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#1 RUST Battlefield Servers

“Voted the world’s best #1 RUST battlefield servers since 2019.”

Join Salty Zombies, the world’s #1 RUST Battlefield servers. Highly modded with custom maps, monuments and unique skins. We are also in multiple locations, USA, Europe and Asia, so you are guaranteed to find one of our RUST Battlefield servers near you for the perfect ping and no lag.

The RUST Battlefield servers wipe every Friday at 8 pm CST unless it’s a forced wipe, which is on the first Thursday of every month.

US Server

Port: 28315

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5900X 4.4GHz
  • RAM: 128GB RAM 2667MHz
  • 2TB NVMe
  • 1Gbps Network
  • 100 Gbit/s DDOS Protection
  • Daily Back-Ups
  • Location: USA

Server Rules:

  • The #1 Rule of SaltyZombies is don’t be a dick
  • Do not block access to monuments.
  • Keep the game chat civil. This applies to voice and game chat
  • No Sexiest comments.
  • No offensive game names or names that have promotional material in them.
  • Do not advertise/promote other websites or servers.
  • No inappropriate symbols or phrases on signs
  • Use of any 3rd party tools is not allowed and will result in a ban
  • Please use the report system (F7) to alert staff about any suspicious players
  • Do not talk on subjects of sensitive matters, like politics, religion, or current events.

Choose Your Poison

RUST Battlefield Server Locations

RUST Battlefield Servers In USA

We first started with RUST PVE Servers in the USA. Then after dominating the PVE market, we opened up a RUST Battlefield server for our players to practice PVP and have none stop fun. With our custom mods, monuments and skins, people just loved our servers. High intense action and great community.

For the USA Battlefield Server, copy/paste this into
F1 Console: connect

RUST Battlefield Servers in EUROPE

After running one of the most popular RUST Battlefield servers in the USA, we were demanded by our awesome community to open one up in Europe, so we did. It wasn’t long until our 2nd RUST battlefield server was one of Europe’s most popular battlefield servers. We are going for world domination.

Coming Soon

Choose Your Poison

How To Connect to our RUST Battlefield Servers

Connect via F1 Console

The quickest way is to press F1 whilst in the game menu to bring up the console. In there, you can type Connect, followed by our server IP and Port. Below are the IP and ports for the different RUST Battlefield servers, copy/paste the green text into the console and hit enter.

F1 Connect to RUST PVE Servers

For USA Battlefield Server, copy/paste this into F1 Console:


For EU Battlefield Server, copy/paste this into F1 Console:


How to find our RUST Battlefield Servers

You can search for our servers. They are in the modded section. Just click on “Play Game”, then select Modded Servers, and in the search bar underneath, type in Salty Zombies. If nothing comes up, use the console connection instructions above and save them to your favourites for quick reference next time.

How to Connect to SZ RUST PVE Servers Instructions

Let’s GO

Our RUST Battlefield Server Features

These mods are auto download on server entry

Custom Map

Our RUST battlefield servers have custom maps for your enjoyment. Custom Maps provide a wide range of added features that normal procedural maps don’t have.

Stacking Mod

With the sheer amount of resources we give you to get a base going quickly. You need a stacking mod to hold it all. So that’s what we added to our RUST Battlefield Servers.

10x Faster Smelting

Rust Battlefield servers are supposed to be high-paced action from start to finish. So we increased the smelting rate to lighting speeds. You will not need to smelt anything since we give you most of the resources.


We have added a backpack for our donors. Tier 1 gets you a 12-slot backpack and you get +6 slots for every level of donor tier you are.


The server has the RUST+ phone app-enabled. You can connect your phone to our server and control things in your base remotely.

Bradley Guards

If you thought the Bradley was easy, think again. We have added troops that will escort the Bradley to help increase the difficulty of the battle.

Raidable Bases

Have you got an excess of explosives to burn through? Then we added some raidable bases with NPC to our Rust Battlefield servers for you guys to blow up. But be careful because the entire map will know about it once you do.


We have an in-game shop that you can use to buy items. You get 100 coins every 30 minutes, and you also get coins for voting on the server. These coins can be collected over time and are never wiped with the server.

Loot Sorting Buttons

For your convenience, we have added loot sorting buttons so you can quickly move items from your inventory to your loot chests. Whether you want to grab all the items, put all the items away, or add the items already in the box.


We have free kits on our RUST Battlefield Server, medical kits, food kits, ammo and explosive kits, and resource kits. To enable these kits, you must join our RUST Discord and connect it to our servers.

In game commands

RUST Battlefield Server Commands

  • /Outpost – Teleport straight to the Outpost.
  • /Bandit – Get teleported directly to the Bandit Camp.
  • /Kits –  Use this command to open up the kits menu
  • /Shop – Open up the shop menu.
  • /TPR {name} – Send a teleport request to a player
  • /TPA – Accept the teleport request from a player
  • /Remove – Use this command if you want to remove some parts of your base.
  • /Trade {PlayerName} – This command allows you to trade with other players remotely.
  • /Fmenu – Opens up the friend’s menu to add your friends and give them specific permissions.
  • /Home add {name} – Set a custom teleport, E.G /Home add base then to teleport there, type /Home Base
  • /Sil {Image URL} – If you have a wooden sign, you can put an image on it by looking at it, and typing in /Sil followed by the URL of the image you wish to put on it.

Donor Commands

  • /Recycler – Get access to a personal recycler anywhere at any time.
  • /Locker – Get access to a private locker where you can swap your outfit out anywhere at any time.
  • /Skin – Access the skin box menu and, drag the item you want to skin into the box, drag out the skin you want.
  • /SkinItem – Loot at an item already placed, like a furnace or rug and type this command. It will open a menu of skins for this item. Drag out the skin of the one you want.

RUST Battlefield Economy (RP)

 Our RUST Battlefield servers have an in-game shop where you can buy game items and skins with Salty Coins. Salty Coins is Salty Zombies game currency that you earn by playing and killing on the RUST battlefield servers. You earn 100 Salty Coins for every 30min you play and for every kill you get.

To access the shop, type /Shop in chat to bring up the shop menu. You can earn 15% to 25% more Salty Coins every 30 minutes when you subscribe. In addition to the earning multiplier, you also get a 10% to 20% discount on shop items, depending on what tier subscription you choose. More info on that is below.

We also understand that not everyone has the time to grind out or play for hours. Some of us have work and family commitments, so we have enabled you to buy Salty Coins for real-world money.

Join The Battlefield Ranks

If you would like to become a member of the Invasion Force and join the War Room by supporting our servers. There are 4 different ranks you can choose from, each going up in price but giving you more quality of life perks and benefits. Purchasing a rank gives you that rank on all our RUST servers. Not just the RUST Battlefield Servers.

RUST Battlefield Ensign Rank – $10/month


  • 18 Slot Backpack
  • Start with 100 Health
  • Max Health 120
  • 2x stackable Chest
  • Quicksort
  • Ensign Title in-game chat
  • Earn 15% more Salty Coins
  • Get a 10% Discount in the Shop

    TELEPORTS – Cost 50SC

    • 5x daily limit on each teleport
    • 120 second cooldown on all teleports
    • 20 second count down on all teleports
    • Add Up to 2 custom teleports – /sethome {name}

    Discord Perks

    • Ensign Rank In Discord
    • Access to the VIP Coms
    • Use GIFs & external Emojis/Stickers

    RUST Battlefield Corporal Rank – $20/month


    • 24 Slot Backpack
    • Start with 120 health
    • Max Health 120
    • 3x stackable Chest
    • Corporal Title in-game chat
    • Earn 20% more Salty Coins
    • Get 15% Discount at the PVE Shop
    • Instant Crafting

      TELEPORTS – Cost 50sc

      • 10x daily limit on each teleport
      • 60 second cooldown on all teleports
      • 15 second count down on all teleports
      • Add Up to 3 custom teleports – /sethome {name}

      Discord Perks

      • Corporal Rank In Discord
      • Access to the VIP Coms
      • Use GIFs & external Emojis/Stickers

      RUST Battlefield Sergeant Rank – $30/month


      • 30 Slot Backpack
      • Start with 120 health
      • Max Health 150
      • 4x stackable Chest
      • Quicksort
      • Sergeant Title in-game chat
      • Earn 25% more Salty Coins
      • Get 20% Discount at the PVE Shop
      • Instant Crafting
      • Personal Recycler

        TELEPORTS – Cost 50sc

        • 15x daily limit on each teleport
        • 30 second cooldown on all teleports
        • 10 second count down on all teleports
        • Add Up to 4 custom teleports – /sethome {name}

        Discord Perks

        • Sergeant Rank In Discord
        • Access to the VIP Coms
        • Use GIFs & external Emojis/Stickers

        RUST Battlefield Captain Rank – $50/month


        • 36 Slot Backpack
        • 6x stackable Chest
        • Quicksort
        • Captain Title in-game chat
        • Earn 35% more Salty Coins
        • Get 25% Discount at the PVE Shop
        • Instant Crafting
        • Personal Recycler
        • Personal Locker
        • Skin Menu – Access all skins ever sold

          TELEPORTS – Cost 50sc

          • 20x daily limit on each teleport
          • 5 second cooldown on all teleports
          • 5 second count down on all teleports
          • Add Up to 5 custom teleports – /sethome {name}

          Discord Perks

          • Captain Rank In Discord
          • Access to the VIP Coms
          • Use GIFs & external Emojis/Stickers


          RUST Battlefield Server Map


          RUST Battlefield 1 grid custom map

          Our RUST Battlefield server has a unique and custom 1 grid map. It’s pretty small, so there is always plenty of action. It has many special features, and custom monuments for you to explore. 

          Check out these!

          RUST Battlefield Videos

          Learn how to survive a little bit longer on our epic RUST Battlefield servers. The videos below are great tutorials and action-packed excitement. 

          Need some help?

          The RUST Battlefield Server Team




          Nams, the owner and founder of Salty Zombies, helps run and maintains the RUST Battlefield servers.




          Flammable is the lead admin for all our RUST servers. He keeps an eye on the cheaters on our RUST Battlefield servers.

          The RUST Battlefield servers are primarily overlooked by Nams, the founder and owner of Salty Zombies. However, he does have 2 admins, one for EU servers and one for USA servers. Then he has moderators that look after the servers they play on.

          If you have any questions or issues with the RUST servers, jump into our Discord and use the Discord Ticket system that location in the #help channel. A moderator or admin can assist you much quicker through our Rust Discord.

          Help Build our RUST Battlefield Server pop

          If you like our RUST Battlefield Servers’ popularity but your thirst for fresh blood is not satisfied, you can help us grow the community. We would love to expand into other areas of the world with our excellent, highly modded, and custom RUST Battlefield Servers.

          So please help us build a solid and non-toxic RUST community by going to any RUST forums, Facebook groups and Reddit groups and posting the flyer we made. Then, you can right-click on it and select “Save Image” to store our RUST Battlefield server Flyer on your home computer or phone.

          RUST Poster For Website scaled

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