Made in the Forge of Nidavellir


“As a thank you for your support, we made you these”

As a “thank you” to our Donors for their support over the years in helping us pay for the 7 days to die dedicated servers. We have created and modded some special tools for you all. As a donor, you will get a unique casino coin called “Salty Token” that you can use to craft a tool of your choosing. Some tools take 1 Salty Token to craft. Other tools, like the Auger, take 2 Salty Tokens.

These tools are way more powerful and faster than their predecessors, and each is Tier 6 quality. Only the Donors of the correct tier can wield the power of these powerful tools. No mere regular mortal could harness its awesomeness and would be crushed under its pressure.

The Tungsten Elite (Token)

Tungsten is about 10 times harder than Gold, 5 times harder than steel, and 4 times harder than titanium. Tungsten measures between 8 and 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. The highest being 10, which only Diamonds are. These tools smash through whatever is standing before you and cost one unique Salty Token. In addition, their durability is unmatched, and their block damage is like no other tool out there.

Shovel 6
Pick Axe 1
Rachet 1
Claw Hammer 1
Battle Axe 1
Sledge Hammer

Power Tools Of The Gods (2 Tokens)

These power tools cost 2 Salty Tokens and are insanely powerful that it will cost you 2x Salty Tokens to craft them. These tools are designed to sculpt or destroy the world in one might swoop. So be like the gods my friends, and choose wisely which god you wish to ascend.

Impact Driver 1
Nail Gun 1
Chain SAw 1

How Were These Donor Tools Made?

We called upon the Dwarfs of Nidavellir to have these tools specially crafted for the Salty Zombies server. These dwarfs are the same ones that built Thors Hammer and Thanos’s infinity stone gauntlet. They were made in the mighty forges of Nidavellir, which is the name of the neutron star that heats them. The tools are incrusted with Uru, a powerful metal only smeltable with the power of a star.

If you wish to harness the power of these powerful tools, I suggest you train vigorously for years and study for eternity. Then maybe one day, you will be able to wield the godlike tools of Salty Zombies. Or head over to our shop and buy them:

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