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If you’re a fan of the survival game SCUM, then our Salty Zombies SCUM discord is just the right place to find other SCUM players to discuss the game with. Our SCUM discord has plenty of players you can play together with and who also help you with the game.

The community on our SCUM discord channel can come in very handy since it has all levels of players from the newbies to the pros. The advanced players here tend to help out other players who are stuck in the game.

Since SCUM is a very complex survival game, having a reliable gaming community can come in very handy! Additionally, at Salty Zombies you will also find quite a few other gaming communities that cover other similar survival games including the Zombie apocalypse types. Since you are a SCUM fan, check out our gaming discords since we’re sure you’d also enjoy playing other survivor games.


Scum Discord Rules

We at Salty Zombies want all our community members to have a good time while discussing their favourite survivor games. This is why we ensure this remains a safe space for all our members. Basically, we don’t tolerate any sort of bullying, rude or offensive behaviour towards any member.

This does not mean you cannot debate aspects of the game with other members. Discussions and debates are part of our gaming discord community, However, if things get a bit too heated up, then we suggest continuing the conversation through private messaging. 

A few pointers to keep in mind while discussing with others in public is to avoid religious and politically sensitive topics. These rules also apply to all the SCUM PVE servers as well. If you need to complain against any member for breaking these rules then use the chain of command and let a moderator know about it. Our SCUM discord rules are as follows:

  • Racist comments are prohibited
  • Sexist remarks are prohibited
  • Advertising other Discord servers are prohibited
  • Advertising other Gaming organisations or servers are prohibited
  • Too much trash talking will get you muted
  • Pictures/videos/memes containing Nudity / obscenity are prohibited
  • Always use the chain of command
  • Contact the admin/moderator to report abuse
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What is Scum?

SCUM is a very complex survival game that gives you extremely high levels of character customizing ability, as well as an advanced system of progression & control. In the SCUM world, your knowledge and skillsets are the primary tools of survival. So if you’re looking for a survival game with advanced simulation and a lot of intense gameplay action, then SCUM is sure to get you excited! Here are some of the features of SCUM:

Complex Character Simulation: In SCUM, you can do a highly advanced level of character management. This means you must consider your character’s metabolism rate, movement inertia, and how quickly clothes dry on or off the body.

Extensive Gameplay: The SCUM gameplay constantly evolves, with new features coming in occasionally. It already has most of the survivor game features, such as crafting, construction, combat etc., but you can expect more advanced features and mechanics to come in with the game updates.

Vast Landscape: The SCUM world is a massive map of about 225 sq km. The different terrains include beautiful beaches, fields, forests, empty towns and worn-out airfields. You can travel across the SCUM world on foot, by bike, boat, or aircraft.

PvP Network Events: Although SCUM is primarily a PVE game, there are PVP network events from TEC1 that you can join and have a go at other players. You are taken to an enclosed place on the island for the event. Great loots and fame points are available for those who survive the event!

What is Discord?

Discord is a really cool group chatting app that has been gaining much popularity. The functioning of this app is quite similar to other old school group chatting apps like mIRC. And although Discord was originally intended for gamers, it has now been adopted by many other groups such as dating, cooking etc.

The growing popularity of Discord is mainly due to the fact that it is great for group discussions. So much so that it has become more popular than even Facebook groups. And with the Covid pandemic, the Discord user base has grown even more!

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We at Salty Zombies love survival type games, especially the zombie apocalypse type – its in our name after all! So here, it’s not just the SCUM PVE server and the SCUM discord that we host. We are also a community for plenty of other survivor games such as RUST, Atlas, 7 Days To Die etc.

You can use our discord channel for the specific game to get in touch with other players and discuss strategies or even play together. There is also other fun stuff to do with fellow gamers using hashtags such as #Memes, #Mugshots for selfies & #photography for posting cool snaps. There’s also a cool music bot that you can use to listen to music and chill.

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