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Looking to try surviving in the brutal RUST world without PVP and the toxicity that comes with it? Maybe you like PVP but want to learn the ropes of survival in the harsh RUST world first. Either way, Salty Zombies has got you covered. Our RUST PVE Server makes it impossible to kill other players, and if someone tries to raid your base, they will automatically lose their health and die. However, there are still plenty of NPCs, and wild animals that are more than willing to take you down, not to mention this is a RUST Zombie server, where zombies will come out at night and kill you. So good hunting!

The RUST PVE Servers are forced wiped on the first Thursday of every month.

What is a forced wipe? The first Thursday of every month is when Facepunch updates its game. This forces every RUST Server in the world to be reset and updated to the new version. Our RUST PVE Servers follow this same wipe schedule.

Server Rules:

  • The #1 Rule of Salty Zombies is don’t be a dick.
  • These are PVE servers. No base raiding.
  • Do not take items from other players, even if a TC or storage box is accessible and unlocked.
  • Excessive external high walls will be removed.
  • Do not block access to monuments.
  • Keep the game chat civil. This applies to voice chat as well.
  • No sexist comments.
  • No offensive game names or names that have promotional material in it.
  • Do not advertise/promote other websites or servers.
  • No inappropriate symbols or phrases on signs.
  • Use of any 3rd party tools is not allowed and will result in a ban.
  • Using multiple accounts to bypass limits will result in a ban.
  • Please use the report system (F7) to alert staff about any suspicious players.
  • Do not talk on subjects of sensitive matters, like politics, religion, or current events.

Welcome To Salty Zombies RUST PVE Server

RUST has an excellent survival and base-building system. Surprisingly for a pure-bred PVP game, you wouldn’t think the developers, known as Face Punch, would have created such elaborate and in-depth game mechanics.

RUST PVE offers a decent food and farming system and a massive 3 tier tech crafting structure. There are also vehicles dotted around the map you can repair and take back to your base to upgrade and customize. There is also an elaborate electricity and resource management system. On our Rust PVE server, we have added a lot of mods to help keep the server running and keep you entertained. You will find we added many events, zombies, POIs, more NPCs with their own base, and customization of the vanilla events. So there are plenty of things to do, fight and defend yourself against.

Choose Your Poison

Different Types Of RUST PVE Servers


If you want to learn the game without getting killed, robbed or raided every 10 minutes, then our RUST PVE Server is where you want to start. We have a lot of mods and features on this server to make RUST a true PVE experience. You have lots of challenges, in-game events and NPCs to fight.

Press F1 and Copy/Paste the black text Console:

USA PVE: connect
EU PVE: connect
UK PVE: coming soon..


Your next step. Once you played plenty on our RUST PVE Servers and got a good grasp of the game mechanics. You can dip your toes into RUST’s original design, survival PVP. On this server, PVP is enabled in raidable bases, the big monuments and decayed bases. Everywhere else is PVE.

Press F1 and Copy/Paste the black text Console:

USA PVPVE: Coming soon…
EU PVPVE: Coming soon…

PLEASE NOTE: Even though this is a RUST PVE Server and players can not damage your base, they will still try to find other means of getting inside and stealing your stuff. Yes, this is against the rules, and we will know who it is and ban them. However, we will not replace the stuff stolen. So make sure your base is secure, including from the roof and windows. Lock up all your boxes, all your doors and your tool cupboard.

Choose Your Poison

RUST PVE Servers Locations


We started our RUST PVE Servers in the USA. Since most of our gaming community lives in the States, it would have made sense to get a RUST server there. Was started with just the 1 RUST PVE Server, then expanded into PVE/PVP server and hopefully soon a full No Raid PVE RUST Server

Port: 28215

  • Ryzen 7950X 4.5GHz
  • 128GB DDR 5 5600MHz
  • 2TB NVMe
  • 10Gbps Network
  • 100 Gbit/s DDOS Protection
  • Daily Back-Ups
  • Location: USA


After the success of our RUST PVE Servers in the USA, we noticed many Europeans were joining our servers despite living on the other side of the world. So to ease the pain of the latency, we opened up RUST PVE Servers in Europe. Both the USA and EU RUST PVE Servers are Identical.

Port: 28215

  • Ryzen 7950X 4.5GHz
  • 128GB DDR 5 5600MHz
  • 2TB NVMe
  • 10Gbps Network
  • 80 Gbit/s DDOS Protection
  • Daily Back-Ups
  • Location: Germany


Since the launch of the EU server, it didn’t take long for it to hit the max cap, and we noticed a lot of players from the United Kingdom on our EU server. So, the next expansion to our RUST PVE Servers was to buy one of our most powerful Dedicated Servers yet. The next step expansion is Asia.

IP: Coming soon…

  • Ryzen 7950x Turbo 5.7GHz
  • 128GB DDR 5 5600MHz
  • 2TB NVMe
  • 10Gbps Network
  • 60 Gbit/s DDOS Protection
  • Daily Back-Ups
  • Location: UK

Choose Your Poison

How To Connect to RUST PVE Servers

F1 Console Connection

The quickest way is to press F1 whilst in the game menu to bring up the console. In there, you can type Connect, followed by our server IP and Port. Below are the IP and ports for the different RUST PVE servers, copy/paste the green text into the console and hit enter.

F1 Connect to RUST PVE Servers

For the USA PVE Server, copy/paste this into the F1 Console:

For the EU PVE Server, copy/paste this into the F1 Console:

For the UK PVE Server, copy/paste this into the F1 Console:
Coming Soon…

How to Connect to SZ RUST PVE Servers Instructions

Finding our RUST PVE Servers

You can search for our servers. They are in the modded section. Just click on “Play Game”, then select Modded Servers, and in the search bar underneath, type in Salty Zombies. If nothing comes up, use the console connection instructions above and save them to your favourites for quick reference next time.

Let’s GO

Our RUST PVE Server Mods

These mods are auto download on server entry

XP & Skill Tree System

Our RUST PVE Servers has an XP system. So everything you do will give you XP, and once you got enough XP will get Skill points you can spend by typing /XP and applying them to many different skills.

Night Zombies

To increase the PVE element, we added zombies to our RUST PVE Server that come out when the sun goes down. This makes the nighttime far more dangerous. The zombies will be set on fire when the sun comes up and die like vampires. We are one of the free RUST PVE Servers with Zombies

Boss Monsters

If the NPC were not hard enough, you now have to deal with Boss Monsters that roam the map. These guys are tough, so don’t go near them until you are fully geared up with some friends.


We have added a backpack for our donors. Tier 1 gets you a 12-slot backpack and you get +6 slots for every level of donor tier you are.

Faster Smelting & Recycling

We have increased the pace at which oil and ore stones are smelt. This is to speed up the unnecessary delays in getting things done. As a result, the smelting is 2 times faster than usual.


There are a huge variety of Kits on our RUST PVE servers. Some are 1 time only and others have a cool down, to access these kits just type /Kit

Stacking Mod

To make looting more enjoyable, we decided to increase the stacking size of many items so your inventory doesn’t get so full so quickly. As a result, most of the loot stacks are 3x some are more.

Virtual Quarrys

The quarries are back and better than ever. Virtual Quarries allows you to either place a Pump Jack or a Quarry virtually. Meaning no physical placement is needed. You can access these options by typing /QR in the game chat.


We have an in-game shop that you can use to buy items. You get 100 coins every 30 minutes, and you also get coins for voting on the server. These coins can be collected over time and are never wiped with the server.

Skin Box

Every player gets access to the Skin Box. You can do that by typing /skin – But the skins will cost you the Salty Coins you earn in the game.

Bradley Guards

If you thought the Bradley was easy, think again. We have added troops that will escort the Bradley to help increase the difficulty of the battle.

Raidable Bases

Our RUST PVE server has NPC bases that you can raid. But, be warned, the NPCs will defend their base very well. There are 5 difficulty levels to the raidable bases. Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert and Nightmare. You will need to do these with a team; they are too hard to solo.

Decayed Player Bases

This feature will turn players’ bases into raidable ones if they are inactive for some time. This provides excellent content for the other players on our RUST PVE Servers and helps keep the map clean of inactive player bases.

Loot Sorting Buttons

For your convenience, we have added loot sorting buttons so you can quickly move items from your inventory to your loot chests. Whether you want to grab all the items, put all the items away, or add the items already in the box.


The server has the RUST+ phone app-enabled. You can connect your phone to our server and control things in your base remotely.

Test Gens

Since electricity is such a massive aspect of RUST and the windmills hamper server performance, we have added Test Gens that give 3x 100w electricity ports for you to use. You can buy them at the /shop or get 1 for voting for our server 5 times. 

In game commands

All Commands

  • /Kits – As a donor, you get access to starter kits.
  • /Shop – Open up the shop menu.
  • /Remove – Use this command if you want to remove some parts of your base.
  • /Outpost – Teleport straight to the Outpost.
  • /Bandit – Get teleported directly to the Bandit Camp.
  • /Trade {PlayerName} – This command allows you to trade with other players remotely.
  • /Fmenu – Opens up the friend’s menu to add your friends and give them specific permissions.
  • /Home add {name} – Set a custom teleport, E.G /Home add base, then to teleport there, type /Home Base
  • /BuyRaid – This will open up the menu to buy a raid. You have a choice of easy, medium, hard, expert and nightmare
  • /Raidme Buy – See the price list of all the different NPC Raids you can get. If you successfully defend the raid, you get your money back plus a 20% bonus.
  • /Raidme buy easy – Example of a raid command. Typing this command will initialise an easy raid on your TC. The NPCs will despawn once they have destroyed the TC. Another option for no donor is /Raidme buy medium
  • /XP – spend your skill points earned via our XP mod
  • /Sil {Image URL} – If you have a wooden sign, you can put an image on it by looking at it and typing in /Sil followed by the URL of the image you wish to put on it.

Donor Commands

  • /Raidme Buy {Hard} {Expert} {Nightmare} – As a donor, you get access to brutal raids depending on which rank you are.
  • /Recycler – Get access to a personal recycler anywhere at any time.
  • /Locker – Get access to a private locker where you can swap your outfit out anywhere at any time.
  • /TPR {name} – Send a teleport request to a player
  • /TPA – Accept the teleport request from a player
  • /Skins – Access the skin box menu. drag the item you want to skin into the UI and drag out the skin you want.
  • /SkinItem – Look at an item already placed, like a furnace or rug and type this command. It will open a menu of skins for this item. Drag out the skin of the one you want.


We have a shop for our RUST PVE Server. All you need to do is type /Shop in chat to bring up the shop menu. The shop currency is called “Salty Coins” You earn 100 Salty Coins for every 30 minutes you are on the server. You can earn 15% to 25% more Salty Coins every 30 minutes when you become a subscriber. In addition to the earning multiplier, you also get a 10% to 20% discount on shop items, depending on what tier subscription you choose. More info on that is below.

If you would like to become a member of the Invasion Force and join the War Room by supporting our servers. There are 4 different ranks you can choose from, each going up in price but giving you more quality-of-life perks and benefits. Purchasing a rank gives you that rank on all our RUST servers. Not just the RUST PVE Server.

We also understand that not everyone has the time to grind out or play for hours. Some of us have work and family commitments, so we have enabled you to buy Salty Coins for real-world money.




30 Slot Backpack
2x Stackable Chest
10% In-Game Shop Sale
15% More Salty Coins
Ensign Title In-Game
Ensign Role On Discord
Access VIP Discord Chat
No Bed Cooldown (PVE)
Call in Hard NPC Raids
+1 TC Allowed
+1 Home Teleport Limit
+1 Portal Limit
6 Day Base Decay Timer
2x Virtual Quarry Limit
2x Virtual Pumpjack Limit
Instant Crafting (PVE)
Instant Mixing Table (PVE)
Personal Recycler
Personal Locker
Skin Box

XP Perks

10% XP Bonus
-10% XP Loss On Death
10% More Rested XP
17% Cheaper to Respec

Teleport Perks

5x Daily Teleport Limit
120 sec Tele Cooldown
20 sec Tele Countdown
2x Custom Teleports

Ensign Kits

Can be claimed twice per wipe

Ensign Kit




36 Slot Backpack
3x Stackable Chest
15% In-Game Shop Sale
20% More Salty Coins
Corporal Title In-Game
Corporal Role On Discord
Access VIP Discord Chat
No Bed Cooldown (PVE)
Call in Expert NPC raids
+2 TC Allowed
+2 Home Teleport Limit
+3 Portal Limit
8 Day Base Decay Timer
3x Virtual Quarry Limit
3x Virtual Pumpjack Limit
Instant Crafting (PVE)
Instant Mixing Table(PVE)
Personal Recycler
Personal Locker
Skin Box

XP Perks

15% XP Bonus
-15% XP Loss On Death
15% More Rested XP
34% Cheaper to Respec

Teleport Perks

10x Daily Teleport Limit
60 sec Tele Cooldown
15 sec Tele Countdown
3x Custom Teleports

Corporal Kits

Can be claimed twice per wipe

Corporal Kit




42 Slot Backpack
4x Stackable Chest
20% In-Game Shop Sale
25% More Salty Coins
Sergeant Title In-Game
Sergeant Role On Discord
Access VIP Discord Chat
No Bed Cooldown (PVE)
Call In Nightmare Raids
+3 TC Allowed
+3 Home Teleport Limit
+5 Portal Limit
10 Day Base Decay Timer
4x Virtual Quarry Limit
4x Virtual Pumpjack Limit
Instant Crafting (PVE)
Instant Mixing Table (PVE)
Personal Recycler
Personal Locker
Skin Box

XP Perks

20% XP Bonus
-20% XP Loss On Death
20% Quicker Rested XP
50% Cheaper to Respec

Teleport Perks

15x Daily Teleport Limit
30 sec Tele Cooldown
10 sec Tele Countdown
4x Custom Teleports

Sergeant Kits

Can be claimed twice per wipe

Sergeant Kit




48 Slot Backpack
6x Stackable Chest
25% In-Game Shop Sale
35% More Salty Coins
Captain Title In-Game
Captain Role On Discord
Access VIP Discord Chat
No Bed Cooldown (PVE)
No Cooldown On Raids
+4 TC allowed
+4 Home Teleport Limit
+7 Portal Limit
12 Day Base Decay Timer
5x Virtual Quarry Limit
5x Virtual Pumpjack Limit
Instant Crafting (PVE)
Instant Mixing Table(PVE)
Personal Recycler
Personal Locker
 Skin Box

XP Perks

40% XP Bonus
-40% XP Loss On Death
40% Quicker Rested XP
75% Cheaper to Respec

Teleport Perks

20x Daily Tele Limit
5 sec Tele Cooldown
5 sec Tele Countdown
5x Custom Teleports

Captain Kits

Can be claimed twice per wipe

Captain Kit


Checkout our RUST PVE Server Events

We have added additional events that happen throughout the day. Each one contains rewarding loot. However, they are not easy, you will be in a fight for your life, and the only true way to succeed is to team up with other members of the server. We will be adding many more events soon to the RUST PVE Server, so stay tuned.

Defendable Bases

When this event starts, you must go to the base marked on the map. Inside the base is a wounded NPC (The General). You must defend him at all costs. Go to the laptop and start building defences, then call for the evac helicopter for the General. When you do, waves of zombies will attack the base.

Gas Station

Two gangs will start chasing each other down on the RUST PVE Server and have a shootout at the Gas Station. You can choose which gang to help or kill them all and take the rewards for yourself.

Raiding NPC’s

Want to put your base to the test on our RUST PVE Server? Then you can simply type in chat, /raidme buy [difficulty level]. This will spawn in a bunch of NPCs that will attempt to break into your base and blow up your TC. Once they destroy your TC, they will despawn.

Armored Train

Every so often, you will hear an announcement on our RUST PVE Server of an train incoming. Once this event starts, you will see the train on the map as a red circle going around the tracks. You must figure out how to stop it, kill the soldiers and take the loot.


A falling satellite comes crashing out of the sky into the RUST PVE Server. There is sensitive information that can be recovered from this crash site, but the military has already sent its forces to recover it. You have to take them out and recover the information.

Armored Convoy

When the event starts, you will see on the map a red marker of the convoy travelling along the road. You must head over there and fight the escort of 2 Bradleys and numerous NPCs that will attack you on sight. Make sure not to destroy the loot container in the middle.

Check out these!

RUST PVE Tutorial Videos

Check out these great builds you can do on our RUST PVE Server. It’s an excellent way to practice and learn how to survive in the challenging RUST environment. In addition, these videos contain tips and tricks on farming and a survival 101 guide for beginners. But do note that the Zombies on our RUST PVE Server are not in the original RUST game.

Need Some Help?

Our RUST PVE Server Moderators


Rust Admin


Flammable is a very experienced RUST player and Admin. He manages everything for our RUST Servers and plays on the EU server. If you see him online, say “hello”


RUST moderator


Des has had an unhealthy addiction to video games since she was 10, playing witchcraft and quite with her bros. Catch her skipping sleep to play 7D2D or RUST.

The RUST PVE Servers are moderated and taken care of by Flammable and Desdaa. Any admin or senior admin can reboot the server in case it gets stuck, but if there are any issues outside of that, you will have to contact them via the RUST channel in our Discord.

If your question is about the game in general, you can search our FAQ, ask any community member in our RUST Discord, or try searching on Google. 95% of people’s game-related questions are actually answerable by a quick Google search.

Help Build our RUST Zombie Servers Community

Want to help us build our RUST PVE community? The more players we have on the server, the more people you have to team up with, learn from and have a good time with. We also plan to open up other RUST PVE Servers in other parts of the world, like Asia, the UK and Australia. With all the events mods and RUST Zombies plugins, we think RUST make for an excellent PVE game.

So please help us build a solid and non-toxic RUST community by going to any RUST forums, you know, Facebook groups and Reddit groups and posting the flyer we made. You can right-click on it and select “Save Image” to store our RUST PVE Flyer on your home computer or phone.

RUST PVE Poster Low Res

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