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Namsaknoi or “Nams’ for short is the original founder of Salty Zombies. He played on a lot of 7 days to die servers with his friends like Baptizer and believed there was a lot of room for improvement. So he opened up his own server and Salty Zombies was born.

You can find Namsaknoi mostly on the Ravenhearst Server or Streaming on the Darkness Falls Server. If you are interested in watching his streams you can check them out on his Twitch Page

What does Namsaknoi Do?

Nams does all the marketing for Salty Zombies, he does the graphic design on the posters in-game and out. He works on all social media marketing, SEO and web development. Nams also records and edits the videos and writes the content for the 7 Days To Die Guides. Nams also is in charge of the Salty Zombies Discord channel.

There is nothing he likes more than to play post-apocalyptic games and zombie survival ones are probably his favourite. Some of the games he likes the most are, Fallout Series, STALKER and Metro Series and of cause 7 days to die.

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