The Currency of the new world

Salty Zombie Coins

“Earn them, Vote for them, Buy them… Kill for them!!”

Salty Coins is an in-game currency unique to the Salty Zombies 7 Days To Die Servers dedicated servers. You earn these coins in-game, using them for teleport commands such as /Bed or /Bag. For more information on that, you can check the Bot Commands page. You can save these coins up and use them to buy in-game items in the online store relative to the server you play on. These coins are not stored in your inventory. They are just added to your character in a virtual wallet. You can find out how many Salty Coins you have by typing in the game chat /Wallet. There are 3 different ways you can obtain Salty Coins:

Earn Them In Game

Vote For Our Server

Buy Them In SZ Store

Vote For Them

There is a website with our Servers listed on them. The more votes we get, the higher up the listings we appear. This will help bring more people to our community. But the competition is tough, so to encourage you to vote for our server, we give you 200 Salty Coins per vote, and you can vote every day. Click on the bottom below to vote. It will ask you to log in via your steam account. Once you have done this, you can jump in-game and type /vote to receive your 200 salty coins.

How To Earn Them

You earn salty coins automatically by playing on our servers. You earn 1 coin every time you kill a zombie, and for every minute you play on our server. So if you put in a lot of hours and slay a ton of zombies, you could save up enough coins to buy something nice for yourself. Also, many people tend to save their coins up for the next server wipe. So they can use their saved salty coins on a new day 1 server. You may also note that becoming a Patreon enables you to earn salty coins faster. Remember, a regular player earns 1 coin per zombie kill and minute played.

Tier 1 Patreon
1.25x Multiplier

Tier 4 Patreon
2.5x Multiplier

Tier 2 Patreon
1.50x Multiplier

Tier 5 Patreon
3x Multiplier

Tier 3 Patreon
2x Multiplier

Tier 6 Patreon
4x Multiplier

Buy Salty Coins

“No amount of money could ever bring back a second of time.” – Howard Stark (IronMans Father)

We understand not everyone has the time to grind the resources or spend hours looting. It’s not that you couldn’t do it. You’re just busy with other things. So alternatively, you can buy Salty Coins from our Salty Coins store using real-life cash. This is a great way to give yourself a chance to catch up and or save time on your build. If you buy Salty Coins, remember to contact an admin or moderator so they can add your coins to your wallet manually. Buying Salty Coins is another excellent way to help support the Salty Zombies gaming community, and we are grateful for every purchase.

Where To Spend My Salty Coins?

Once you feel you have accumulated enough coins and fancy going on a little shopping spree, you can click on the buttons below. It will take you to the shop of that server, to which you can spend those Salty Coins. Once you have bought something, you can log into the server and type /Claim. Make sure you have room in your inventory to hold the items you just bought.

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