, Valheim, SCUM, RUST, Dayz and lots more, There are gaming discords and PVE servers for all of these games that we love, including their own Twitch Stream as well! And if you’re feeling quite at home here, then you can also do some other fun stuff like sharing your pic using #Mugshots, A photograph using #Photography or just post funny #Memes. Not feel like talking, just relax to some nice tunes with our Music Bot.

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