Saron Gas

moderator – Pve Pro Server

Saron Gas
Favourite Weapon
Combat Shotgun
Playing Style
1,000+ Hours


My name is Todd, aKa Sarongas1999 I have been playing 7 Days to die for a little over 8 months strictly on the PC and I have multiple years of experience in customer service along with PC Repair and Management. I am a player who is always willing to help out and step in when needed and will do anything that is possible of myself to resolve any situations that crop up.

Outside of 7 Days to Die I am an avid participant in iRacing races and currently organize and run a group of 43 drivers that race weekly for a cash prize every Sunday. I currently run a Salty Zombies paintjob on my car to spread the word about the server in a unique way by having it gain exposure on YouTube live.

Back to 7 Days to Die, myself and my aunt Grtruck were looking for a server to play on and we found Salty Zombies by a recommendation by Amarie. We joined and we haven’t looked back, the server is one of the most friendly and helpful groups around and I am insanely lucky to have been selected to join the team.

One of our favorite things to do in game outside of helping people is to build, I love the things that we are able to make and create, I find making Pixel art is something that makes people laugh and brings joy to players. I am usually online all hours of the day and night and am available to help players whenever needed and never will turn a player down if they need help.

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