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“Expectations, Daily Responsibilities, and Guides.”

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Welcome to the RUST Moderators Manual. On this page, I have written a guide/to-do list of things we expect from a RUST Moderator at Salty Zombies. In essence, you guys are the first line of defence when it comes to upholding the server rules and the morale of our community. We must keep them happy, feel like they are being looked after, and keep their gaming experience positive.

70% of being a moderator is being present, talking with the community, bringing positive vibes, listening to the community and making sure they feel heard, but also bringing the community together, bridging the gap between players who may otherwise never talk to each other. Moderators can have powers to deal with any smaller issues, but mostly just being there, playing and being helpful.

What is expected from you as a SZ mod?

Tickets and Support

One of the many things the community find impressive at Salty Zombies is how fast we fix issues and respond to tickets. It’s something we pride ourselves on to make the community feel supported and looked after. We have a ticket system in our Discord. When a player creates a ticket for their selected game, it will ping those moderators for that game. Moderators of other games will not be able to see these tickets.

If a ticket opens for 7D2D and you get pinged, please respond to it as quickly as possible. Even if they haven’t written anything yet, ask them, “What can I help you with?” And if it’s an issue that you are unsure of or cannot solve. Just let them know that someone is looking into it. By tagging the person you believe could solve the issue.

Presence on the server

We expect a certain amount of time played on your designated server or game. So having a presence on the server is very important. Community members playing on the server will be happier knowing a moderator is present. You get a unique moderator colour in-game chat. So every time you speak, they will see that a moderator is present.

Being active in Discord coms

Similar to the one about “Being Present On The Server”. We want our moderators to chat in public and be present in Discord voice channels. So even if no one else is in there, jump in the coms, and people will join you. If you see a channel that hasn’t had much chatting, write something like “How are we all doing today?” or “Has anyone seen the new Fast & Furious 19 movie yet?”. People who join our Discord will usually take a quick look around. If they see an inactive Discord, they might leave. However, they will most likely stick around if they see a Discord with new chatter and many people in the voice channels.

Log Warnings and Offences

Anytime a player has been officially warned for breaking rules, log it in #mod-reports in the Team Discord server in the following format:

[Username] [SteamID] warned/banned/etc. for [Description]


filthyArgie (76561199039593476) banned for toxic chat

Phase 1: Becoming Mod Recruit

As a Mod Recruit, you will be on probation, usually around 2 to 3 months, depending on how long you have been at Salty Zombies. During this time, you will have access to the RUST tickets and help the community with any issues they might have. If you are unsure how to answer a ticket, just respond as soon as possible, letting them know a staff member will get to them as quickly as possible.

As a RUST Mod Recruit, you will get access to two commands that will enable you to help the community more efficiently. However, only use these commands when a community member needs help. Any abuse of these commands outside these parameters will result in losing your position as an SZ Moderator. For example, we give out RUST Mods the ability to teleport to players if they need help. Therefore, using this command to teleport to your friends or players to trade or help them on a raid/event would be considered abuse.

Commands specific to Mod Recruits

To use these commands, you can press F1 to bring up the console, and then you can type in the commands as needed (without the forwardslash prefix), or type into chat (with the forwardslash prefix).

Mute/Unmute Players

RUST has a reputation for being extremely toxic, and it’s true. However, we try to stomp that out at Salty Zombies, especially on our RUST PVE servers. Banter here and there is ok, but anyone being disruptive, breaking the rules regarding politics, religion, etc., or arguing between people that’s just gotten out of hand or gone on for too long is not ok.

/mute [name/steam ID] “[reason]” [seconds]

In chat, type: /mute [playername] “reason” length – Warn them first to drop it if they continue—length examples: 1d (1 day), 30m (30 minutes). The reason must be in quotations. They will be automatically unmuted after the specified time.

Unmute [playername] – Once things have settled, you can unmute them.

Phase 2: Becoming a Full Moderator

Congratulations, you passed the mod recruit probation period. As a fully fledged Moderator, you are granted the same perks as a Sergeant donor and given extra powers and responsibilities.

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

If you don’t know who said that, we can’t be friends! But this is where we introduce you to the RUST Admin Server Manager. You will need to sign up and make an account. Then, once you have done that, give me (Nams) the Username you used to sign up with.

You can see a list of all the players online on the RUST Admin panel. If you right-click on their names, a menu will come up. Check the image as an example. As a Moderator, you will get access to:

Kick – Kick a player from the server. This is not a Ban. They will be able to rejoin
Teleporting – Teleport the player to you or you to them
View Console – View the console logs live
Players History – See Players’ chat and activity history
Teams Info – See who they are teamed up with
Combat logs – See their kills/deaths and by who

RUST Admin Online

/TP [player name]

If a member of the community needs you to teleport to their location, you can do so by typing in in-game chat: /tp [Name] or [Steam ID]. If the player has a space in their name, you might need to use quotations. For example, if the player is called John Smith. You can type, /tp “John Smith”.  To return to your previous location, type /tpb.


Players cannot loot other players’ bags, bodies, or boxes. If stolen goods are stolen from a quarry or something is missing from a player’s base, you can see who was in that box, bag, or container recently by looking at it and typing in chat /box. This will include a list of who recently accessed it and at what time. 

F stands for the first time the box was accessed, and L is the last time the box was accessed. Dates are displayed in day/month format, not month/day format.


Phase 3: Becoming a Senior Moderator

Daaaamn! You still here and made it this far? Congratulations, as a Senior Moderator, you are rewarded with the same perks as a Captain rank. You also unlock some additional powers in the RUST Admin Server Manager.

/Remove Admin [seconds]

Delete items that need to be removed, like Christmas stockings or rogue workbenches that didn’t despawn from a decayed base by going into Remove Admin mode. Type /remove admin [seconds] to be able to remove any item for a period of time.

  • Ban/unban
  • Unload & reload plugins
  • Restarting servers
  • Chat
  • /remove admin
  • Admin Map plugin

Phase 4: Becoming an Admin


Wiping servers
Custom commands
Give items
Editing configs

RUST Admin Online

Wiping The Rust Servers

We have a lot of plugins on our RUST Servers, even though some are supposed to auto wipe the data when we make a new map, they usually don’t. For example, the backpack mod doesn’t always delete the data and people start a new wipe with what they had in there from the previous map. So to make sure this doesn’t happen, we need to clear the data folders of specific plugins manually. We must also run a few commands once or twice to ensure it clears the information – XP, for example.

STEP 1 – Running Wipe Commands

Before you turn the server off, you must run a command to clear the Skill Tree plugin’s data to reset everyone’s experience:

/xpResetAll – This will clear all the XP of players. Run the command once, then wait a few minutes and rerun it just to be sure.

Step 2 – Deleted Previous Player Data

After you have run these commands a few times on all the servers (doable via console as well), turn the servers off. Then go into the file manager and to /Oxide/Data and delete the following:

Back Packs

Go into the Backpacks folder and delete the contents of the “Player Data Folder.” Don’t delete the folder itself. Just what’s inside it. Using the PingPerfect file manager to do this only allows you to delete 5 rows at a time. Using FTP allows you to delete it all at once.

Vote Rewards

In Oxide/Data, there isn’t a folder but a file called EasyVote.json. Delete this file to wipe the history of everyone’s votes for the next wipe.


Go inside the kits folder under Oxide/Data. You will see 2 files: kits_data.json and player_data.json. Delete the player_data.json file to clear all players’ history of claiming kits. (DO NOT DELETE KIT_DATA)

Step 2 – Deleted Previous Map Data

To delete all the previous player data, like the blueprints and map data. You have to go to the PingPerfect file manager and go to the server/pingperfect folder. KEEP THE FILES INSIDE THE RED BOX in the image here. Everything else can be deleted.

RUST Server Config Text Editor Location

Step 3 – Adding Custom Map

We have a variety of custom maps, and Nams is happy to keep buying more. When it’s time to wipe, and we know what map we will use, upload the map files to Dropbox and put the download share link into the Configuration file.

The URL should look something like this:

Change the dl=0 in your URL to dl=1

  1. Click “Configuration Files”
  2. Click “Text-Editor”
  3. Locate the levelURL= setting. Add your Dropbox custom map download link into this setting.
  4. Next, locate the serverLevel= setting. Set this to the serverLevel used when creating your custom map. Either Procedural Map, Barren, Hapis, Craggy Island, or Savas Island.
  5. Locate the server.seed and server.worldsize settings and put a # in front of them.
  6. Add any plugins and/or data files bundled with the map to the appropriate folder under /oxide.
  7. Save the file in the top left and start up your server.
RUST Server Config Text Editor Location
RUST Adding Custom Map Example

Step 4 – Updating Server

When the RUST update has finally been released, you must update the server via steam and Umod. There is one button circled in the image that does both in one click. However, it works 90% time, which is good, but has been known not to install the update from Steam or Umod fully. So, alternatively, you can do each individually via the buttons underlined and marked with a cross.

Updating Umod and Steam

Step 5 – Turn the Server On

Once you have turned the server on, do not leave the computer and mark the wipe as complete. There are usually issues that arise that are noticed within the first few hours. For example, sometimes a mod conflicts with another, and you must unload it until the mod developer has put in a fix. It’s usually the busiest time the first weekend, so it would be good to resolve any issues beforehand. Once things settle, it is a good time to do anything else you need to.

Server & Plugin Maintance

On the RUSTAdmin app, it will tell you if the plugins need updating or not. It will also tell you if the server needs updating. So if any of our Umod plugins need updating, please do it. If a premium/bought plugin needs updating, let an Admin or Nams and they will update it or send you the plugin to update it.

RUST- Admin Checking Plugins

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