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SCUM is a game of a reality-style TV show where prison inmates are pitted against each other for survival. You are one of those inmates. The question is, will you be the one who is left standing?

Welcome to Salty Zombies SCUM PVE Server. SCUM is an immense game where every decision you make counts towards your survival. Speaking of survival, SCUM has an insanely detailed and elaborate system which you must master to keep your character alive. It’s no easy task, and there will be a little learning curve, but we have our SCUM PVE Server. Allowing you the chance not just to learn the game but also to enjoy its advanced survival mechanics before diving into the deep end with PVP.

Server Info:

Port: 7002

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5900X 4.4GHz
  • RAM: 128GB RAM 2667MHz
  • 2TB NVMe
  • 1Gbps Network
  • 100 Gbit/s DDOS Protection
  • Daily Back-Ups
  • Location: USA

Server Rules:

  • The #1 Rule of SaltyZombies is don’t be a dick
  • No base raiding! That includes the PVP areas!
  • Do not steal from another player’s base, even if an area or storage/crafting bench is accessible. (stay out/off of player bases altogether)
  • No stealing from a player’s dead body in the PVE Zone (Acceptable in PvP Zone)
  • No building in buildings, Create your own bases. (traps are allowed in the PVP area only)
  • Keep game chat civil. This applies to voice and game chat
  • No Sexiest or Racist Comments.
  • No offensive or provoking game names
  • No inappropriate symbols or phrases on signs
  • Use of any 3rd party tools is not allowed and will result in a ban
  • Do not talk on subjects of sensitive matters, like politics, religion, or current events.

Let’s GO

Our SCUM PVE Server Mods

These mods are auto download on server entry


Full list of mods coming soon

Scum PVE Shooting in the Snow
Scum PVE Group of people teaming up

SCUM PVE Server game commands

All Commands


/help - List of full scum command will be listed here soon.

Check out these!

SCUM PVE Tutorials

SCUM survival mechanics are the most complex and comprehensive of any survival game we have ever played or hosted. So if you are new to our SCUM PVE Server, I highly recommend you check out some of these videos below to help you stay alive.

Need Some Help?

The SCUM PVE Server Team

Agent Stone



Stone is one of the main Moderators for 7D2D, but he loves to play SCUM almost as much, if not more. He runs the SCUM PVE Server.

Gorila Jo

SCUM PVE Moderator

Gorilla Jo

Gorilla Jo has a lot of experience playing and running SCUM PVE servers. He is a moderator but helps Stone admin the servers.

Our SCUM PVE Server has a great community that helps and supports each other, and this is only achieved by having a great team of Admins and Moderators keeping the toxicity at bay. Stone and Jo have proven themselves to be active, thoughtful and fair Moderators on our 7D2D servers, and both have experience and a love for the SCUM game. So we opened one up for them to run, and they are doing a fantastic job.

If you need any help on the SCUM PVE Server, join our Discord and open a ticket in the support channel. In that channel are numerous buttons, choose the “SCUM” game button, and it will open up a direct line between you and our SCUM Moderators.

SCUM PVE Server Media

Soon we will have a SCUM shop for our PVE server, stay turned.

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