Join our RUST Building/Creative Server and create something epic

RUST Creative Building Server

“Voted best RUST Creative Building PVE Server since 2018”

Welcome to our new RUST Building Server. If you are interested in the building side of RUST or want to test some good base builds and designs. Then this is the server for you. The gather rate on our RUST server is super high so that you can get all your needed resources. If you want any of the Salty Zombies stuff to attack your base to test your build, join our Discord, and we’ll arrange a time.

Server Info:

Port: 28365

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5900X 4.4GHz
  • RAM: 128GB RAM 2667MHz
  • 2TB NVMe
  • 1Gbps Network
  • 100 Gbit/s DDOS Protection
  • Daily Backups
  • Location: USA

Server Rules:

  • #1 Salty Zombies rule, “Don’t Be A Dick.”
  • Respect other people’s space, and do not build so close to each other.
  • Maximum building size 30 foundation
  • Do not steal from other players’ bases
  • Do not damage other players’ bases

To quickly connect to our server, in the game menu, press F1, then type: connect  then press enter, and you will auto connect to our RUST Build Server.

Welcome To Salty Zombies RUST Building and creative Server

RUST has a pretty cool base building system where you can get pretty creative. Not just with aesthetics but also how well you can design your base to protect yourself and confuse/frustrate the raiders.

Join our RUST Building Server and practice your base designs. You can make them look good or straight up defendable position. Whichever your fancy, our server can host you and your team to practice to your heart’s content. The base decay has practically been removed, so you won’t need to worry about keeping the TC filled.

PLEASE NOTE: Even though this is a RUST PVE Server and players cannot damage your base, they will still try to find other means of getting inside and stealing your stuff. Yes, this is against the rules, and we will know who it is and ban them. However, we will not replace the stuff stolen. So make sure your base is secure, including from the roof and windows. Lock up all your boxes, all your doors and your tool cupboard.

Let’s GO

RUST Creative Server Mods

These mods are auto download on server entry

Always Day

When practising building your base in RUST, you don’t need the nighttime to slow you down, so we removed it.

Stacking Mod

To make looting more enjoyable, we decided to increase the stacking size of many items, so your inventory doesn’t get so full so quickly. 

Faster Smelting

We have increased the pace at which oil and ore stones are smelt. This is to speed up the unnecessary delays in getting things done.


The server has the RUST+ phone app-enabled. You can connect your phone to our server and control things in your base remotely.

Slower Decay

The decay of you base has been lowered.

Chest Stacking

Stacked Chest, this mod allows you to stack chests on top of each other. This allows you to compact your storage instead of using shelves. This will help you with your base design on our RUST Build Server.

All Blueprints Unlocked

To speed up your building and designing process, all blueprints are unlocked. The moment you join our RUST Build Server, all blueprints will be unlocked.

RUST Build Server Mini Base
RUST Build Server Cool Base

In game commands

RUST Creative Server Commands

Our RUST building server has a lot of commands you need to know to access all the features.

General Commands

  • /Kits – As a donor, you get access to starter kits.
  • /Creative – Access the creative shop
  • /Remove – Use this command if you want to remove some parts of your base.
  • /Trade {PlayerName} – This command allows you to trade with other players remotely.
  • /Fmenu – Opens up the friend’s menu to add your friends and give them specific permissions.
  • /Home add {name} – Set a custom teleport, E.G /Home add base, then to teleport there, type /Home Base
  • /BuyRaid – This will open up the menu to buy a raid. You have a choice of easy, medium, hard, expert and nightmare
  • /Raidme Buy – See the price list of all the different NPC Raids you can get. If you successfully defend the raid, you get your money back plus a 20% bonus.
  • /Raidme buy easy – Example of a raid command. Typing this command will initialise an easy raid on your TC. The NPCs will despawn once they have destroyed the TC. Another option for no donor is /Raidme buy medium
  • /Sil {Image URL} – If you have a wooden sign, you can put an image on it by looking at it and typing in /Sil, followed by the URL of the image you wish to put on it.

Donor Commands

  • /Outpost – Teleport straight to the Outpost.
  • /Bandit – Get teleported directly to the Bandit Camp.
  • /Raidme Buy {Hard} {Expert} {Nightmare} – As a donor, you get access to brutal raids depending on which rank you are.
  • /Recycler – Get access to a personal recycler anywhere at any time.
  • /Locker – Get access to a private locker where you can swap your outfit out anywhere at any time.
  • /TPR {name} – Send a teleport request to a player
  • /TPA – Accept the teleport request from a player
  • /Skin – Access the skin box menu and, drag the item you want to skin into the box, drag out the skin you want.
  • /SkinItem – Loot at an item already placed, like a furnace or rug and type this command. It will open a menu of skins for this item. Drag out the skin of the one you want.

Check out these!

RUST Building Tutorials

You can try many good base designs, from a simple 2×2 to a virtual underground base. However, if you want some inspiration and perhaps a guide or 2, check out these RUST Base Building tutorials below.

Take a break from base building

RUST Build Server Events

We added a couple of events to our RUST Building & Creative Server for you to try. We only added the ones that do not disturb players you are building or testing out a design. Events like the armoured convoy or train will auto-shoot any player they drive close to. However, the Defendable Bases event doesn’t, so if you get bored of building and need a quick break, try one of the events listed below.

Defendable Bases

When this event starts, you must go to the base marked on the map. Inside the base is a wounded NPC (The General). You must defend him at all costs. Go to the laptop and start building defences, then call for the evacuation helicopter for the General. When you do, waves of zombies will attack the base.

Raiding NPC’s

Want to put your base to the test on our RUST Building Server? Then you can type in chat, /raidme buy [difficulty level]. This will spawn a bunch of NPCs attempting to break into your base and blow up your TC. Once they destroy your TC, they will despawn.

How to use Creative Server

Using a creative menu is different in our RUST Building server. Since RUST has an overly young and toxic community, giving everyone access to the creative menu has caused many building servers to shut down. Toxic players have spawned in 100,000 items to crash a server or riddle the map with random buildings, TCs and traps so others can’t build.

So we did something a little bit smarter, we created an in-game shop in which you can buy any item that’s in the creative menu using a currency called “Salty Coins”. When you join our server, you automatically get 2,000 Salty Coins. Most items on the creative menu are 50 to 100 Salty Coins. So, you start with plenty to get you started. You also earn more than 200 Salty Coins every hour if you are a donor.

This allows you to have the freedom to access the creative menu but stops people from abusing it. You can also use the Salty Coins to buy kits that contain an enormous number of resources. This seems to be the perfect balance to keep the server healthy, protected from malicious attacks, and enable people to build peace.

We are also aware that time is money, and not all of you have the time to wait to get more Salty Coins to finish your build. So we enabled you to buy Salty Coins with real-world cash.

Join The Ranks of the Peoples army

If you would like to become a member of the Invasion Force and join the War Room by supporting our servers. There are 4 different ranks you can choose from, each going up in price but giving you more quality of life perks and benefits. Purchasing a rank gives you that rank on all our RUST servers. Not just the RUST PVE Server.

RUST PVE Ensign Rank – $10/month

Ensign KIT

  • Salty Zombies Sleeping Bag
  • 100 Scrap
  • Hunter Bow
  • 50x HV Arrows
  • Pickaxe
  • Axe
  • Full Burlap Pirate Outfit
  • 10x Apples
  • 5x Pumpkins
  • 10x Bandages
  • 5x Anti Rad Pills
  • 2 Skinned Storage Boxes


  • 18 Slot backpack
  • 2x Stackable Chest
  • 10% Discount at the PVE shop
  • 15% More Salty Coins
  • 10% XP Bonus
  • 20% Reduction of XP loss on death
  • Ensign Title in-game chat
  • Ensign Role on Discord
  • Access to the VIP Discord channel
  • No sleeping bag cooldown (Not on PVPVE)
  • Call in Hard NPC raids
  • +1 TC allowed

    TELEPORTS – Cost 50SC

    • 5x daily limit on each teleport
    • 120 second cooldown on all teleports
    • 20 second count down on all teleports
    • Add Up to 2 custom teleports – /sethome {name}

    RUST PVE Corporal Rank – $20/month

    Corporal KIT

    • Salty Zombies Sleeping Bag
    • 200 Scrap
    • Python Pistol
    • 100x Bullets
    • Gather Axe
    • Ice Picaxe
    • Full Military Camp Outfit
    • 10x Chocolate Bars
    • 10x Pumpkins
    • 20x Bandages
    • 5x Anti Rad Pills
    • 4 Skinned Storage Boxes


    • 24 Slot Backpack
    • 3x stackable Chest
    • Quicksort
    • Corporal Title in-game chat
    • Corporal Role on Discord
    • Access to the VIP Discord channel
    • No Sleeping Bag Cooldown (Not on PVPVE)
    • Call in Expert NPC Raids
    • Earn 20% more Salty Coins
    • Get 15% Discount at the PVE Shop
    • Instant Crafting

        TELEPORTS – Cost 50sc

        • 10x daily limit on each teleport
        • 60 second cooldown on all teleports
        • 15 second count down on all teleports
        • Add Up to 3 custom teleports – /sethome {name}

        RUST PVE Sergeant Rank – $30/month

        Sergeant KIT

        • Salty Zombies Sleeping Bag
        • 400 Scrap
        • Artic AK-47
        • 170x Bullets
        • Chainsaw
        • Jack Hammer
        • Artic Outfit
        • 30x Wolf Meat
        • 30x Bandages
        • 20x Medical Syringe
        • 5x Anti Rad Pills
        • 5x Large Medkit
        • 5x Max Health Tea
        • 9 Skinned Storage Boxes
        • 100x Low Grade
        • 1x Furnace
        • 1x Fridge


        • 30 Slot Backpack
        • 4x stackable Chest
        • Quicksort
        • Sergeant Title in-game chat
        • Sergeant Role on Discord
        • Access to VIP Discord channel
        • No Sleeping Bag Cooldown (Not on PVPVE)
        • Call in Nightmare NPC Raid
        • Earn 25% more Salty Coins
        • Get 20% Discount at the PVE Shop
        • Instant Crafting
        • Personal Recycler

          TELEPORTS – Cost 50sc

          • 15x daily limit on each teleport
          • 30 second cooldown on all teleports
          • 10 second count down on all teleports
          • Add Up to 4 custom teleports – /sethome {name}

          RUST PVE Captain Rank – $50/month

          Captains KIT

          • Salty Zombies Sleeping Bag
          • 800 Scrap
          • M249 + Flashlight + Holosight
          • L96 + Lazer + Mag Extender + 8x
          • 200x Incindary Bullets
          • Chainsaw
          • Jack Hammer
          • Heavy Scientist Outfit
          • 30x Wolf Meat
          • 100x Bandages
          • 50x Medical Syringe
          • 5x Max Health, Scrap & Ore Teas
          • 10x Large Medkit
          • 10 Skinned Storage Boxes
          • 300x Low Grade
          • 1x Furnace
          • 1x Fridge
          • 1x Oil Refinery
          • 100x HQ Ore
          • Biplane (needs parts)


          • 36 Slot Backpack
          • 6x stackable Chest
          • Quicksort
          • Captain Title in-game chat
          • Captain Role on Discord
          • Access to the VIP Discord channel
          • No Sleeping Bag Cooldown (Not on PVPVE)
          • Call in all NPC Raids with no cooldown
          • Earn 35% more Salty Coins
          • Get 25% Discount at the PVE Shop
          • Instant Crafting
          • Personal Recycler
          • Personal Locker
          • Skin Menu – Access all skins ever sold

            TELEPORTS – Cost 50sc

            • 20x daily limit on each teleport
            • 5 second cooldown on all teleports
            • 5 second count down on all teleports
            • Add Up to 5 custom teleports – /sethome {name}

            Need Some Help?

            Our RUST Building Server Moderators




            Nams, the owner and founder of Salty Zombies, runs the marketing and helps manages the RUST Building Server.


            RUST ADmin


            Flammable is a highly experienced admin and manages the RUST Building and Creative Server.

            The RUST Building server is taken care of by the founder of Salty Zombies, Nams & one of our senior staff members Kraag. These are the guys to ask if you have any issues with the RUST Building server or questions about using the creative menu shop. First, jump into our RUST Discord and go to the #help channel. You can select RUST, and the Discord Bot will open up a ticket.

            Help Build our RUST Zombie Servers Community

            Want to help us build our RUST PVE community? The more players we have on the server, the more people you have to team up with, learn from and have a good time with. We also plan to open up other RUST PVE Servers in other parts of the world, like Europe, Asia, the UK and Australia. With all the events mods and RUST Zombies plugins, we think RUST make for an excellent PVE game. So please help us build a solid and non-toxic RUST community by going to any RUST forums, you know, Facebook groups and Reddit groups and posting the flyer we made. You can right-click on it and select “Save Image” to store our RUST PVE Flyer on your home computer or phone.

            RUST Poster For Website scaled

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