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Join the Salty Zombies Project Zomboid RP Server. We have a great community that’s friendly, cooperative and loves to work with other players to survive. This makes any roleplaying experience for everyone, and we have a very active Admin and Moderator team to keep things running smoothly and operational.

If you are new to Project Zomboid or looking for people to play with, join our Discord and say “Hi”. We have one of the largest Project Zomboid communities.

Server Info:

Port: 16261

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5900X
  • RAM: 128GB RAM
  • 2TB NVMe
  • DDOS Protection
  • Daily Back-Ups

Server Rules:

  • No picking up/moving any loot spawning containers (weapon lockers, medicine cabinets, etc.) from major POIs (Pharmacies, Police Stations, Military Bases/Surpluses, etc.) This hampers new players by not allowing the server to spawn important items for progression, whether it be medicine, food, weapons, etc.
  • Don’t forget to claim your safe house (right click and hit claim safe house). This is so nobody accidentally takes your stuff.
  • No killing other players
  • No stealing from other players
  • No luring zombies to other players or their bases

A little bit about our Project Zomboid RP Server

If you are looking for an active and well run Project Zomboid PvE server, you have come to the right place. Our server has multiple QOL mods with active admins and moderators.

Project Zomboid is one of the coolest up and coming zombie apocalypse survival games. With their recent update to the online multiplayer fix, you can now join your friends alongside strangers and survive together. Or you can join a Project Zomboid PVP Server and fight against other players for survival.

Our Project Zomboid Server is PvE, however. So you are safe in knowing the only enemies you have to worry about are the zombies. Although, if you know Project Zomboid, you know you still have plenty to worry about. So join our PZ server and enjoy the fun the online multiplayer side offers.

PVE Settings

Project Zomboid RP Server Settings

  • Day Length: 2 hours
  • Population: 2.5x
  • Population Peak: 180 days
  • Zombie respawn: 250 hours
  • Loot Respawn: Every 14 hours (1 in-game week)
  • Car Spawn Rate: Normal
  • Gas Consumption: 0.5
  • Helicopter/Meta Events: Sometimes
  • Water/Electricity shutoff: 0-2 Months
  • Multi-Hit: On
  • Transmission: Blood and Saliva

How To Connect?

To connect to our Project Zomboid RP Server, go to your favourites tab to connect and type in this information.

IP: Port: 16261

Let’s GO

Project Zomboid RP Server Steam Mods

We have over 130 mods on our Project Zomboid RP server that add much more to the game and our Roleplaying adventures. Most of the mods are small and quick to download. They will download automatically when you enter the server. However, downloading the mods first before joining our Project Zomboid Roleplaying server is a much better option.

To do this, click the orange button below to take you to our Steam Workshop list. From there, click the “subscribe to all” button, and you will begin to download all the mods directly to your stream. Once complete, you can join our server and let the roleplaying begin.

Spiffo With Map
Project Zomboid Lots of zombies 1
Spiffo With Samuri Sword
Project Zomboid Website Image

Check out these!

Project Zomboid RP Server Tips & Tricks

If you are new to Project Zomboid Roleplay, here are some videos on how it all works. You can become an expert in a particular trade or skill set and offer that service to the other survivors. You work together and help each other survive. The video below is some great examples of Roleplaying on a Project Zomboid Server.

Spiffo Building Bird

Need Some Help?

Project Zomboid RP Server Team


Project Zomboid Admin


Krooked our lead Admin for our Project Zomboid RP Servers. He can fix any backend issues the server might have.


Project Zomboid Mod


Evil Gingr is our newest Moderator to the PZ team. He looks after the moral and community issues.

Maintaining a popular Project Zomboid RP server can be pretty tricky. Still, we have a great team of Admins and Moderators who manage it to keep your Project Zomboid roleplay experience positive.

Krooked, our lead admin on the server manages the server’s backend, and our 2 Moderators, Mick & Evil Gingr, keep the community happy and fix any on-site issues our players may have.

Spiffo With Map

Let’s GO

Project Zomboid RP Server Advertisements


One of the best things about playing on our Project Zomboid PVE server is the community. Playing survival games with a large group of people brings the sandbox dynamic into play. Project Zomboid Servers are also very attuned to community-style survival, where people can level up into occupations that help other survivors.

If you have been playing on our Project Zomboid PVE server for a while and enjoy the community, you can always help expand it and bring in more players. We have made a flyer for our Project Zomboid Server that you can save and post on social media platforms, like Reddit, Facebook or even the Project Zomboid Forums.

Project Zomboid PVE Server Flyer

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