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“Expectations, Daily Responsibilities, and Guides.”

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So your thinking about applying to be a Moderator at Salty Zombies? That’s great to hear, and if you enjoy caring for and growing a community of gamers and like-minded people, you have come to the right place. 

At Salty Zombies, we pride ourselves on giving our community the best and most positive gaming experience possible. Gaming is what we all do to relax, unwind and escape the harshness that real life can bring. But sometimes, buggy games, poor hosting providers, and inactive or unknowledgeable admins/staff can create more frustration and anguish than less. That’s why we do everything we can to give the best service to every player on our servers.

This is only possible with the help of our moderators. The Salty Zombies staff is the glue that keeps the community together. They bridge the gap between players and groups to create friendships and teams. Moderators are the essential first line of defence in keeping the community happy, engaged and looked after. It’s an important and spiritually rewarding job.

Prerequisites for moderator applications

23+ Years Old

We have a minimum age requirement. I know there are very mature young people out there. But as a rule of thumb, you have to be 23 or older to apply to be a moderator at Salty Zombies.

Game Knowledge

To be able to help the community who might have trouble with the game, you will need to have a decent amount of experience in the game you are moderating.

Very Active

We don’t have a minimum amount of time in mind, but being active and present in Discord and the server is a big part of being a moderator. If you can only play for a few hours a week, you won’t be around much to help anyone.

3 Months Minimum

Before applying to be a moderator, you must be actively chatting and playing with the Salty Zombies community for at least 3 months. If you have not been here that long, we may still accept you, but the Mod Recruit Period will be extended.

What is expected from you as an SZ mod?

Tickets and Support

One of the many things the community find impressive at Salty Zombies is how fast we fix issues and respond to tickets. It’s something we pride ourselves on to make the community feel supported and looked after. Unfortunately, if it’s one thing we all know about gaming, that’s the bugs that come with our favourite games. As a result, many community members will have problems with either not knowing something about the game or getting stuck in a glitch and needing help getting out. Our Discord has a unique ticket support system where members can open tickets. Part of your Moderator duties is assisting and answering these tickets promptly.

Presence on the server

Being active and playing on a server enables you to get to know the community and allows them to get to know you as well. This is one of the unique parts of being a Moderator at Salty Zombies. There are always new and exciting people to meet and game with. Being present on the server and actively chatting and helping the players is one of the critical roles our Moderators must take on.

Being active in Discord coms

There is nothing we like to see more than the community in coms chatting with each other and having fun. But sometimes people can be shy to be the first in coms. So as an SZ Moderator, you must have the courage to jump into the coms channel of the game/server you moderate. So be the first to join coms, and others will be sure to follow.

Game Knowledge

If you are applying to be a Moderator, you will need a decent amount of game knowledge of the game you wish to moderate. Many people who join the Salty Zombies servers are usually new to the game. So having moderators who can guide them and answer questions about the game is essential.

How To Apply?

70% of being a Moderator is just being an active, chatty and positive force within the community. Welcome new members into Discord, and be active in Discord coms and in the game. If all this sounds good to you and you think you can achieve the expectations and responsibilities of being a Salty Zombies Moderator, then fill out the application below. But be aware that we collect the applications and look at them all at once. So don’t be disheartened if you don’t hear back from us for a month or more. Please Note: We tend to review the applications every 6 weeks or so.

Mod Recruit


When you first become accepted to be a moderator for Salty Zombies. You get put on a probation period known as “Mod Recruit”. This can last 2 to 3 months or longer if you a new to the Salty Zombies community. During this time, you will be given a couple extra commands/powers in the game and the ability to see the tickets associated with the game you applied for.


Playing on the servers




If you pass the probation period, we will review your work, and you will be promoted to full moderator status. In addition, you will be sent a Salty Zombies T-Shirt as a graduation present, and you will get some donor perks in the game, depending on the game you are a moderator for.

Senior Moderator


Once you have passed the test of time, being an active and helpful moderator, you will be open to the promotion to Senior Moderator. As a Senior Moderator, you will be given access to reboot servers and be trusted with a few extra commands to help your fellow community. You will also get a custom Salty Zombies T-Shirt with your game name on the sleeves and our slogan, “Don’t Be Salty”, on the back.



Becoming an Admin at Salty Zombies is no joke. Admins at Salty Zombies are very knowledgeable about the game or games we host at Salty Zombies. They are also highly trusted and have full access to our servers. Reaching this level would require years of dedication to the community, and at this level, you must sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

Senior Admin


Senior Admins are practically the right hands of Partners. They can cover and control things if the Partner is busy or away. Senior Admins must also be proficient in running servers. For example, a Senior Admin for 7D2D should know how to create or edit mods, know how to wipe the servers, generate maps and know basic troubleshooting.



Partners are masters of 1 particular game. They run the show and, for the most part, call the shots. They are in charge of the servers the game is on and manage the staff/team of Moderators and Admins that help run the community in that game.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

How many hours do I have to commit?

There are no preset minimum hours that we request you be on the servers or in Discord. We understand life can get crazy sometimes, and you will be able to commit more hours, some weeks than others. However, you must remember real life comes first. So don’t feel pressured to do your Salty Zombie duties if you have other commitments. Let us know if you are going on holiday or need to take some time away. We can always temporarily step you down as a Moderator, and when you are ready, you will be welcome back anytime.

Are their any benefits?

Yes, once you become a full moderator, you are given the same perks as a certain level of donorship on the game you are Moderating. You also get free SZ merch as you graduate through the ranks.

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