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Salty Zombies has grown beyond the borders of just a game server. We built a solid and helpful community. A group of people from all over the world has turned into a family. So many people have found refuge with us, and our community has been referred to as a “pillar of support” to individuals during troubling times. Donating to Salty Zombies is not just about helping us pay for the servers. It’s about helping bring like-minded people together and sharing our passion and love for gaming. And none of this is possible without your support.

Economy Perks

Salty Coins

Salty Coins

Salty Coins is our in-game currency available on all games on this page. You can earn Salty Coins by voting for the servers or spending time on them. Depending on the game, you can also earn them through actions, like killing the Monsters in RUST or Zombies in 7D2D etc.


Salty Coins Multiplier

As mentioned before, there are many ways to earn Salty Coins. However, you can add a multiplier to that. The multiplier increases, the higher your donor level is. The multipliers are different in each game, so check their individual shops to see what you get.


Ingame shop discount

Every game you can subscribe to has an in-game shop where you can spend your hard-earned Salty Coins. Donating to that particular game will give you a discount in that store. The discount increases the higher your donor level goes and differs per game.

Global Perks

Discord Perks

Becoming a VIP in our Discord. This will allow you to access the VIP text and coms channel and use GIFs, external emojis, stickers and sounds.

Stream Team

Every time you go live on Twitch or YouTube, our bot will embed your stream into our Stream Team Discord channel for everyone to see.

Salty Zombies Loyalty Program

Getting in-game perks is nice, but they are just digital assets, nothing you can really feel, touch or show off to others. At Salty Zombies, we want to reward you for your continued support, so we have added the Salty Zombies Loyalty Rewards program to all our games. That’s right. We will send you a physical thank you. Something you can touch, wear and show off to the world. You will be surprised how many members wearing our merch have been stopped by strangers who asked, “What is Salty Zombies?”. It’s a great conversation starter, and the quality of our merch is top notch, so not only will you be proud to wear it, but you will be comfortable all day, every day.

But what’s extra special about the SZ Loyalty program is that it’s not just getting free merch that you can easily buy from our Merch Store. No, no, no, the merch here is custom, that’s right. For example, the T-Shirts here will have your game name on the sleeves and our famous slogan, “Don’t Be Salty”, on the back. This is the only way you can get the custom SZ Merge!

Please note this doesn’t work retroactively. The SZ Merch Program starts on the 1st of July, 2023.


SZ T-Shirt


Custom SZ T-Shirt with your gamer tag on it.


SZ Hoody

True Devil

Custom SZ Hoody with your gamer tag on it


SZ Mousemat

Gaming mouse pad white

High quality super large mouse mat.


SZ Merch



SZ Mug

True Devil

SZ Mug – Coffee Taste Better in this mug


SZ Insulated Flask

True Devil

Great on the go, hold heat for 8 hours


SZ Merch


Sponsor a Zombie today!

Donate to the 7D2D Servers.

Below is a detailed description of all the various donor perks you can get on our 7 Days To Die Servers and what they do. Please note that not all of these are available for every level of donorship. If you wish to know what donor level gets what perks, please check out the VIP packages for the 7 Days To Die Shop.

Mass Land Cutouts

A landmass cutout is when you want the admin to cut out a vast area of land for you to build a base. This is done to prevent people’s temptation to drop mining. The land mass cutout is the same size as your LCB. When ready for your cutout, please put frames around the area you want cut out and open a Ticket in our Discord.

Public Teleport

For the top tier donors of our 7 Days To Die Servers, you can get a public teleport set. You can ask an admin to make you a public teleport anywhere on the server (within reason). This will be a location and command of your choosing where anyone can type the command in, and it will teleport them to your desired location. For example, maybe you build a horde base for everyone to use, or you made a unique base with many vending machines you want people to visit. Whatever the reason, we can set it up for you.

Remember, these teleports are public, so once set up, anyone can use them.

Personal Traders

One of our Donor perks is to get a Personal Trader at your base. Once you have subscribed, you can do /donor to receive the donor trader in your base. It looks like a mannequin to begin with. Once you place it down, stand next to it and type in the command /ClaimTrader followed by the name of the trader and the direction you want the trader to face. For example, if I wanted trader Jen as my personal trader and needed her to face East, I would type/ClaimTrader Jen E – The letter E = East, N for North, S for South, etc.

There are 5 Traders to choose from, and they all specialize in selling particular categories of items:

  • Jen sells a lot of medical items and books
  • Joel sells clothing and armour
  • Bob sells tools and vehicles
  • Hugh sells guns and ammo
  • Rekt sells food and seeds
Personal Candy & Vending Machines

Get your own personal Candy Machine for your base. These candy machines restore every 3 game days but are for personal use only. You also give higher tier donors more than 1. But what isn’t just for personal use is the Player Vending Machines you also get as a donor. These vending machines you can use in our /Market town to sell your unwanted items for dukes.

Salty Tokens

Salty Tokens are a very special item that allows you to craft our unique S.H.I.E.L.D. items. These S.H.I.E.L.D. items are of better quality and stats than their level Tier 6 vanilla counterparts. We have S.H.I.E.L.D. guns, armour, tools and vehicles. Not to mention a very special selection of Marvel themed items that can only be made with Salty Tokens.

Bag & Level Insurance

Unfortunately, with 7 Days To Die still in the Alpha stage of development, many bugs/glitches can happen, which can cause your character to become corrupted. This usually happens via sudden disconnections or your game crashes. When you try to reconnect, you can’t because your player data was being written when you disconnected, corrupting your player data. The only way to fix that is to delete your player data so that when you rejoin, it creates a new profile.

This will cause you to lose all your levels, books and items in your inventory. Level insurance will get your levels back, and Bag Insurance we get you back the main items in your inventory.

Magic Backpack (PVE Servers Only)

On our PVE servers, you drop everything when you die, and even though you have a /bag command, sometimes your bag might be in a dangerous place. To save you time having to gear up again and fight back to your bag, the magic backpack changes the drop settings for you so you don’t drop anything when you die.

Set Teleport Location (PVE Servers Only)

Donors get to save teleportation spots anywhere on the map. So, for example, if you have found a suitable city you want to loot, but it’s too far from your base to keep driving back and forth. You can add a teleportation spot in the city by typing in /settele {name}. So, for example, I would do /settele city, and then whenever I want to go there, I just type /tele city, and I will be teleported there.

Access To VIP Trader

The VIP Trader is a special POI that has 4 traders in it. The only way to access these traders is via Teleportation. All Donors will get a special command that will only work for them. Type in /Trader in the game chat, and you will teleport to the Trader. Type in /Return to teleport back.

Personal Deco Work Bench

As a Subscriber, you can access a special workstation called the “Deco Workbench”. This enables you to build 100’s custom decorative items that usually are only accessible via the creative menu.

Plot in Donor City (PVE Servers Only)

On all our PVE Servers, we have a particular POI unique to each server and built by the admins or mods in charge of that server. They are massive cities that can hold multiple donor plots. We call it “Donor City” or “DC” for short. It also has the Donor Trader right in the middle of it.

Each plot is assigned a number and a letter. Numbers indicate the column it’s in, and the letter suggests the row it’s in. You can claim a plot if you are a donor by typing in /ClaimPlot followed by the number and letter. For example, /ClaimPlot E2

Change Your in Game Chat Colour

You can change your own name colour in-game by typing in /chatcolor [color name]. The options are: Blue – Green – Yellow – Orange –  Pink – Violet and Donor

Sponsor Toxicity today!

Donate to the RUST Servers.

On RUST, we have ranks starting at Ensign Rank, which is $10 a month, all the way up to Captain Rank, which is $50 a month. Below is a detailed description of the different perks you can get. But not all these perks come in every RUST Rank. To find out what perks go with what Rank, please check out the RUST Shop here. Or type /Rank in-game chat.

Ranked Kits

Each Rank has its own unique kit that can be claimed twice every wipe. The kit usually includes weapons, food, ammo, clothes, or armour. You can see exactly what you get in the shop or by typing /kits


You get 12 slot backpack for free, but you can increase the size of that backpack dramatically by purchasing the various ranks. Your backpack doesn’t drop when you die, either. Allowing you to store that precious loot safely.

Stackable Chests

Sometimes, having to space out your storage can be annoying, which takes up a lot of space. As a subscriber, you can stack your boxes on top of each other. To do this, hold the storage box and hover its placement holder on top of the other box. Then click the right mouse button multiple times, even though it looks red, indicating you can’t place it. The box will stack on top of one another.

Multiple XP Bonus's

We have an XP mod on all our PVE servers. As a subscriber, you get an XP bonus allowing you to gather XP much quicker. The higher your Rank, the higher the XP bonus. You also get less XP loss on death.

No Sleepingbag Cooldown (PVE Servers Only)

On our pure PVE servers, we have removed the sleeping bag cool down for all our donors.

Call in harder raid Difficulty

Our mod allows you to test your base by being raided by NCPs. Everyone can call in an easy or medium raid, but only our donors can call in a Hard, Expert or Knightmare raids. The NPCs will attack your base until they blow up the TC and then despawn or until you kill them.

TC Limit Increased

TC means Tool Cupboard. They are very cheap to make, and we have had random players spam the entire map in TCs. So we have limited our players to only having 2 Tool Cupboards. But as donors, your TC limit is increased.

Teleport Perks

When you buy into our RUST Ranks, you also unlock multiple teleport perks. You get more teleports per day, the cooldown between teleports is less, and you get to add more custom teleports.

Instant Crafting

Pretty self explanatory. You can instantly craft anything item. No more waiting.

Personal Recycler

Have a recycler on your person 24/7. No matter where you go on the map, you can access the recycler and recycle those unwanted items to the resources you need. This will save you countless trips to a recycling station, enabling you to loot faster and longer.

Personal Locker

Yep! You can also get a personal locker. So if you die and don’t want to go home to regear, you can spawn in on your nearest bed, open up the locker accessible anywhere on the map and grab another set of gear and jump straight back into the fight.

The Ultimate Skin Box

We have 2 very cool Skinbox Mods. One is a skin box shop you can access by typing in /SkinShop everyone can access this shop and buy skins with Salty Coins. However, as captain, you get all these skins for free. In addition to this mod, we have another skin box mod that allows you to skin items already placed. Just look at the item and type in /SkinItem, whether it’s a door or a furnace. A menu will pop up for you to change the skin without needing to pick it up and replace it.

Sponsor a Dinosaur today!

Donate to the ARK Servers.

Ascend the ranks of our ARK server by sponsoring a dinosaur today and enjoy the beautiful perks listed below. For more details on which perks are available and to what sponsorship level, please visit the ARK Shop. But here, you will find a detailed description of each perk and how to use them.

ARK Starter Kits

We have added starter kits to reward your donorship and give you a starting boost. The starter kits get better and better the higher up your subscription. To see the exact items you get in each kit, check out the shop: www.SZARKShop.com

Salty Coin Package

You get a bonus package of Salty Coins every time your subscription renews. This will be an ongoing bonus if you stay subscribed to our ARK shop.

Base Decay

By default, the base decay is 1 week, so if you don’t log in to the server for a week, your base will decay. This helps clean up the map and keeps its performance up. However, as a donor, the decay timer is extended, and the timer is increased the higher your donorship.

Track your Body

Everyone can access the track body command, but the cool-down is much less for our subscribers. This command allows you to track your dead body. You can do that by checking the list of bodies in case you died more than once via the command /Bodies and then tracking your body with the command /Body.

Retrieve Body Command

For the higher Tier donors, we have an actual command that allows you to get your body, so you don’t have to go back and get your body. You can do that with the /GetBody command. The cooldown on this is 4 hours. 

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