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Rust Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to Salty Zombies RUST FAQ! With so many amazing plugins and features, you likely have many questions, and we’re here to help! Desdaa has written this extensive guide on all the features of our RUST Servers. If there is a question you have that isn’t answered on this RUST FAQ, then please let us know, and we will add it.

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Game & Server Basics

How Do I Play This Game?

We highly recommend watching a few videos on the basics. Jfarr has a phenomenal guide to get you started:

My Base Disappeared. What happened!?

One of two things probably happened: you either were offline long enough for your base to be abandoned, or you didn’t place a tool cupboard and place materials inside to prevent your building from decaying. This is a vanilla Rust feature, not a Salty Zombies feature. Watch this video to learn more

How do I use the portable recycler?

Become a donor! Sergeant and Captain VIP ranks both have access to the portable recycler. Alternatively, if you don’t want to head to a monument with a recycler, you can purchase one in the /shop for $7,500 Salty Coins.

I logged out in a safe zone (Bandit, Outpost, Fishing Village, or Barn) and when I logged in I woke up naked on a beach. Where's my stuff?!

Players are automatically killed after 30 minutes inside a safe zone. This vanilla Rust feature, not a server modification. If you log out in a safe zone, you have to reconnect within that timeframe. The only safe place to log out is inside your own secured base!

I died! How long does my bag stay before it despawns?

It depends on the loot you had on you when you died. Loot will despawn anywhere between 20 minutes and 60 minutes. You can see the despawn time for each item on RustLabs.

Despawn Time Rocket Launcher

How often does the server restart?

The US server restarts twice daily at 5am & 5pm EST during daylight savings, or 4am & 4pm EST during standard time, and the EU server restarts twice daily at 2am & 2pm GMT. Because sometimes teams are wiped after a restart, it’s best to add any and all teammates to the Friend Menu by clicking the Add Friend button under your hotbar or typing /fmenu. Adding teammates to the Friend Menu allows you and your teammates to access boxes, vehicles, doors, etc. owned by each other in the event teams are erased.

My planters aren’t getting enough water but I have 38,673 sprinklers! What gives?!

Farming in Rust is finicky. Sprinklers will try to water all planter boxes it has vision. Follow this farming guide from Facepunch.

How often does the server wipe?

All servers wipe on Facepunch force wipe, which is the first Thursday of every month at 19:00 BST/14:00 ET.

What stays after wipe? Do blueprints carry over?

The only things that carry over after wipe are:

  • Salty Coin balance
  • Skins purchased in the /skinshop
  • Backpack size (contents are erased)

Blueprints, experience/levels, inventory, etc. are all erased and everyone starts as a fresh spawn on wipe day.

How do I report being griefed/stolen from?

It is vital to use video recording software to capture the trolls in the act, then open a ticket via Discord and provide as much detail as possible. 

Video recording software options: 

  • Nvidia GeForce Experience (requires Nvidia graphics card
  • AMD Radeon Software (requires AMD graphics card)
  • OBS
I placed a foundation/wall/ceiling/box/etc. How do I remove it?

Most deployables (boxes, workbenches, etc.) can be picked up by holding E with a hammer in hand, but the item will take durability damage. Alternatively, you can type /remove in chat. Note you must be the one that placed it in order for this to work. Also note that boxes that have been stacked must be removed with a hammer.

How do I lock my vehicle/horses to me/my team?

Hop in your vehicle/on your horse while within range of your tool cupboard building privileges. You will receive a notification that it has been privatized.

Privatized Horse

How do I unprivatize my car/heli?

First, de-authorize yourself on your tool cupboard by holding E on it. Make sure the vehicle is not on a car lift and left click the car or heli with a hammer. A popup will ask if you would like to unprivatize your vehicle.


How do I get a tugboat?

Tugboats can be purchased at Harbors for $5,000 Salty Coins. Check out the Tugboat section of the FAQ for a list of super cool things you can do with your tug!

Is there a purge before wipe?

Yes, purge is active roughly 48 hours before wipe.

What is a purge?

Purge is when all servers go PVP and raiding other players is not just enabled, it’s encouraged!

Salty Coins/Money

You earn Salty Coins (in-game economy currency) just by playing! Everyone gets $100 every 30 minutes, or donors get a little more based on their subscription tier. You earn Salty Coins by voting for our server on rust-servers.net (make sure to type /claim in-game after voting), and you also get Salty Coins every 5 levels earned.

Alternatively, you can purchase them with real-life money in our shop.

How Do I Transfer Salty Coins?

You can easily transfer your Salty Coins to any player on the server by type in game chat:
/Transfer [Name] [Amount]

For Example: /Transfer Rain 1000

Transfer SZ Coins

What Do I Do With My Salty Coins?

  • Spend them on items in the shop in-game by typing /shop or clicking the Shop button under your hotbar.
  • Spend them on skins by typing /skinshop.
  • Teleporting (to another player, home, bandit camp or the outpost) costs $50 Salty Coins.
  • Order an NPC raid on your base.
  • Buy a raidable base that can only be raided by you and your friends.

Abandoned Base Events

Every hour, our Abandoned Bases plugin checks for players that haven’t logged on for a certain amount of time and converts their base to abandoned if it meets certain criteria. Once a base is converted, an announcement will appear in chat, a dome will appear around the base, and a bright pink circle will appear on the map. Once a player has attacked the abandoned base, the bright pink circle will become a deep purple color. The base is locked to the first attacker.

claimed and unclaimed

How long do I have until *MY* base is converted to abandoned?

Bases are converted after a certain amount of days of each person authorized on a TC being offline:

  • Non-donor: 4 days
  • Ensign: 6 days
  • Corporal: 8 days
  • Sergeant: 10 days
  • Captain: 12 days
Why can't I damage this abandoned base?

The base is likely owned by someone else.

How do I finish a raid? It won't let me do another!

The tool cupboard must be empty or broken in order for an abandoned base to be considered complete. The base will disappear after 15 minutes after complete.

AutoFarm & Submersible Pump

AutoFarm is a neat plugin that automatically plants and harvests crops for you! It has a sprinkler attached and three storage adapters for the seeds, the crop output, and fertilizer. All planters have this enabled by default.

The submersible pump is a pump that pulls clean water for your crops out of thin air. No more crowded rivers or lakes!

Planter Planted


How do I make an AutoFarm planter?

All vanilla planters are automatically converted when placed in the world. 

How do I disable my planters from having AutoFarm features?

Before you place a planter, type /autofarm in chat. Any planters placed prior to entering this command will need to be picked up if you want the features removed. Type /autofarm in chat again to re-enable the features.

Does AutoFarm harvest clones?

It does not. If you want clones, you need to clone manually prior to the Ripe stage.

The developer of the plugin has had many requests to add this feature, but has not added it.

How many planters can I place?

See the Limits section. You are limited regardless of size, style, whether AutoFarm is enabled or not, etc.

For example, if the limit is 16 for planters for non-donors, players can place 8 AutoFarm planters, 4 regular large planters, and 4 small planters, or whatever combination they choose.

What are the satchels for?

The left satchel is for seeds and clones. The right satchel is where the harvested goods are stored.

What are the industrial storage adapters for?
  1. The adapter on the left interacts with the left satchel, which accepts seeds and clones.
  2. The adapter in the planter interacts with the planter itself and accepts fertilizer only.
  3. The adapter on the right interacts with the right satchel, which is where the harvested goods are placed by the plugin.

Industrial Explained

How do I hook up water to the planter?

Use any water source like the submersible pump that doesn’t need to be placed in/near water and use a hose tool to connect to the top of “in” of the white fluid splitter attached to the front of the planter. You can daisy-chain other planters by using the “out” connections in the same fluid splitter.

Water In

Can anyone access my planter and stashes?

Nope, only friends!

Submersible Pump

How do I make a submersible pump?

There are a few steps:

  1. Must have the water pump (tier 2 workbench item) researched.
  2. Must have the materials to craft a water pump in your inventory (200 metal fragments, 250 wood, 1 gear).
  3. Must be in range of a tier 2 or 3 workbench.
  4. Type in chat /pump craft and a pump will be added to your inventory.


Where do I place the pump?

The submersible pump must be placed near or on ground. It can be placed on a foundation as long as the foundation is close enough to the ground. It can be placed in shallow water, but not in deeper water where water pumps normally are placed.

Pump too far from ground

How do I pick up my pump? /remove isn't working!

Hold E while looking at the pump with a hammer in your hand. The pump will appear on the ground as a “small generator” – be sure to pick it up!

Pump to pick up

How much electricty is needed to power the pump?

It takes 5 power to power the water pump.

How fast does it pump and how much can it store?

The pump works exactly the same as a vanilla water pump. It pumps clean water at the rate of about 85 ml of water per tick, which is about 10 seconds.

The pump can hold a maximum of 2,000 ml of water.

Boss Monsters

Bosses appear around the map – some at fixed locations, some random. You can see their icon and current health on the map.

They can drop seriously valuable loot (i.e. M249s, C4, rockets, and Nams Epic Loot gear!), provide pretty good experience, not to mention $500 Salty Coins!

Note that the Operators set from Nams Epic Loot does affect bosses.


Health: 5,000
Spawn location: Random
Special abilities: Fire appears around you when the boss is aggro’d, and depletes your water bar.



Health: 5,000
Spawn location: Giant Excavator
Special abilities: Throws molotovs, teleports behind you, and summons wolves



Health: 4,800
Spawn location: Random
Special abilities: Fire appears around you when the boss is aggro’d
Trivia: Named after our admin, Flammable!



Health: 5,000
Spawn location: Launch Site
Special abilities: Electric shock and throws flashbangs – be aware of the massive rads due to the location.



Health: 5,000
Spawn location: Random
Special abilities: Electric shock and throws flashbangs



Health: 5,000
Spawn location: Airfield
Special abilities: Calls in guards to his aid and throws F1 and smoke grenades



Health: 5,000
Spawn location: Water Treatment Plant
Special abilities: Downs you (“wounded” status) randomly (but you don’t lose your held item), and teleports



Health: 5,000
Spawn location: Random
Special abilities: Downs you (“wounded” status) randomly (but you don’t lose your held item), and throws beancan grenades


King of the Night

Health: 5,000
Spawn location: Random
Special abilities: Just a punk with an AK

King of the Night

Michael Myers

Spawn location:
Special abilities:

Michael Meyers


Health: 1800
Spawn location: random
Special abilities: summons cronies to his side if you don’t kill him fast enough



Health: 5,000
Spawn location: Power Plant
Special abilities: Has the world’s most OP nailgun that shoots spikes at your feet, and throws beancan grenades



Health: 5,000
Spawn location: Military Tunnel
Special abilities: Throws molovs


Defendable Bases

Every three hours, an announcement will be made in chat that the event will be starting soon. After 300 seconds, the defendable base will spawn and another announcement of the location will be made in chat. Bosses and other NPCs in the area will despawn. You have 20 minutes to arrive to the compound, prepare defenses, and gather allies. You must start the event by interacting with the targeting computer and “calling for assistance” prior to the 20-minute countdown completing. There are six waves of enemies that will rush you from all sides with little time between waves. Repair, restock trap ammo, and replace missing barricades between waves.

When you first arrive to the Defendable Base, you will want to locate the targeting computer somewhere in the center of the compound. The first section (shown in section ❶)  is where you can purchase upgrades to the base (auto turrets, flame turrets, and shotgun traps), purchase barricades (Tier 0-4) to place at the entrances, and start the event. You must provide the materials for each upgrade and if you want more barricades than is provided initially for free.

Upgrade purchased

Click on the items to put into your inventory (shown in section ) so they are highlighted green then click “Confirm”. You will need to manually place the barricades in doorways, ignoring any possible errors stating you’re too close to a monument.

Targeting Computer UI Numbered

Once all preparations are made, click “Call for assistance” in the middle of the targeting computer (shown in section ).

How many hit points do the barricades have, and what do they cost?

  • Tier 0: Cost: 500 wood; Hit points: 500; Repair with (each hit): 30 wood & hammer
  • Tier 1: Cost: 1,000 wood; Hit points: 1,000; Repair with (each hit): 50 wood & hammer
  • Tier 2: Cost: 1,500 wood & 1,500 stone; Hit points: 1,500; Repair with (each hit): 50 wood, 50 stone & hammer
  • Tier 3: Cost: 2,000 wood & 2,000 metal fragments; Hit points: 2,000; Repair with (each hit): 50 wood, 100 metal fragments & hammer
  • Tier 4: Cost: 2,500 wood & 100 high quality metal; Hit points: 2,500; Repair with (each hit): 50 wood, 2 high quality metal & hammer

What are these numbers appearing at the top of my screen?

This is your chance to earn more loot! Go to the targeting computer where you started the event and enter the six-digit code that corresponds with the code above the num pad. You have to enter 2 or 3 codes before earning any rewards. Once all codes are entered correctly, rewards will be available in the inventory panel on the right.

Defendable Bases Targeting Computer UI Codes Rewards Smaller

Extended Industrial

This neat plugin allows you to place storage adapters on most deployables that you otherwise can’t!

Note: items transferred to containers like composters will not auto-split the stack evenly like when you manually add from your inventory.

You can place a storage adapter on the following deployables (along with the usual vanilla items):

  • Flame turret 
  • Shotgun trap
  • Snow machine
  • Fog machine
  • Fuel generator
  • Auto turret
  • Dropbox
  • Composter
  • SAM site
  • Hitch & trough
  • Mixing table
  • Stash
  • Tuna can lamp
  • Hobo barrel
  • Fire pit
  • Skull fire pit
  • Fireplace
  • Hot air balloon
  • Recycler (purchased in /shop with Salty Coins)
  • Planter (although not needed with the AutoFarm plugin)

To attach a storage adapter, hover over the placed deployable with a storage adapter in-hand. You will see a blue icon appear and the adapter will attach when left clicking.



Is friending the same as teaming?

No. Teammates can see each other on the map and have a private chat.

Click the “Add Friend” button under your hotbar or type /fmenu and click the icon to the right of your friend’s name to send a friend request.

Friends Add Button

Your friend will hear a notification and will have the opportunity to accept or deny the friend request by either clicking on the green check mark or typing /f accept.

Friends Incoming Request
Friends Incoming Request Chat

To give your friend tool cupboard access remotely, click on the gears icon next to the player you want to give access and toggle the “Access to cupboard” setting. This is turned off by default. This is especially handy if you want to allow your friends to teleport within your tool cupboard building privilege.

Friends Cupboard Access


Certain entities are limited so you cannot place an unlimited amount. We’ve also disabled the ability for certain items to be craftable.


Tool Cupboard23456
Auto turret1224242424
Boom box22222
Connected speaker66666
Disco ball22222
External gate
(any material)
External wall
(any material)
(square & triangle)
Hitch & trough22222
Laser light22222
(any size/style, including AutoFarm)
SAM site612121212
Search light612121212
Simple light612121212
Sound light55555
Vending machine55555
Wind turbine00000


Currently uncraftable:

Hitch & troughClaim the free horse kit by typing /kit in chat. Includes two saddles. Redeemable twice per wipe.
RockSave the rocks from when you die.
Wind turbineBuy a test gen from /shop for $1,000 Salty Coins, or you can get one for free your 5th /vote every wipe. Test gens provide free 100 energy per connection, and there are three connections.

Nams Epic Loot

Access the Epic Loot User Interface by typing /el in chat or clicking the t-shirt icon by your hotbar.

tshirt icon

Why does this item I looted have a skin and say “Miners, Tamers, Operators, etc.” with a letter and number in brackets?

That’s from one of our neatest plugins: Epic Loot!

The number in the brackets following the name of the item in the above example Miners Jacket [S 0.17] means that when you have this jacket equipped, you will yield 17% more ore or stone when mining.

EL Jacket
Can I craft Epic Loot/enhanced items?

Any equippable gear or weapon can be enhanced if crafted by a donor.

What are the percent chances for each enhancement category?

The max roll chances are (currently):

  • Assassins: 3%
  • Assemblers: 10%
  • Barbarians: 5%
  • Builders: 15%
  • Crafters: 15%
  • Demo: 15%
  • Elemental: 25%
  • Fabricators: 5%
  • Farmers: 15%
  • Fishermans: 25%
  • Foragers: 25%
  • Hunters: 15%
  • Jockeys: 25%
  • Knights: 5%
  • Lumberjacks: 25%
  • Medics: 5%
  • Miners: 25%
  • Operators: 15%
  • Raiders: 5%
  • Reinforced: 15%
  • Scavengers: 15%
  • Skinners: 25%
  • Tamers: 15%
  • Transporters: 15%
I’m not being refunded everything with my Assemblers set! Is this a bug?

The Assemblers set gives you a chance to refund the materials on anything you craft, but it will never refund gunpowder, sulfur, or explosives. This is intentional and not a bug.

I'm not getting duplicates when crafting gunpowder or explosives with my Fabricators set! Is this a bug?

This is intentional and not a bug. You will not receive duplicate crafts of gunpowder or explosives with a Fabricators set.

What does each set do?
  • Miners, – Increases the wearers mining yield
  • Lumberjacks, – Increases the wearers woodcutting yield
  • Skinners, – Increases the wearers skinning yield
  • Farmers, – Increases the wearers farming yield
  • Foragers, – Increases the wearers collection yield
  • Fishermans, – Increases the wearers fishing yield
  • Assassins, – Increases damage done to players
  • Demo, – Decreases damage from explosives
  • Elemental – Reduces cold and fire damage
  • Scavengers – Offers the wearer a chance to obtain additional scrap from barrels and crates
  • Transporters – Reduces the fuel costs for helicopters and boats
  • Crafters – Increases crafting speed
  • Reinforced – Reduces durability loss on all equipped items
  • Tamers – Reduces damage taken from animals
  • Hunters – Increase damage done to animals
  • Operators – Increases damage done to humanoid NPCs
  • Jockeys – Increases speed of the wearers mounted horse
  • Raiders – Offers the wearer a chance for their fired rocket/thrown explosive to be refunded
  • Builders – Offers the wearer a chance for their building/upgrade costs to be refunded
  • Assemblers – Offers the wearer a chance for their crafting materials to be refunded
  • Fabricators – Offers the wearer a chance for an additional crafted item to be produced
  • Medics – Increases healing received
  • Knights – Decreases damage received from melee attacks
  • Barbarians – Increased damage done with melee attacks
What are all the bonuses?
  • BonusMultiplier – Add an additional bonus on top of the existing modifier
  • Smelting – Chance to receive a refined ore, instead of a raw ore, while mining
  • InstantMining – Chance to instantly mine the rest of a node out on hit
  • InstantWoodcutting – Chance to instantly cut down the rest of the tree on hit
  • Regrowth – Chance for the felled tree to respawn
  • InstantSkinning – Chance to instantly skin the rest of an animal on hit
  • InstantCook – Chance to receive cooked meat instead of raw meat while skinning
  • PVPCrit – Chance to critically damage a player, adding an additional 10-30% damage
  • Reflexes – Reduces damage taken from PVP
  • IncreasedBoatSpeed – Increases the speed of all watercraft
  • FreeVehicleRepair – Removes the repair cost for repairing vehicles of all kinds
  • Survivalist – Increases calories and hydration from all food sources
  • Researcher – Chance to receive your scrap back while researching
  • Feline – Reduces fall damage
  • Lead – Reduces radiation damage
  • Gilled – Underwater breathing
  • Smasher – % Chance to destroy barells and roadsigns instantly
  • WoodcuttersLuck – Bonus loot sometimes when cutting wood
  • MinersLuck – Bonus loot sometimes when mining
  • SkinnersLuck – Bonus loot sometimes when skinning
  • RockCycle – Chance to spawn a new rock once mined out
  • Attractive – Chance for loot to be instantly moved to your inventory
  • FishersLuck – Bonus loot sometimes when fishing
  • TeamHeal – Shares heals with nearby teammates
  • HealthShot – Heals team mates for damage that would have been done when shot
  • BulletProof – Reduces the damage received from bullets
  • FishingRodModifier – Adjusts the tensile strenght of the cast fishing rod, making it harder to snap the line
  • UncannyDodge – Chance to dodge a projectile and negate its damage.
What is Nams Epic Scrap and how do I get it?

If you find an enchanted item, but don’t want it, you can scrap it to receive Nams Epic Scrap. Go into the Epic Loot UI and click click the Salvage button:


Click on the icon of the item you want to get rid of and click “Salvage”:

salvage button

nams epic scrap

You will get Nams Epic Scrap equivalent to the salvaged item’s tier:

  • S (Legendary – Yellow): 10 Nams Epic Scrap
  • A (Epic – Purple): 8 Nams Epic Scrap
  • B (Rare – Blue): 6 Nams Epic Scrap
  • C (Uncommon – Orange): 4 Nams Epic Scrap
What do I do with Nams Epic Scrap?

Once you have 100 Nams Epic Scrap, you can add any enhancement on any non-enhanced item. Go to the Epic Loot UI and click the bottom icon:


Click the item you want to enhance, click the type of enhancement desired (miners, raiders, etc.), then click “Enhance”. The item will receive the desired enhancement with a random tier and percent roll.


Where Can I Find Epic Loot?

Epic loot can be found in crates, boxes, on NPCs, and in raidable bases.

Can I change the skin on an enhanced item?

Yes! Purchase the skin in the /skinshop, put the item in your hands, type /skin to bring up the available options, then click on the skin you want.

Note: Captains have access to all skins through the command /skins, which unfortunately will remove the enhancement! To get around this, Captains should “purchase” the desired skin in the /skinshop (the shop will say it costs Salty Coins, but Captains will not be charged), and apply the skin using the /skin command.

Nams’ Task Force

Nams’ Task Force, or RoamTasks, are server-wide quests that appear every 10-30 minutes. You will hear a beep and a task will appear above your hotbar. You’d better hurry, though – only a certain number of players will be rewarded for completing the task!

Task UI

What tasks are there?

There are tens of unique tasks, including hunting animals & NPCs, gather resources, loot crates, catch fish, swipe keycards, driving/flying vehicles, and even win at gambling!

What do the icons mean above my hotbar?

Task UI Icons

1: The number of players that have completed the task and the total players allowed to complete the task.

2: The time remaining on the task. If the max allowed players complete the task, the task will end before the timer expires.

3: The current task.

4: Your progress on the current task.

Can I turn off the tasks?

There is no ability currently to disable tasks for appearing on a per-player basis.

What are the rewards?

The reward varies based on the task and if you are one of the first few to complete said task.

General list of rewards:

  • Salty coins ($50-$150)
  • Scrap (75-200)
  • Nams Epic Scrap (10-30)
  • Supply signal
  • Large present


Portals are a fantastic way to get to and from places without having to pay $50 Salty Coins for every teleport and use those precious daily limits. Buy them in the /shop under the items section (you’ll need to buy two, because one by itself is useless)!

Few things to note about portals:

  • Anyone can use anyone’s portals, so be sure to put in a locked building and away from windows if you don’t want others accessing your portals.
  • In order to link two portals, they must be named the same thing (case sensitive).
    • This means if you name your first portal something super generic, like “home”, someone else can name their portal “home” before you place your second portal down and link their portal to yours. Because of this, it’s best to use a unique name for your portals.
  • Portals do not have to be placed in a doorway, but they do have to be on a foundation or floor.
  • Pick up a placed portal by pressing E with a hammer in your hand.
  • The limits for placing portals are divided by rank:
    • Default: 2 (1 set)
    • Ensign: 4 (2 sets)
    • Corporal: 8 (3 sets)
    • Sergeant: 12 (6 sets)
    • Captain: 16 (8 sets)
3 Portal Placed

Raidable Bases

How many satchels/rockets/boom do I need to do a raid?

It all depends on the layout of the base. A handy resource is RustLabs, which will tell you the hitpoints of every item in the game and how much boom is needed to destroy it. You will need a minimum of 8 satchels to do an easy raid, but again, more may be needed depending on the layout.

  • Easy: No external walls, stone walls, sheet metal doors
  • Medium: External walls, stone walls, sheet metal doors, chance of SAM site(s)
  • Hard: External walls, armoured walls, sheet metal doors, chance of armoured doors, SAM site(s)
  • Expert: External walls, armoured walls, armoured doors, SAM site(s)
  • Nightmare: External walls, armoured walls, armoured doors, SAM site(s)

Can I Buy A Raid With Salty Coins?

raids buy

Yes! Type /buyraid to bring up the UI to choose the raid you want to purchase. The base will spawn nearby, and a notification will be displayed in chat once it is ready. Only you, your team, and your friends can raid the purchased base.

Once purchased, the raid will begin to form. Depending on the layout, it may take some time. Once it is complete, a notification will appear in the chat and will identify the owner.

raids buy chat


There are five difficulties to raidmes: easy, medium, hard, expert, and nightmare. Do note: only the individual who purchased the Raidme receives the Salty Coins reward. Commands and details for each are:

  •  /raidme buy easy: 10 NPCs each wave; 3 waves total (cost: $500 Salty Coins; reward: $600 Salty Coins)
  • /raidme buy medium: 15 NPCs each wave; 4 waves total (cost: $1,000 Salty Coins; reward: $1,200 Salty Coins)
  • /raidme buy hard: 20 NPCs each wave; 5 waves total (cost: $1,500 Salty Coins; reward: $1,800 Salty Coins – Ensign & above ranks only)
  • /raidme buy expert: 30 NPCs each wave; 5 waves total (cost: $2,000 Salty Coins; reward: $2,400 Salty Coins – Corporal & above ranks only)
  • /raidme buy nightmare: MLRS strike at beginning; 30 NPCs each wave; 6 waves total (cost: $2,500 Salty Coins; reward: $3,000 Salty Coins – Sergeant & above ranks only)

It says I’m on tool cupboard cooldown. What does that mean?

There is a 24-hour cooldown per tool cupboard, except for Captains, who do not have a cooldown. This means after you place your TC, you must wait 24 hours before ordering a raidme, and wait 24 hours between each raidme.

What loot can I expect?

The harder the tier, the better loot you will get, and more of it than in easier tiers. Of course, these items are not guaranteed. The loot tables are:

  • Easy: Gun body parts, tech trash, pistol & rifle ammo, beancan grenades, bandages, syringes, CCTV cameras, targeting computers, and scrap.
  • Medium: All of the above, plus HV rockets, satchels, med kits, blueberries, molotovs, and F1 grenades.
  • Hard: All of the above, plus HV rifle ammo and regular rockets.
  • Expert: All of the above, plus C4 (but no satchels), explosive rifle ammo, and large presents.
  • Nightmare: All of the above, plus supply signals.

Shipwreck Event

The Shipwreck event allows you to visit the depths of the ocean to discover 3 new locations every hour: a sunken cargo ship, a submerged ore farm, and a shipwrecked barge.

In the wreckage you will find a high concentration of loot. Just be careful! The COBALT group has already arrived and is exploring the site. They have submarines and divers already in the water!

cargo ship

What should I do to prepare?

It’s a good idea to bring: 

  • Spearguns and ammo
  • Full diving suit which can be purchased at fishing villages
    • Always bring a spare diving tank as they only have 600 seconds of oxygen per tank.
  • If you arrive in a submarine, equip it with 50-100 torpedos
  • Key cards (all 3) if going to the shipwrecked cargo ship
  • A jackhammer or pickaxe if going to the submerged ore farm
  • A friend or two so you can teleport to them when you die 😉
What enemies will I encounter?

Patrol Submarines
Subs do a LOT of damage, but they have low visibility and low accuracy. Very unreliable at Titanic depths. Subs are a serious threat if you arrive in a submarine yourself. Try to sneak up behind them and destroy them!

Cobalt NPC Divers
High accuracy, but not much armor and don’t pack a huge punch. Almost harmless if you arrive in a submarine, but they are still a threat!

Killer Sharks
These sharks have smelled all the blood in the water, after being drawn to the area already by all of the disturbance. They are here, they are mad, and they are bloodthirsty and hungry!

Skill Tree & Experience

How do I spend my skill points?

Type /st or /xp to access the skill trees.

What is debt?

Sometimes when you die, you lose experience and go into XP debt. Get rid of it by earning XP.


You can buy skins by typing /skinshop and using Salty Coins to purchase skins!

I purchased a skin in the skin shop. How do I skin my item?

With the item in your hands, type /skin. If you have any skins purchased in our /skinshop, they will display as options. Left click the desired skin to change your item.

How Do I Use the Skin Box?

Warning: Do not use the skinbox if you are skinning an enhanced item from the Epic Loot plugin, as it will strip the enhancement from the item! Use this method instead.

To use the skinbox, there are two options:

  • If the item has not been placed, type /skins and right click the item you want to skin. Use the arrows at the bottom of the UI to scroll to more skins. Right click on the desired skin to skin the item.
  • If the item has been placed (e.g. a door), type /skinitem while looking at the item. Right click on the desired skin to skin the item.


Sputnik is an event that allows players to contest fallen sputnik satellite fragments that fall around the map. Players will need to battle their way past patrol helicopters, NPCs, turrets, and landmines to gain access to loot locked behind keycards that require Space Cards.

Where do I get a space card?

Space cards can be found in the small blue crate in the center of Radioactive Space Debris, which does not spawn every time the event spawns.

Radioactive Space Debris

Where do I use a space card?

Space cards are used at Sputnik. The card reader glows green and there is a timed crate next to it.

Space Card Reader and Crate

Stackable Chests

Donors are able to stack chests of the same type on top of each other!

How Do I Stack Chests?

With a box in your hand, right click on an already placed box of the same size. Watch this video below:

How Do I Remove The Stacked Boxes?

With a hammer in your hand, hold E. The boxes must be empty and not have any industrial crafting attachments. Once the stacked boxes are removed, you can use the /remove command to remove the bottom most box. You cannot use the /remove command on the boxes that have been stacked.


Compete to win Salty Coins at the end of each wipe by being the first or second on the server that has gathered the most, used the most explosives, killed the most, and more!

How do I check my stats?

Type /stat in chat:

stats personal

How do I see the top players in each category?

Type /stat in chat then click Top 10 Players at the top. In addition, the top 5 in a random category will display in chat every 30 minutes.

stats all

How many Salty Coins do the top in each category win?

    • Top overall: 1st: $1,000; 2nd: $200
    • Top human killer: 1st: $1,000; 2nd: $500
    • Top NPC killer: 1st: $200; 2nd: $100
    • Top animal killer: 1st: $100; 2nd: $50
    • Top gatherer: 1st: $100; 2nd: $50
    • Top raider (most explosives used, minus explosive ammo): 1st: $500; 2nd: $250
    • Online the most: 1st: $200; 2nd: $100

Teleporting Info

How Do I Get Back To My Base?

Note: All teleports, whether home, to another player, Bandit or Outpost, cost $50 Salty Coins.

Set your home teleport before you leave your base by typing /home add homename. Note this is case sensitive. You will get a confirmation in chat if it has been successfully added.

Teleport by typing /home homename. Example of adding a home teleport:

tp home add

Example of teleporting to a home location:

tp home

How Do I Teleport To Another Player?

First, you must add the player to your Friend’s List. Once added as a friend, type /tpr nameofplayer to teleport. To accept the teleport request of another player, type /tpa. Example:

tp tpr

Tip: You do not need to type the full name of the player for this to work, as long as the part of the name entered in the command is not shared with another online player. Example teleporting to a player named BestCopperhead, but only typing “copper”:

tp tpr nickname
tp tpr nickname example full name
How do I see a list of my home teleport locations & names?

Type /home list.

I’ve added someone to my friend’s list but it says I’m in a building blocked zone within my own building privilege. What’s going on?

Your friend needs tool cupboard access in order to teleport within your building privilege. You can grant them access through the friends menu, or you can run outside your building privilege to accept the teleport.

I’m trying to accept a teleport request but I’m getting the error “You can only use a home location on a foundation!”

You either need to be on the foundation or ground when you accept a teleport request, or the friend does not have access to your tool cupboard.

I’m trying to teleport but it keeps getting interrupted. Why?

Either you or the person you are trying to teleport to is taking damage, or the person you are trying to teleport to is entering a building blocked zone (in the range of an unauthorized tool cupboard).

Can I teleport to my corpse?

Yes! Type /where tp to teleport to your last death location. If you died in a building blocked area (next to someone’s base, for example), you will not be able to teleport and will have to run.

Type /return to be teleported back to your original location.

Triangulation Event

Map Marker

What is Triangulation?

Triangulation is a King of the Hill event that spawns about every 2 1/2 hours where you defend a structure (“receiver”) for a certain amount of time from waves of animals aiming to kill the receiver. There are three separate receivers to defend. You are rewarded with meds, ammo, and batteries, after successfully defending each receiver. After all receivers have been defended, a drilling rig will spawn where you can use said batteries to power the drilling rig to earn some pretty decent resources!

Defending Wolves

What do I do?

The task is simple: defend the receiver from attacking animals. Accomplishing this, however, is not easy – especially solo. 


  • Bring lots of ammo (5k give or take, depending on the number of people assisting you) and meds.
  • Have a few guns loaded on your hotbar that you can switch to easily (especially considering how long it takes an M249 to reload).
  • Bring at least two friends.
  • Stand close to the receiver so the animals attack you, not the receiver.
  • You cannot place traps or beds close to the event(s).
How long do I have to defend for?

Each defense for the receivers is harder than the last. 

  • First receiver: About 7 minutes
  • Second receiver: About 8 minutes
  • Third receiver: About 14 minutes
What is the health of the receivers and how do I know what its health is?

The first receiver has 2000 health, the second receiver has 3000 health, and the third receiver has 4000 health. You can see the current health at the top center of your screen under your compass, along with how far into the event you are (for the current receiver), and how many animals have spawned for the event that you need to kill.

Info by Compass

What are the batteries for? How do I get more?

You get one battery for every 50 health remaining on the first receiver, and one battery for every 100 health remaining on the second and third recevier. Once all three receivers are successfully defended, a drill spawns that consumes the batteries in exchange for resources.

Place the batteries in the mailbox under the targeting computer, then interact with the targeting computer to activate the drill. You have a little over an hour to use the drill.

The resources will be deposited into the attached box every 15 seconds and a battery is consumed every 30 seconds.


What's my reward?

Besides the amazing XP, the drilling rig is your reward! Currently the rewards are given every 15 seconds:

Drill Loot


How do I buy a tugboat?

Head to a Harbor, Ferry Terminal, or Fishing Village and talk to the vendor in the diving hazzy to buy a tugboat for $5,000 Salty Coins.

Type /tughelp in chat for info on using your tug!

Tugboat Vendor

What can I place on my tug?

You can place the following deployables, normally not allowed on a tugboat:

  • Samsite (limit 1)
  • Auto turret
  • Water catcher (small)
  • Concrete barricade
  • Composter
  • Large banner
  • Small oil refinery
  • Landmine
  • Bear trap
  • Searchlight
  • Guntrap
  • Flame turret
  • Boombox
  • Telephone
  • Microphone stand
  • Connected Speaker
  • Soundlight
  • Gunrack (wide, tall & horizontal)
  • Large & small planters

Although the deployable will appear red and might display an error in chat, it will place.

Shotgun Trap

I placed a (insert normally illegal deployable here) that requires power. How do I power it?

Simply turn on/power your tug. As long as the tug is running, your deployables will remain powered.

I've placed a (insert normally illegal deployable here) but it's facing the wrong way. How do I rotate it?

Hold R and right click the deployable with a hammer to rotate it.

What is AutoNav and how do I use it?

AutoNav, or Auto Navigation, allows your tug to follow the same course as cargo automatically! When driving the tug, you will notice a button in the lower right hand corner of your screen. Hit tab and click on the button, run the motor full-blast, then dismount! You will receive a notification in chat that AutoNav has been enabled.

AutoNav button

Is there a horn?

There sure is! Left click while driving to blow the horn. 

Do tugs decay?

They do. Start the engine every day/every other day to prevent decay. 

I've lost my tug! How do I find it!? (or) My tug is stuck! How do I un-stuck it?

You can teleport your tug to you by typing /tugtome in chat.

Virtual Quarries

How Do I Access the Virtual Quarries UI?

Type /qr or /vq to access the user interface. Here, you can see the quarries installed and see the max quarries you are allowed, based on donor tier.


How do I get a Quarry or Pump Jack?

Quarries and pump jacks are available in the Construction section of the /shop for $7,500 Salty Coins. While you’re in the shop, you’ll also want to pick up a survey charge in the Tools section for $200 Salty Coins, then research the survey charge in a Research Table as you will need more than one.

quarry and pump jack icons 1

I have the quarry, now how do I place it?

Everything is virtual, so it’s all done in the UI. Before starting, be sure to research the survey charge in case you need to make more. You will likely use at least 30 survey charges, or possibly more depending on the resource you are searching for.

Click the plus button in the quarry list to start searching for the material you want. Click “Search”, which will consume a survey charge each time. If the resources displayed in the Current Resources box are not what you are looking for, keep clicking “Search”. Once you are satisfied with the resources the quarry will provide, click “Place”.

Using Charges

What are the max resources I can get?

The minimum and maximum outputs per minute for each resource are as follows:

  • Crude oil: 1 – 3
  • Stones: 90 – 180
  • Sulfur ore: 27 – 54
  • Metal ore: 50 – 90
  • High quality metal: 1 – 4
Can I upgrade my quarry/pump jack?

You can upgrade your quarry to increase its output by 20% for $1,500 Salty Coins. Open the Resource Container to access the upgrade button.

What fuel do I use and how do I start it?

Both the quarry and pump jack use diesel for fuel. You can get diesel at some monuments, or trade low grade fuel for diesel at outpost. Click the icon next to “Open fuel container” to access the fuel storage.

Once there is diesel in the fuel container, you can click “Start” to start the quarry/pump jack. It will continue to run until it either runs out of fuel or runs out of space in the output (resource container).

You can see if it is running by the icon in the quarry list. Green: running; Red: stopped

UI reading

How do I give or remove access to my quarry to someone else?

Click on the quarry you want to change the permissions for, click “Give Access” or “Remove Access”, then select the name of the player you want to add or remove permission for. You must either be friends or teamed with the player you want to share with.


How do I remove my quarry? The button doesn't do anything!

Hold shift then hit “Remove”. You will be refunded the price you paid to upgrade.

Donor Ranks & Perks

If you wish to donate to the server and help support the bills, you can do so at https://www.szrustshop.com. The donation perks are enabled automatically within a few minutes. To claim the donor kits, click on the Shop button under your hotbar, then click on “Kits”, and then click “Claim Kit”. Please Note: Captains must have a completely empty inventory and no clothing/armour when claiming.

donors claim




30 Slot Backpack
2x Stackable Chest
10% In-Game Shop Sale
15% More Salty Coins
Ensign Title In-Game
Ensign Role On Discord
Access VIP Discord Chat
No Bed Cooldown (PVE)
Call in Hard NPC Raids
+1 TC Allowed
+1 Home Teleport Limit
+1 Portal Limit
6 Day Base Decay Timer
2x Virtual Quarry Limit
2x Virtual Pumpjack Limit
Instant Crafting (PVE)
Personal Recycler
Personal Locker
Skin Box

XP Perks

10% XP Bonus
-10% XP Loss On Death
10% More Rested XP
17% Cheaper to Respec

Teleport Perks

5x Daily Teleport Limit
120 sec Tele Cooldown
20 sec Tele Countdown
2x Custom Teleports

Ensign Kits

Can be claimed twice per wipe

Ensign Kit




36 Slot Backpack
3x Stackable Chest
15% In-Game Shop Sale
20% More Salty Coins
Corporal Title In-Game
Corporal Role On Discord
Access VIP Discord Chat
No Bed Cooldown (PVE)
Call in Expert NPC raids
+2 TC Allowed
+2 Home Teleport Limit
+3 Portal Limit
8 Day Base Decay Timer
3x Virtual Quarry Limit
3x Virtual Pumpjack Limit
Instant Crafting (PVE)
Personal Recycler
Personal Locker
Skin Box

XP Perks

15% XP Bonus
-15% XP Loss On Death
15% More Rested XP
34% Cheaper to Respec

Teleport Perks

10x Daily Teleport Limit
60 sec Tele Cooldown
15 sec Tele Countdown
3x Custom Teleports

Corporal Kits

Can be claimed twice per wipe

Corporal Kit




42 Slot Backpack
4x Stackable Chest
20% In-Game Shop Sale
25% More Salty Coins
Sergeant Title In-Game
Sergeant Role On Discord
Access VIP Discord Chat
No Bed Cooldown (PVE)
Call In Nightmare Raids
+3 TC Allowed
+3 Home Teleport Limit
+5 Portal Limit
10 Day Base Decay Timer
4x Virtual Quarry Limit
4x Virtual Pumpjack Limit
Instant Crafting (PVE)
Personal Recycler
Personal Locker
Skin Box

XP Perks

20% XP Bonus
-20% XP Loss On Death
20% Quicker Rested XP
50% Cheaper to Respec

Teleport Perks

15x Daily Teleport Limit
30 sec Tele Cooldown
10 sec Tele Countdown
4x Custom Teleports

Sergeant Kits

Can be claimed twice per wipe

Sergeant Kit On RUST PVE Servers




48 Slot Backpack
6x Stackable Chest
25% In-Game Shop Sale
35% More Salty Coins
Captain Title In-Game
Captain Role On Discord
Access VIP Discord Chat
No Bed Cooldown (PVE)
No Cooldown On Raids
+4 TC allowed
+4 Home Teleport Limit
+7 Portal Limit
12 Day Base Decay Timer
5x Virtual Quarry Limit
5x Virtual Pumpjack Limit
Instant Crafting (PVE)
Personal Recycler
Personal Locker
 Skin Box

XP Perks

40% XP Bonus
-40% XP Loss On Death
40% Quicker Rested XP
75% Cheaper to Respec

Teleport Perks

20x Daily Tele Limit
5 sec Tele Cooldown
5 sec Tele Countdown
5x Custom Teleports

Captain Kits

Can be claimed twice per wipe

Captain Kit

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