SZ RUST Purge Event

Welcome to the Salty Zombies RUST Purge event. At the end of each wipe, there is a very special event where all server members get to team up with Nams and fight the Salty Zombies Staff. This is a great opportunity for the community to shoot the Salty Zombies team, and even better, the Salty Zombies team gets to shoot Nams.

The premise of the RUST purge event is simple. During the wipe, the server comes together and builds a massive fort of a base. The Salty Zombies staff then attacks the base. They have 2 hours to get to the TC and destroy it. If they do so, the event ends, and the SZ Staff wins. If, however, after 2 hours, the TC is still alive, the server members will win the event.

Event Starts In:








Team 1 will have red dye

Team 2 will have blue dye

RUST Purge Featured Image

Event Schedule

The event is split into 3 parts, the preparation/intro stage, the battle stage and the rocket stage. When you join the server, you will automatically be given LVL 300. Type /Red Team to be teleported to your side of the arena or /Blue Team, depending on which team you are on. Then with an empty inventory, type /red gear or /blue gear. This will give your BDU uniform, jacket, ammo, food, meds and drink, plus your allocated dye colour. Of course, you must wear the correct dye during the event. All guns, armour and mods are in the boxes, gear up soon as possible.

Preparation Stage
1 week before

During the preparation stage, the people wanting to join have to place their beds down and put in any weapons they want in their lockers.

Stream Introduction
Sat 6:30pm -7:00PM CST

At this point, you should be locked and loaded, ready to go in the server. You should also be in discord coms as Namsaknoi will have started his stream at this point and will jump in coms with you to remind/explain the rules to you and the audience.

Event Begins
Sat 7:00pm – 9:00pm CST

Once the event begins, the SZ Staff have 2 hours to get to the rebels TC and destroy it. Once started, no one is allowed to join the event. So, if you wish to join, please make sure you take part in the preparation stage. 

What to Join?

Sometimes the event is subscirbers only, and other times its open to all members of Salty Zombies community. So, if you would like to join in the event, then DM Ataxia. Entry to the event will be closed 2 days before the event, there will be no last-minute joiners, so if your name isn’t down before then, you won’t be able to participate.


The death and kill scoring system will be ongoing in all rounds, including the rocket launcher round. The base destruction round is just a bonus objective to score bonus points at the end. We have changed the scoring system to require players to be more tactical in their approach. Winner is determined by which team has the most points at the end of the event, not at the end of each round.


Nams Rebels Scoring

+5 Point For Killing Desdaa

+3 Points For Killing an SZ Admin

+2 Points For Killing an SZ Moderator

-1 Points For Every Death

-5 Points For Team Kills

Desdaa Team Scoring

+5 Point For Killing Nams

+3 For Kills Nams Elite Rebels

+1 For Killing Nams Rebels

-1 Points For Every Death

-5 Points For Team Kills

Base Building Stage & Rules

The server will be open two days before the event, and the building stage will start. You can jump into the server at any time and start building. Your team leader will be given the password to hand out to your team individually. They will also arrange a time and day to get into coms to build the base and talk strategy/tactics. You may also explore the arena and get familiar with the surroundings. But do not attempt to enter the opponent’s base or spawn area. 

The base may not exceed the width of the guide blocks we have laid out for you, nor can it go higher than the wall. However, it can go to bedrock, but again, it still can not go wider than the guide blocks or higher than the wall and remember the “No being on the wall rule”. Also, your base build can not use traps or anything that needs or uses electricity. Just the building blocks provided. Finally, and annoyingly, your base must be the same colour as the wall with accents of your team colour. We found that shiny paints lower FPS. (look at staff base, for example)

Here is an image of your starting base area. The red square blocks are the building guides. You can build on top of the outline and inside it, but not one block wider. The hole in the middle has a ladder that leads into the subway. How your team builds the base is entirely up to you. You also have the choice to build in the subway area. Guide blocks have been laid out for you there as well.

Please note you can not repair your base in any way once the battle commences. Therefore, you should not have any building materials, blocks or tools of any kind in your inventory at this time.

Preparation Stage

After the building stage has been completed, the server is shut down, and all player profiles are deleted. The preparation stage starts 1 hour before the main event. This part is essential because you only have one hour to get your guns and armour ready with the mods of your choosing. You will also need to add your skill points, read the books and add the dye to your clothes and armour.

Remember, you can only use 1 of each gun. Don’t line your entire tool belt up with M60’s and think we won’t know about it; we will, and you will be banned.

After you are all prepared and ready, wait outside your base for Namsaknoi to fly over and take some footage of you all geared up and ready for war. After that, he will jump in coms with the opposing team, reiterate the rules, make sure everyone understands and then the fight will commence. 


Battle Stage & Event Specific Rules

All the rules on our website that apply to every Salty Zombies server also apply to this event. If you are unfamiliar with them, please read them here. In addition to those rules, we have event-specific rules. Organizing these events is a lot of work, time and energy. So, if someone was to break or bend the rules or do something that falls under the “Don’t be a dick” category. Then you will be banned from the event and our regular everyday servers as well. So, please read them carefully, then reread them.

No Entering Enemies Base or Spawn Area.

Do not enter the opposing teams base or spawn area. You will get to blow up the opposing team base in the final round, but you still can’t enter the area highlighted in red below. At no point whatsoever should you enter the red region of the opposing teams base, either underground or above. There are concrete roadblocks to indicate the no go zone for opposing team members. Note that a subway station runs from one team’s base to another. There are multiple ways to get into the subway. Each team has direct tunnel access from their base, outside their base and in the middle of the arena. If you see a sign similar to the one below, you have gotten too close to being under the other team’s base and should retreat immediately.

No Go Zone
Dont Cross Over the Concrete Road Blocks
Dont Cross Over the Red line

Watch the streams live on Twitch

The event is usually streamed by the SZ founder, Namsaknoi. If you are a streamer, then by all means, please feel free to stream the event. If you regularly have the ability to record your screen, then please do so. After each event, we collect the footage from as many perspectives as possible, make a cool video, and upload it to our Youtube channel.

RUST Purge Rules

Only use the Armor Provided

In the event base, each player will have bedrooms, with two lockers filled with kits in each room. The kits are skinned in a particular colour/uniform, so teams aren’t confused.

  • You can only use these kits during the event.
  • Do not change the skins on the armour given
  • Do not run around naked on purpose to create confusion

Don’t Be A Dick

The most important rule of all, don’t be a dick. We cant label and explain every aspect and action that will ruin the event or be classed as cheating. Sometimes we have to assume you have a brain and a bit of common sense, like using the opposing team teleport command to get to their location, destroying beds, camping spawn points, verbally toxic, exploiting a game glitch, not wearing your team colours, render killing etc. Just enjoy the event and play the way it’s meant to be played. Don’t cheat, try to manipulate the system or bend the rules.

No Molotovs or Incendiary Rockets

These two are banned due to the fire, which creates a lot of lag and major FPS drops. No RF C4 prior to the event.

Full Attendance Required

If you are signing up, you are signing up for the entire event, from start to finish. You can not come late or leave early and unbalance the teams. If you have something to do during this time, please don’t put your name down. If you are unsure whether or not you can make it, you can put your name down on the reserve list.

No Digging/Building or Repairing

You can not dig holes or tunnels of any kind outside of your base building area. Nor can you build or place blocks of any kind outside of your allocated base building zone. You may damage or destroy the POIs and blocks during the battle. But until the actual battle starts, do not touch anything in the arena

Bed Placement/Spawn Point

All Beds must be placed inside the wall by your teams base. You will know what I mean when you see it. Try to spread them out. Also, use the “Spawn on Bed” option. Never select the “Spawn near my bed” option because you will spawn outside the arena. Type in your team spawn point to get back into your base if that happens. No beds should be placed on the battlefield itself.


(Frequently Asked Questions)

FPS/lag is Terrible, what to do?

Turn off Dynamic Mesh in the games video options. You may also find during the preparation stage a major drop in FPS when everyone starts reading books. And it won’t get better when they stop. If this happens you must exit the game and restart Steam.

Can I Stream Snipe Namsaknoi?

Stream Sniping is when you watch a players stream that you are currently playing against to see their location and get an advantage over them. The answer would obviously be “no”. However, you will all do it anyway and to be fair, you’re going to need every advantage you can get.

Can I give my donor spot to a non donor?

No, only the Patreons of Salty Zombies can play in the events.

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