Salty Zombies server rules are in place to protect you and other members of our 7 Days To Die community. We have quite a mature, experienced and supportive gaming community. However, this is the online gaming world. You will get trolls, griefers, hackers and all kinds of straight-up assholes. These people have nothing better to do than to enjoy the hardship and pain of others. So please be vigilant and don’t assume the admin will spend every waking moment of their lives fully investigating every claim and cry of foul play. 

Remember, the Admins and Moderators are volunteers, verbally abusing/trolling an admin or moderator is not tolerated in any way.

General Server Rules

These rules are applied across all our 7 Days To Die servers. There are many reasons we have these rules, and they have developed over the years as the game has developed. We try to keep the rules to a minimum to preserve the game’s lawless style sandbox open-world element. However, being an Alpha game, many things can be detrimental to the server and its performance. We also like to balance the game that we have tweaked and refined, so everyone has a great experience.

We hope you read and understand the rules fully and do note ignorance isn’t an excuse. But we also believe in second chances. So, if you break the rules and are caught, it’s best to own up to it and resolve the issues with the admin. The type of punishment and severity of the punishment is up to the admin involved. Below is some of the sentence that can be dished out:

Permanent Ban

Temporary Ban

Base Removal

Player Reset


  • Duping, X-raying, abuse of invisibility glitch and alike are all not allowed.
  • Using 3rd party tools to alter the state of the game (flying etc.) is not allowed.
  • If you find a possible dupers base, notify an admin. If an admin is not notified and you take the items, we may assume that you dupped the items.
  • Impersonating as an admin, moderator or staff.
  • No Building in POI’s or any Prefab
  • Do not destroy POI loot boxes.
  • No Building in water
  • No Floating Bases of any kind
  • No Drop Mining bigger than 5x5x5 (125 blocks)
  • No Building within 200 blocks of any trader
  • Farm plots to be no bigger than 5×5. Have as many as you like but keep a 1 block gap between them.
  • Players are not allowed to claim POI’s
  • Bases can only be built using construction blocks (vault doors, hatches, land claims, bike frames are not allowed), For Example, covering your base in vault hatches or draws.

PVE Server Rules

These rules are in addition to the general rules written above but are more specific to the PvE servers. We have two 7 days to die PvE servers, a PvE Pro server for the hardcore PvE Players that want a challenge and a PvE Casual for the players that want a more relaxed experience.

  • No stealing from other people’s bases.
  • Do not attempt to damage or grief another player’s base.
  • No killing other players, such as fire or setting traps you know will kill a player.
  • Personal Traders for Tier 3 Donors are for personal use only and should not be accessible to the public.
  • Horde bases that manipulate zombie pathing are not against the rules. However, Namsaknoi will think less of you if you build one.
  • If a player dies, you are not allowed to steal items from their bag. If you randomly come across a player’s bag on the map, leave it alone.

Donor City Rules

We have a rather large complex dedicated to our Donors called “Donor City” on all our PvE servers. It includes a large Donor Trader POI that only donors can teleport to. Inside it has 4 traders you can trade with and vending machines you can buy stuff from. We also have plots outside of the donor trader for Tier 2 and above donors. They can put an LCB down and build their base inside DC. There are some rules of Donor City you should read:


  • No screamer hordes in Donor City
  • Do not spend Blood Moon in Donor City
  • Do Not Build within 200 blocks of Donor City
  • If you do not build or no progress has been seen on your plot within 10 days, it will be given to someone else.

PVP Server Rules

Our 7 Days To Die PvP server is designed for players that like PvP but don’t want to be online 24/7 defending their base. Below are some specific rules to the PvP servers and are in addition to the general rules listed above. Please read them very carefully.

PVP Casual Only Rules

  • Despawning players bag is permitted after combat regardless of location.
  • No Bed spawn killing & camping beds. However, if you spawn on your bed when you know the enemy is right there and they keep killing you, then that’s on you.
  • Excessively and constantly calling out cheater/hacker in public chat may result in you being muted. Players must contact staff directly if they suspect cheating.
  • No raiding or stealing from other players’ bases or player-made structures.
  • No base camping. You can kill someone in their base and take their bag, but then you must move on. You can not come back to that player’s base for another 24 real-life hours to prevent griefing.
  • If you find a player’s base with an expired LCB, it’s still a no-go area. The only thing you can loot and raid is normal POI’s.

    PVP Guidelines

    • Traders are NOT safe zones
    • Don’t friend anyone you don’t know or trust.
    • Don’t get butthurt if someone kills you on sight. Instead, seek revenge.
    • Do not complain if someone kills you and then kills you again while you attempt to return to your bag. That bag is rightfully theirs, and they may give it back or keep it.

    You may be interested in checking out our 7 Days To Die PvP Tips section on the PvP server page.

    Chat Rules – Discord & in Game.

    Below is a list of rules to help keep communication between players clean and as non-toxic as possible. However, we understand a bit of debate or banter is part of the game. But continuously being disruptive or going out of your way to cause an argument will result in a ban. If you have any questions feel free to ask an admin on our Discord.


    • No offensive or provoking discord or game names.
    • No racist or sexist remarks.
    • No being rude or insulting to admin or moderators.
    • No Advertising other servers or discord channels. 
    • No Misogynistic comments, e.g., Calling female players “Bitches”
    • If trash talking goes beyond friendly banter, players involved will be muted or banned.
    • If someone is suspected of cheating, contact an admin or moderator.
    • No nudity/vulgar/obscene pictures/memes/videos
    • Do not talk on subjects of sensitive matters, like politics, religion or current events. If you wish to talk and debate healthily, then do so in private chat. If you are trying to cause disruption or spark a reaction from a person or persons you know if will offended, you will be muted or banned.

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