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Looking to try surviving in the brutal RUST world without PVP and the toxicity that comes with it? Maybe you like PVP but want to learn the ropes of survival in the harsh RUST world first. Either way, Salty Zombies has got you covered. Our RUST PVE Server makes it impossible to kill other players, and if someone tries to raid your base, they will automatically lose health and die. However, there are still plenty of NPCs and wild animals that are more than willing to take you down. So good hunting!

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Server Info:

Port: 28215

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5900X 4.4GHz
  • RAM: 128GB RAM 2667MHz
  • 2TB NVMe
  • 1Gbps Network
  • 100 Gbit/s DDOS Protection
  • Daily Back-Ups
  • Location: USA

Server Rules:

  • Killing and looting players is disabled. Shooting them results in no damage.
  • Stealing and raiding other players = BAN! Note: authorizing in cupboards of others is a crime as well!
  • Building limit: Max 50 foundations (any combination) and 5 floors high. Too big will be removed without warning!
  • It’s forbidden to place cupboards around your base to ”claim” your space on the map.
  • Shooting down a personal heli is strictly forbidden! If shooting a public heli, share the loot!
  • Camping on monuments for loot/Bradley is forbidden and will be punished with 30 min of jail!
  • Empty all crates and barrels, don’t leave crappy loot!
  • Do not place sexual or explicit images or drawings on signs, those will be removed & punished.
  • Keep roads CLEAR for cars to pass! Anything blocking a road will be removed without warning.
  • Inactive players will be automatically removed after 3 days of inactivity! (Except VIPS)
  • To prevent lags please throw a maximum of 5 airdrops per time!

Welcome To Salty Zombies RUST PVE Server

RUST has an excellent survival and base-building system. Surprisingly for a pure bread PVP game, you wouldn’t think the developers, known as Face Punch, would have created such elaborate and in-depth game mechanics. 

RUST PVE offers a decent food and farming system and a massive 3 tier tech crafting structure. There are also vehicles dotted around the map you can repair and take back to your base to upgrade and customize. There is also an elaborate electricity and resource management system. On our Rust PVE server, we have added a lot of mods to help keep the server running and keep you entertained. You will find we added lots of events, zombies, POIs, more NPCs with their own base, and customization of the vanilla events. So there is plenty of things for you to do, fight and defend yourself against.

Let’s GO

Our RUST PVE Server Mods

These mods are auto download on server entry

Night Zombies

To increase the PVE element, we added zombies that come out when the sun goes down. This makes the nighttime far more dangerous. When the sun comes up, the zombies will be set on fire and die like vampires.

Stacking Mod

To make looting more enjoyable, we decided to increase the stacking size of many items so your inventory doesn’t get so full so quickly. As a result, most of the loot stacks are 3x some are more.

2x Faster Smelting

We have increased the pace at which oil and ore stones are smelt. This is to speed up the unnecessary delays in getting things done. As a result, the smelting is 2 times faster than usual.


We have added a backpack for our donors. Tier 1 gets you a 12-slot backpack and you get +6 slots for every level of donor tier you are.


The server has the RUST+ phone app-enabled. You can connect your phone to our server and control things in your base remotely.

Slower Decay

We lowered the decay by 90% to keep things moving and fun. This way, you won’t have to worry about keeping your TC full.

Bradley Guards

If you thought the Bradley was easy, think again. We have added troops that will escort the Bradley to help increase the difficulty of the battle.

Raidable Bases

Our RUST PVE server has NPC bases that you can raid. But, be warned, the NPCs will defend their base very well. There are 5 difficulty levels to the raidable bases. Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert and Nightmare. You will need to do these with a team; they are too hard to solo.

Loot Sorting Buttons

For your convenience, we have added loot sorting buttons so you can quickly move items from your inventory to your loot chests. Whether you want to grab all the items, put all the items away, or add the items already in the box.

RUST Fan Art

In game commands

All Commands


/Kit - As a donor you get access to start kits, you can type in /Kits to redeem the kit of your donor level.


/shop - Open up shop menu


/Remove - Use this command if you want to remove some parts of your base.

Donor Commands


/sethome [Name] - Sets your home location, for example: /home Villa


/home [Name] - Once you have done /sethome, you can then just type /Home [name], for example, /Home Villa


/recycler - Tier 3 Donors and above get to a personal recycler that's on you 24/7

Check out these!

RUST PVE Tutorial Videos

Check out these great builds you can do on our RUST PVE Server. It’s an excellent way to practice some PVP builds and test them out with friends. There are also tips and tricks on farming and a survival 101 guide for beginners.


Checkout our RUST PVE Server Events

We have added additional events that happen throughout the day. Each one contains rewarding loot. However, they are not easy, you will be in a fight for your life, and the only true way to succeed is to team up with other members of the server. We will be adding many more events soon to the RUST PVE Server, so stay tuned.

Armored Train

Every so often, you will hear an announcement of an armoured train incoming. Once this event starts, you will see the train on the map as a red circle going around the tracks. There are 3 types of trains, easy, medium and hard. Kill the driver to stop the train and prepare for a fight.

Defendable Bases

When this event starts, you must go to the base marked on the map. Inside the base is a wounded NPC (The General). You must defend him at all costs. Go to the laptop and start building defences, then call for the evac helicopter for the General. When you do, waves of zombies will attack the base. 

Armored Convoy

When the event starts, you will see on the map a red marker of the convoy travelling along the road. You must head over there and fight the escort of 2 Bradleys and numerous NPCs that will attack you on sight. Make sure not to destroy the loot container in the middle that their escorting.


We have a shop for our RUST PVE Server. All you need to do is type /shop in chat to bring up the shop menu. To earn money in the shop, you have to sell scrap. You get 1 coin for 1 scrap. Then you can use those coins to buy anything from the shop anywhere at any time. You can also earn coins for voting for our server daily. Coins are not the only thing you earn when voting, either.

Tier 1 Subscriber – $10

  • Tier 1 Starter Kit
  • 12 Slot Backpack
  • 2x stackable Chest
  • Quicksort
  • No Cooldown on Sleeping Bag

Tier 2 Subscriber – $20

  • Tier 2 Starter Kit
  • 18 Slot Backpack
  • 3x stackable Chest
  • Quicksort
  • No Cooldown on Sleeping Bag
  • Instant Crafting

Tier 3 Subscriber – $30

  • Tier 3 Starter Kit
  • 24 Slot Backpack
  • 4x stackable Chest
  • Quicksort
  • No Cooldown on Sleeping Bag
  • Instant Crafting
  • Personal Recycler

Follow the stream team

Watch the streams live on Twitch

Namsaknoi is a big fan of PVP games, especially survival ones like RUST. However, he does like the PVE survival system that RUST gives you. That’s why he launched the RUST PVE Server. You can watch him stream his RUST gameplay on his Twitch. You can also watch the other members of the Twitch stream team play the various games RUST hosts.

Need Some Help?

Our RUST PVE Server moderators




Nams, the owner and founder of Salty Zombies runs the marketing and helps manager the servers.




Bap helps runs the 7 Days To Die and RUST Servers. He is also the main guy behind the infamous bot, Jarvis

The RUST PVE Servers are moderated and taken care of by the two most senior members at Salty Zombies, Nams and Baptizers. Any admin or senior admin can reboot the server in case its gets stuck but if there are any issues outside of that, you will have to contact them via the RUST channel in our Discord.

If your question is about the game in general, you can ask any community member either in our RUST Discord or try searching on Google. 95% of people’s game-related questions are actually answerable by a quick google search.

Help Build our RUST PVE Servers Community

Want to help us build our RUST PVE community? The more players we have on the server, the more people you have to team up with, learn from and have a good time with. We also plan on opening up other RUST PVE Servers in other parts of the world like in Europe, Asia, the UK and Australia. Help us build a mighty and non-toxic RUST community but going to any RUST forums you know, Facebook groups, Reddit groups and posting the flyer here we made. You can right-click on it and select “Save Image” to store our RUST PVE Flyer onto your home computer or phone.

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