RUST Ranks


RUST Ranks

Join the RUST Ranks and get a ton of Perks




18 Slot Backpack
2x Stackable Chest
10% In-Game Shop Sale
15% More Salty Coins
Ensign Title In-Game
Ensign Role On Discord
Access VIP Discord Chat
No Bed Cooldown (PVE)
Call in Hard NPC Raids
+1 TC Allowed
8 Day Base Decay Timer
2x Virtual Quarry
2x Virtual Pumpjack
Instant Crafting (PVE)
Personal Recycler
Personal Locker
Skin Box

XP Perks

10% XP Bonus
-10% XP Loss On Death
10% More Rested XP

Teleport Perks

5x Daily Teleport Limit
120 sec Tele Cooldown
20 sec Tele Countdown
2x Custom Teleports

Health Benefits

100 Starting Health
120 Max Health
500 Starting Calories
500 Max Calories
250 Starting Hydration
250 Max Hydration

Ensign Kits

Can be claimed twice per wipe

Ensign Kit On RUST PVE Servers




24 Slot Backpack
3x Stackable Chest
15% In-Game Shop Sale
20% More Salty Coins
Corporal Title In-Game
Corporal Role On Discord
Access VIP Discord Chat
No Bed Cooldown (PVE)
Call in Expert NPC raids
+2 TC Allowed
12 Day Base Decay Timer
3x Virtual Quarry
3x Virtual Pumpjack
Instant Crafting (PVE)
Personal Recycler
Personal Locker
Skin Box

XP Perks

15% XP Bonus
-15% XP Loss On Death
15% More Rested XP

Teleport Perks

10x Daily Teleport Limit
60 sec Tele Cooldown
15 sec Tele Countdown
3x Custom Teleports

Health Benefits

120 Starting Health
120 Max Health
600 Max Calories
600 Calories
300 Max Hydration
300 Hydration

Corporal Kits

Can be claimed twice per wipe

Corporal Kits On RUST PVE Servers




30 Slot Backpack
4x Stackable Chest
20% In-Game Shop Sale
25% More Salty Coins
Sergeant Title In-Game
Sergeant Role On Discord
Access VIP Discord Chat
No Bed Cooldown (PVE)
Call In Nightmare Raids
+3 TC Allowed
16 Day Base Decay Timer
4x Virtual Quarry
4x Virtual Pumpjack
Instant Crafting (PVE)
Personal Recycler
Personal Locker
Skin Box

XP Perks

20% XP Bonus
-20% XP Loss On Death
20% Quicker Rested XP

Teleport Perks

15x Daily Teleport Limit
30 sec Tele Cooldown
10 sec Tele Countdown
4x Custom Teleports

Health Benefits

120 Starting Health
150 Max Health
700 Max Calories
700 Calories
350 Max Hydration
350 Hydration

Sergeant Kits

Can be claimed twice per wipe

Sergeant Kit On RUST PVE Servers




36 Slot Backpack
6x Stackable Chest
25% In-Game Shop Sale
35% More Salty Coins
Captain Title In-Game
Captain Role On Discord
Access VIP Discord Chat
No Bed Cooldown (PVE)
No Cooldown On Raids
+5 TC allowed
20 Day Base Decay Timer
5x Virtual Quarry
5x Virtual Pumpjack
Instant Crafting (PVE)
Personal Recycler
Personal Locker
 Skin Box

XP Perks

40% XP Bonus
-40% XP Loss On Death
40% Quicker Rested XP

Teleport Perks

20x Daily Tele Limit
5 sec Tele Cooldown
5 sec Tele Countdown
5x Custom Teleports

Health Benefits

150 Starting Health
150 Max Health
800 Max Calories
800 Calories
400 Max Hydration
400 Hydration

Captain Kits

Can be claimed twice per wipe

Captain Kit On RUST PVE Servers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The perks are not cumulative. For example, the teleport amounts from the Ensign rank are not added to the Corporal rank.

When upgrading from previous tiers, you will only be charged the difference between the two tiers, not the full amount.

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Perk Details

Below I have written more detailed information on what each perk is or does.

Ranked Kits
Each Rank has its own unique kit that can be claimed twice every wipe. The kit usually includes weapons, food, ammo, clothes, or armour. You can see exactly what you get in the shop or by typing /kits
You get 12 slot backpack for free, but you can increase the size of that backpack dramatically by purchasing the various ranks. Your backpack doesn’t drop when you die, either. Allowing you to store that precious loot safely.
Stackable Chests
Sometimes, having to space out your storage can be annoying, which takes up a lot of space. As a subscriber, you can stack your boxes on top of each other. To do this, hold the storage box and hover its placement holder on top of the other box. Then click the right mouse button multiple times, even though it looks red, indicating you can’t place it. The box will stack on top of one another.
Multiple XP Bonus's
We have an XP mod on all our PVE servers. As a subscriber, you get an XP bonus allowing you to gather XP much quicker. The higher your Rank, the higher the XP bonus. You also get less XP loss on death.
No bag Cooldown (PVE Only)

On our pure PVE servers, we have removed the sleeping bag cool down for all our donors.

Call in harder raid Difficulty
Our mod allows you to test your base by being raided by NCPs. Everyone can call in an easy or medium raid, but only our donors can call in a Hard, Expert or Knightmare raids. The NPCs will attack your base until they blow up the TC and then despawn or until you kill them.
Discord Perks

When you become a donor of our RUST servers, you get your ranks Discord Role. This allows you to add links, GIFs, external stickers and sounds. Plus, access to our VIP Discord channel.

TC Limit Increased
TC means Tool Cupboard. They are very cheap to make, and we have had random players spam the entire map in TCs. So we have limited our players to only having 2 Tool Cupboards. But as donors, your TC limit is increased.
Teleport Perks
When you buy into our RUST Ranks, you also unlock multiple Telport perks. You get more teleports per day, the cooldown between teleports is less, and you get to add more custom teleports.
Instant Crafting
Pretty self explanatory. You can instantly craft anything item. No more waiting.
Personal Recycler
Have a recycler on your person 24/7. No matter where you go on the map, you can access the recycler and recycle those unwanted items to the resources you need. This will save you countless trips to a recycling station, enabling you to loot faster and longer.
Personal Locker
Yep! You can also get a personal locker. So if you die and don’t want to go home to regear, you can spawn in on your nearest bed, open up the locker accessible anywhere on the map and grab another set of gear and jump straight back into the fight.
The Ultimate Skin Box
We have 2 very cool Skinbox Mods. One is a skin box shop you can access by typing in /SkinShop everyone can access this shop and buy skins with Salty Coins. However, as captain, you get all these skins for free. In addition to this mod, we have another skin box mod that allows you to skin items already placed. Just look at the item and type in /SkinItem, whether it’s a door or a furnace. A menu will pop up for you to change the skin without needing to pick it up and replace it.
Salty Coins & Shop Discount

Salty Coins are what most people in RUST know as RP. It’s a virtual in-game currency you can earn in-game by spending time on the servers or killing our Bosses and voting for our servers. You can then use these Salty Coins to buy in-game items. You also get a dicount in our in game shop. The higher your rank, the more Salty Coins you can earn and the bigger discount you get in our shop.

Salty Zombies Loyalty Program

Getting in-game perks is nice, but they are just digital assets, nothing you can really feel, touch or show off to others. At Salty Zombies, we want to reward you for your continued support, so we have added the Salty Zombies Loyalty Rewards program to all our games. That’s right. We will send you a physical thank you. Something you can touch, wear and show off to the world. You will be surprised how many members wearing our merch have been stopped by strangers who asked, “What is Salty Zombies?”. It’s a great conversation starter, and the quality of our merch is top notch, so not only will you be proud to wear it, but you will be comfortable all day, every day.

But what’s extra special about the SZ Loyalty program is that it’s not just getting free merch that you can easily buy from our Merch Store. No, no, no, the merch here is custom, that’s right. For example, the T-Shirts here will have your game name on the sleeves and our famous slogan, “Don’t Be Salty”, on the back. This is the only way you can get the custom SZ Merge!

Please note this doesn’t work retroactively. The SZ Merch Program starts on the 1st of July, 2023.


SZ T-Shirt
Custom SZ T-Shirt with your gamer tag on it.


SZ Hoody
True Devil
Custom SZ Hoody with your gamer tag on it


SZ Mousemat
Gaming mouse pad white
High quality super large mouse mat.


SZ Merch


SZ Mug
True Devil
SZ Mug – Coffee Taste Better in this mug


SZ Insulated Flask
True Devil
Great on the go, hold heat for 8 hours


SZ Merch

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