Player Stats

  • Agility 20% 20%
  • Fortitude 20% 20%
  • Intellect 20% 20%
  • Perception 20% 20%
  • Strength 20% 20%
  • Charisma 20% 20%

Munkfist Biography:

Hello! While I play under Munkfist on all platforms and games, most call me Munk. Having only been playing 7 Days To Die for a few short years, I’ve been heavily gaming since the late ’90s. I joined the Salty Zombies server as my first public server, and it got me hooked on the game and the mechanics behind it. Above all, my favourite part of the game is helping out the various groups and hoarding dukes.

I spend most of my gaming time in 7 Days, but if not slaying zombies, I can be found hoarding gold in Elder Scrolls Online or slaughtering hordes of demons and climbing the leaderboards in Diablo 2 and 3. When I am in 7 Days, I’m always available to help in any way possible, so always welcome to reach out!

Growing up in northern Canada, I spent most of my childhood enjoying the outdoors, camping, mountain biking, and fishing. After a brief stint in Southern Alabama in the early ’00s (with some of the best fishing I’ve experienced), I’ve settled back in the Toronto area of Canada for the last 20 years.

Working in the construction, design, technology, landscaping, and cooking industries, I dabble in a bit of everything. My hobbies are mostly reading, tinkering with IT, cooking, and messing around with smokers. I’m always happy to help in-game or out if you’re having issues getting the game running. Feel free to hit me up anytime!

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