Learn To Fly Like A Pro

RUST Minicopter & Heli Training Server

“Just spawn in a Minicopter and start practicing”

The RUST Minicopter is not easy to fly by any stretch of the imagination. It took me some time to get comfortable with taking off, navigating the sky and landing, although my landing skills could do with some more practice. However, I have seen RUST pro players drive the RUST Minicopters and Helicopters through monuments, tunnels and under fire in the heat of battle without a single mistake or care in the world. I wanted to be that good, but I needed to practice.

I needed a place I could practice without getting shot all the time on a PVP server or having to grind for hours on a PVE server just to get the scrap to buy one, only to crash and burn it 3 minutes later. So I opened up the first RUST Minicopter Training Server that allows you to spawn in a Minicopter or Helicopter and start flying it straight away. It’s also PVE rules so that no one can shoot you down.


Port: 28265

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5900X 4.4GHz
  • RAM: 128GB RAM 2667MHz
  • 2TB NVMe
  • 1Gbps Network
  • 100 Gbit/s DDOS Protection
  • Daily Back-Ups
  • Location: USA

To quickly connect to our server, in the game menu, press F1, then type: connect – Then press enter, and you will auto connect to our RUST Minicopter and Helicopter Training Server.

Server Rules:

  • The #1 Rule of SaltyZombies is don’t be a dick.
  • Don’t crash into other people.
  • Don’t fly near people’s bases.
  • This is a PvE Server. No base raiding.
  • Do not steal from another player’s base, even if an area or storage/crafting bench is accessible.
  • Do not take items from a player’s death bag or body.
  • Do not block access to monuments.
  • Keep the game chat civil. This applies to voice and game chat.
  • No Sexiest comments.
  • No offensive game names or names that have promotional material in them.
  • Do not advertise/promote other websites or servers.
  • No inappropriate symbols or phrases on signs.
  • Using any 3rd party tools is not allowed and will result in a ban.
  • Please use the report system (F7) to alert staff about suspicious players.
  • Do not talk on subjects of sensitive matters, like politics, religion, or current events.

Welcome To Salty Zombies RUST Minicopter Training

“Every team needs an ace pilot, and every team member should know how to fly a RUST Minicopter or Helicopter to some decent level. That’s why I opened the RUST Minicopter and Helicopter Training Server.” – Nams

Useful info about the RUST Minicopter

  • Both Minicopter and Helicopter use 30 Lowgrade Fuel Per minute.
  • Normal Minicopters can Store 500 Low Grade Fuel, giving a Max Flight time of 16minutes and 40 seconds.
  • Mini’s can be refuelled whilst flying by having Lowgrade in your inventory, holding the Alt key to access the fuel tank and putting Lowgrade from inventory into the fuel tank.
  • Mini Fuel Tank indicator, when at 50%, means you have 100 seconds of flight. When it’s in the red, it means you only have 50 seconds of flight left.


PLEASE NOTE: This server is also our RUST Building & Creative Server. So you may see a lot of bases. Please do not fly near them or crash into people’s bases. You can’t do damage to their bases or raid steal their stuff. But any attempts to do so will result in a permanent ban.

Let’s GO

RUST Minicopter Server Features

These mods are auto download on server entry

Combat Mini

Ever wanted to know what a Mini would look like if it had Machine Guns and Rocket Launchers attached to it? Well, Now you can. Our RUST Minicopter Training Server has a unique Combat Mini. Give it a try.


In addition to the Combat Mini, we have a Biplane with machine guns attached to it and can drop bombs on targets below. But remember, do drop them on other players’ bases.

Vehicles Take No Damage

Want to practice flying the RUST Minicopter without the fear of crashing and dying? Well, now you can. We also have Mini and Helicopters that don’t take damage. This lets you practice risky manoeuvres without worrying about breaking your copter.

Unlimited Fuel

That’s right. We can also supply you with Minicopters and Helicopters on our RUST training server that have unlimited fuel. Fly to your heart’s content, and never have to land. Landing is hard anyway, better we just never do that part. 😀


The server has the RUST+ phone app-enabled. You can connect your phone to our server and control things in your base remotely.

RUST Helicopter Training Server

In game commands

General Commands

  • /Kit – As a donor, you get access to starter kits. You can type in /Kits to redeem the kit of your donor level.
  • /Shop – Open up the shop menu
  • /Remove – Use this command if you want to remove some parts of your base.
  • /Outpost – Teleport straight to the Outpost.
  • /Bandit – Get teleported directly to the Bandit Camp.

Vehicle Commands

  • /MyMini – Spawn in a Minicopter right in front of you
  • /NoMimi – Remove your Minicopter
  • /Gmini – Teleport your Minicopter to your position
  • /MyHeli – Spawn in a Scrap Helicopter in front of you
  • /NoHeli – Remove your Scrap Helicopter
  • /Gheli – Fetch your Scrap Helicopter to you

Donor Commands

  • /Biplane – Spawn in a Minicopter right in front of you
  • /CombatMini – Spawn in a Minicopter that shoots rockets
  • /Fetch – Teleport your Minicopter to your position

RUST Minicopter Server Economics

You have to remember the RUST Minicopter Server is also our RUST Creative and Building server, so you will see on your screen that you receive 100 Coins every 30 minutes. You can use this currency to buy Kits or Items in the shop. Although you are only on the server to practice flying the Minicopter, nothing is saying you can’t build yourself a little base to practice landing on. Or a little 2×1 tunnel to practice fly-throughs. You can even build a dumb base to practice flying in and raiding.

All you need to do is type /Shop in chat to bring up the shop menu. The shop currency is called “Salty Coins” You can earn 15% to 25% more Salty Coins every 30 minutes when you become a subscriber. In addition to the earning multiplier, you also get a 10% to 20% discount on shop items, depending on what tier subscription you choose. More info on that is below.

We also understand that not everyone has the time to grind out or play for hours. Some of us have work and family commitments, so we have enabled you to buy Salty Coins for real-world money.

Support the cause, fuel the movement

Subscribe to our RUST Minicopter Server

Subscribing to our RUST Minicopter server unlocks some incredible perks and makes you a subscriber on all our RUST Servers. So you can enjoy the perks and quality of life features we have on every server. It helps support the bills we incur each month and also allows us to improve and upgrade our service to you.

RUST PVE Tier 1 Subscriber – $10/month



    • 12 Slot Backpack
    • 2x stackable Chest
    • Quicksort
    • No Cooldown on Sleeping Bag
    • Call in Hard NPC Raids
    • Earn 15% more Salty Coins
    • Get 10% Discount at the PVE Shop

      TELEPORTS – Cost 50SC

      • 5x daily limit on each teleport
      • 120 second cooldown on all teleports
      • 20 second count down on all teleports
      • Add Up to 2 custom teleports – /sethome {name}

      Check out these!

      How to drive a RUST Helicopter

      There are many things you should know about how to drive a RUST Helicopter or Minicopter, and in this video below, there are quite a few tips and tricks. Things like fuel consumption, storage, decay rate, defence against sam sites etc. All are very useful if you want to increase your survivability.

      Need Some Help?

      RUST Minicopter Training Server Admins




      Nams, the owner and founder of Salty Zombies, runs the marketing and helps manage the RUST Minicopter Training server. He also admits to how bad he is at flying the Minis in RUST and could do with more practice.

      The RUST Minicopter and Helicopter Training server are taken care of and run by the owner and founder of Salty Zombie, Nams. Alongside him is Kraag, who is a senior admin at Salty Zombies. Together they keep all the RUST servers running smoothly and care for any community concerns.

      Suppose you have any questions about the RUST Minicopter Training Server, concerns or maybe even a suggestion. Please feel free to join our RUST Discord by clicking on the button below and contacting one of them or a moderator.

      If you have a general question that you think a community member could answer, then, by all means, do not be shy. Ask in-game chat or in the RUST Minicopter Server discord channel.

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