Player Stats

  • Agility 20% 20%
  • Fortitude 60% 60%
  • Intellect 95% 95%
  • Perception 60% 60%
  • Strength 15% 15%
  • Charisma 50% 50%


RobinD hasn’t always been an FPS type gamer. After playing strategy or world-building games most of her gaming life, she finally saw the light and picked up 7 Days To Die at the urging of her family and friends so she could participate in “family game nights”. Unfortunately, she became addicted, and her real family abandoned her for other games. She only became more addicted and found a better family, the Salty Zombies Family.

Her real family now suffers from a lack of home-cooked meals, love, and affection due to her true dedication and love of her Salty Zombies Family. However, being gamers themselves, they understand her need to be part of the community as a form of rest, relaxation, sanity and escape from their constant nagging for life’s essential items like laundry and home-cooked meals (Just kidding on the nagging). She now has about 4,000 hours playing on 7 Days to Die servers, in the year or so since she started playing it.

In Real Life

Robin has a husband and two mostly grown children. She was a Healthcare Auditor for the government and other insurance companies for many years. Lots of spreadsheets, accounting, auditing, legalities and complicated, sensitive situations. These days though, she runs two small side businesses of her own and does a bunch of volunteer work. She spends most of her daytime volunteering as a Search Angel, using genetic genealogy to help adoptees find their birth family. She also volunteers with Hart Animal Rescue as a foster, a transporter, and anything else they may need. So if she can’t find your family, she’ll find you that pet you never needed.

Robin is proud to be a member of the Salty Zombies Staff and appeases the Admin’s deep need for cat pics. And while she may have a few more cats than most people, she makes it a point to remind Sarongas that he has a few more than her. You can find RobinD in-game most days. She is originally a PvE Pro US player and can still be found there, but due to recent PvP events, she joined the murderously fun world of PvP Casual and is not afraid to gun down your stone axe welding corpse on day 1. She loves to group with others or just build when alone, but most of all, she loves to help the community, both in-game and behind the scenes.

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