There are many different types of RUST PVP Servers

RUST PVP Servers

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RUST PVP Servers are the backbone of the entire game. Survival PVP at its finest. However, there are many different types of RUST PVP Servers. From straight-up vanilla to modded servers like the 5x or 10x all the way to the bloodbath PVP servers known as the Battlefield. Here we will list all the different types of RUST PVP Servers, where you can find them, what features they have and what makes them different to other PVP Servers counterparts. See which one suits your fighting style or your mood, whether you like the slow grind and PVP survivability or you want to jump straight into the action and go guns blazing. We have a RUST PVP Server for you!

Server Info:

Port: 28315

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5900X 4.4GHz
  • RAM: 128GB RAM 2667MHz
  • 2TB NVMe
  • 1Gbps Network
  • 100 Gbit/s DDOS Protection
  • Daily Back-Ups
  • Location: USA

Server Rules:

  • The #1 Rule of SaltyZombies is don’t be a dick.
  • Do not block access to monuments.
  • Keep game chat civil. This applies to voice and game chat.
  • No Sexiest comments.
  • No offensive or provoking game names.
  • No inappropriate symbols or phrases on signs.
  • No excessive use of external high walls.
  • Use of any 3rd party tools is not allowed and will result in a ban.
  • Please use the report system (F7) to alert staff about any suspicious players.
  • Do not talk on subjects of sensitive matters, like politics, religion, or current events.

Let’s GO

Why Choose Us?

There are so many RUST PVP Servers, so why us?

It’s true. There are around 13,000 active RUST Servers online, and most are PVP. So why choose our RUST PVP Servers? Below, I have written a few reasons you should join Salty Zombies. But I might be biased 😀 – Continue reading to see why you need to spend some time investigating the RUST PVP Server you choose before you waste your time on their server.

Choosing the right RUST PVP Server is not just about deciding which server settings are best for your playing style or mood. But more to do with the people who run it and the community that supports it. There is nothing more frustrating than joining a RUST PVP server, investing hours and days of your time only for it to be shut down one day because the server owner decided he didn’t want to run it anymore. 

You will be surprised how frequently this happens. You might also be surprised at how many RUST PVP Server owners abuse their powers or even play themselves using the live map. Most of the RUST PVP Servers we played on were owned by toxic kids who had no idea what they were doing.

So taking the time to investigate the RUST PVP Server you are about to join is a good idea. Check out their website, socials and Discord. See how long they have been around, Google their server name and see if you see anything about them.

Anti Hacks System.

Aimbot is relatively obvious and easily detected in RUST. However, recoil scripts and wall hacks are not a lot harder. However, our RUST PVP Servers have anti-ESP and script detection. So any hacker coming into our server trying to cheat will be detected and banned.

DDOS Protection

As we all know, RUST PVP Servers can get pretty toxic and sometimes an Admin has to come in a slam the ban hammer. Well, it’s not uncommon for the relation of a person or persons being banned to DDOS the server. RUST PVP Servers get DDOS all the time. Luckily though, we have a high level of DDOS protection.

Here to Stay

As mentioned, it’s not uncommon for RUST servers to disappear. Someone opens up a new RUST PVP server every day, and every day a tired and frustrated admin closes his server. At Salty Zombies, we have been hosting multiple games, not just RUST, for many years. So rest assured we are not going to disappear on you.

Active Admins

Nothing worse than investing time, energy and resources into a server that you soon find out is filled with scrip kiddies running around with hacks. Only for you to find out the server owners aren’t even around anymore or pops in once a week to cry about not getting enough donations. At Salty Zombies, we have over 30 members of staff that are ready to help you with any questions.

Dedicated Servers

Our RUST 10x server has the RUST companion app activated. So you can control things in your base via your mobile phone.

Modded to the teeth

To date, we have invested over $2,000 in mods and plugins to improve your RUST PVP experience. These range from UI mods, event mods or even simple Shop and Skin mods. If you play on our RUST PVP Servers, you are in for a unique experience.

Daily Back Ups

Every day our RUST PVP servers are backed up, and you won’t even know about it. The backs do not require the server to go offline, so you can continue to play with peace of mind. If anything bad were to happen to our servers, you could rest assured that you will not have lost all your hard work. 

24/7 Support

Our staff members are from all over the world, Thailand, Australia, the USA, the United Kingdom, Europe, and the Philippians. So no matter what time of the day it is for you, we will always have someone around to help you if you ever have a problem with our RUST PVP Servers.


All our RUST PVP Servers have the RUST companion app enabled. So you can connect to our servers via your mobile phone and be alerted whenever your base is under attack.

Great Community

Despite the RUST community being legendary for its toxicity, the Salty Zombies has a good group of players who are more than willing to help you after they shoot you.

RUST PVP Man down
RUST PVP Artic Portrait

RUST Vanilla PVP Server

Port: 28315

RUST Vanilla Features

  • Anti-Script Mods
  • ESP/Wall Hack Detection
  • KD Display
  • RUST++
  • Active Admins
  • Skin box

For the purists out there, the classic straight-up RUST vanilla PVP server. If you want to play the game the way it’s meant to be played, then this RUST PVP server is for you. Experience the game the way the developers wanted it to be. No mods, no increased stack sizes or faster smelting etc. All the configurations and settings are straight-out-the-box vanilla. The vanilla version of the game is pretty hardcore. Not saying the modded servers are a lot easier, but even a 2x modded server with increased stack sizes, which most of them have, is a huge help. The biggest negative I would say about the official RUST servers, which are vanilla, is that no admins or moderators are active to check on hackers, griefers or zerks that choose a server to dominate every time.

Wipe Schedule:

This RUST vanilla PVP Server wipes on the First Thursday of every month.

RUST 3x No Raid PVP Server

Port: 28415

RUST 3x No Raid Features

  • Events
  • Quick Sort Menu
  • 3x gather rate
  • Custom loot table
  • Custom Skins
  • Kits and Shop
  • Combat Minis
  • Biplanes

Our RUST No Raid server is probably our most popular RUST PVP Server. The 3x is a decent loot bonus to get you going, but more importantly, the not raiding bases are huge to those who don’t have the time to always be online. RUST is a great PVP survival game, but it gives the advantage to those with more free time. Regardless of how well you build your base, it will eventually get raided if you are not there to defend it.

So we made a no raid server that allows people to enjoy the PVP, survival and looting aspect of RUST but not worry that all their hard work will be gone the next time they log in. This is an excellent server for those who are busy with work, family and other real-life responsibilities.

Wipe Schedule:

This RUST vanilla PVP Server wipes on the First Thursday of every month.

RUST 5x PVP Server

Port: 28315

RUST 5x PVP Features

  • 5x gather rate
  • Custom loot table
  • Daily Events
  • NPC Raidable Bases
  • Custom Skins
  • Kits and Shop
  • Combat Mini
  • Custom Map

The RUST 5x PVP Server is fun. It’s an excellent middle ground between the 3x and 10x. However, we are one of the few RUST 5x PVP Servers that still include the need for blueprints and work benches. This is good because it gives you something to do with your excess scrap and slows down the player’s progression into top-tier weapons. It’s a good mix between keeping the survival aspect of the game relevant and having a fast pace RUST PVP Experience simultaneously.

Wipe Schedule: 

This RUST 5x PVP server wipes every 2 weeks, including blueprints.



RUST 10x PVP Server

Port: 28315

RUST 10x PVP Features

  • All BP Unlocked
  • No Workbenches needed
  • 10x gather rate
  • Custom loot table
  • Custom Skins
  • Kits and Shop
  • Combat Mini
  • Biplanes

The RUST 10x PVP Server is chaotically fun from the get-go. The moment you spawn in naked on the beach line, you will hear gunshots going off in the distance. This server is designed for you to raid and get raided on a daily bases and enjoy every minute of it. Loot and gather for about 5 minutes, and you will have enough resources for a solid base. We also have cool kits to help you jump straight into the PVP. We have also included on-air combat by including a combat mini and Biplanes that shoot rockets and drop bombs.

Wipe Schedule

The 10x server wipes every Thursday at 8pm CST, and blueprints are always unlocked.

RUST Battlefield PVP Server

Port: 28315

RUST 10x PVP Features

  • All BP Unlocked
  • No Workbenches needed
  • Custom loot table
  • Custom Skins
  • Builders Kits
  • Combat Mini
  • Biplanes

Battlefield RUST PVP Servers are precisely that, a battlefield. You spawn in with Guns, ammo, food, armour etc., and you’re off into the thick of it. Shoot what you see and raid any base you see. If you are killed, you spawn in again with the same guns, ammo amour etc. you started with. On the Salty Zombies Battlefield PVP Server, you start with custom skins, an AK-47 and MP5. You also get medkits, ammo and some food. If you want to build a base, you can type /kits and choose the base building kit and quickly build a base.

Wipe Schedule:

Same as the 10x, every Thursday 8pm CST

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