Salty Zombies Cheer Leader

Silkh SZ Mascot

Player Stats

  • Love For The Colour Pink 100% 100%
  • Ability To Kill Nams 0% 0%
  • Cooking Skills 75% 75%
  • PvP Skills 5% 5%
  • Painting Skills 90% 90%
  • Cleaning Skills 100% 100%

Silkh Biography:

Hello everyone, this is Silkh. She is Salty Zombies’ unofficial staff member and 7 Days to Die decorator extraordinaire. She has been playing on Salty Zombies 7 Days to Die PvE Servers since June 6, 2020. During that time, she has become friends with everyone she runs into. She is always there to help within and out of game issues, answering questions, assisting on quests, building, oh… and decorating. She is good at decorating. When she is not obsessing over her two loves in 7 Days to Die, she is obsessing over her grandbabies IRL!

When Silkh is not fawning over her offspring’s offspring, she spends her time in our 7 Days to Die Servers. She has become notorious for two things on Salty Zombies. The first is her remarkable and almost unhealthy obsession with decorating bases in 7DTD. Not just her base, mind you. She will decorate and stylize any base she gets access to!

She has transformed little box bases into multi-floored mansions. Basic bases become elaborate symbols of stability and hope to the denizens of the zombie apocalypse. Through her actions, she even inspired us to immortalize her and her contributions to Salty Zombies by creating the only donor tool to permanently bear a player’s name: The Silkh’s Paintbrush. Of course, this fantastic tool is only half as amazing as Silkh, but it allows you to paint the world red without ever having to dip it into a paint can.

Her second obsession in Salty Zombies and 7 Days to Die is her love affair with a particular Boss Zombie that lives on the Pro PvE Servers. Silkh was always scared to play on the Pro servers and preferred to live on the Casual PvE Server until she heard a rumour of a man that was “just her type.” Fortunately for her, and unfortunately for anyone in voice comms whenever he shows up, she has faced her fears and transitioned to the PvE Pro Servers.

In conquering her fears, she fell madly in love with The Undertaker. If you do not know of this man, ask Silkh; she will describe his tall stature, muscled torso, and confident gait as he approaches her. She is like butter in an oven at that point and will kindly ask you to leave her alone to have a moment with her man. If you ever get the dual experience of being in voice comms and in-game next to her when this happens, you will understand why this is truly an unhealthy and unnerving obsession.

She, alongside AmarieSZ, is also the fearless leader of the Women Warriors team. These fearless women loved challenging the higher leadership of Salty Zombies to an all-out PVP War. So much so that an entire arena called Warzone was created to quench the lust for murdering the male staff members of Salty Zombies.

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