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On the off chance that you are searching for the best Minecraft servers in the Philippines, then here it is  – Salty Zombies. We have multiple servers that are routinely updated and have a lot of features that make certain to give you an incredible gaming experience. It also doesn’t matter in the event that you have bought the Minecraft Java edition or the Bedrock Pocket edition. Since their last update, Salty Zombies Minecraft servers support both versions.

Here’s a quick outline of the two Minecraft versions for those new to the game.

Bedrock Pocket Edition

This is the original version of Minecraft, which was entirely coded in C++, a brand-new programming language at the time. The reason for using C++ is that the original Minecraft was designed to run on mobile devices such as the iPhone and Android. That is also where it gets the name “Pocket Edition”.

Of course, that was a long time ago. Since then, the Bedrock version has been updated to work on desktop/laptop PCs and various other platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. Although Minecraft Bedrock Edition grew in popularity, it had one major drawback: it could not be modded, which is a major turn-off for many gamers.


Java Edition

The Minecraft Java edition made up for what the Minecraft Bedrock edition lacked. With the Java edition, gamers can now completely customise their gaming experience by using the many mods and plugins available with this edition. These improve your gameplay and introduce a slew of new features. Minecraft Java Edition, created using the Java programming language, had one limitation: it can only be played on a desktop or laptop PC or MAC.

Salty Zombies’ #1 Minecraft Server in the Philippines has a plethora of cool mods and plugins that you can use to create a highly customised game experience. Furthermore, some of these mods assist admins in better moderating the server and removing any cheaters, griefers, etc.

Now that you know the difference between the two Minecraft editions, you can choose to either play a straight-up vanilla version of Minecraft using the Bedrock edition or mod the hell out of it using the Java edition!


Server Info:

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5900X 4.4GHz
  • RAM: 128GB RAM 2667MHz
  • 2TB NVMe
  • 1Gbps Network
  • 100 Gbit/s DDOS Protection
  • Daily Back-Ups
  • Location: USA


Direct Connect:


Direct Connect:

Welcome To Our Minecraft Servers in the Philippines

The Salty Zombies Minecraft Family is dedicated to giving you a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. We achieve this by keeping excellent servers and offering you any help you may require. We have a very active and devoted crew of pleasant and helpful moderators that make certain that you have a wonderful time on their servers. So, whether you’re new to Minecraft or an experienced player, you’ll have a good time on Salty Zombies’ Minecraft servers in the Philippines.

Salty Zombies’ Minecraft servers in the Philippines includes a slew of new features and plugins and six worlds to explore. You will encounter many NPCs throughout the game with whom you may interact to obtain new jobs and quests to complete and level up your character! Completing these tasks and quests also awards you with various currencies that you can use to buy in-game stuff, such as gears, new and unique equipment, and cosmetics to modify the appearance of your character!

As you continue through the game, you will acquire access to increasingly deadly locations, such as the Nether World, End World, and beyond, which you may visit only if you dare to! There’s also a very tough Dungeon World you may try at your own risk if you want to put your battling abilities to the test! We do recommend having a bunch of friends to back you on. Exploring the different Minecraft worlds with a group of friends or family is usually a lot more fun!

Minecraft servers Philippines Rules:


This is not a full list of our server rules on our Minecraft servers in the Philippines. The principles outlined here are based mostly on respect, fairness, courtesy, and, of course, common sense. Any of the abovementioned regulations may be changed or updated at any time. Our staff retains the authority to judge each incident on its own merits, determining if a rule was breached and whether someone should be penalised or forgiven. Any rule infringement may result in a suitable punishment, such as a lifetime ban.

  • No hacks of any kind. Hacks include but are not limited to Xray, kill aura, auto-soup, auto-armor, etc.
  • No use of macros or scripts of any kind on the server. This includes but is not limited to /soup macro, auto selling scripts, auto clickers, or anything similar.
  • No abusing bugs or glitches on the server.
  • No evading mutes or bans in any way. Joining with an ALT after being punished will result in an escalation of your ban length or a permanent ban. Do not use signs or books to avoid being muted.
  • The use of any client modification that gives you any benefit that the vanilla game does not have, is against the rules. You can view a specific list of mod details below.  If it is not on this list, you should probably ask if it is ok.
  • Griefing and raiding is not permitted. This includes unclaimed and abandoned builds.
  • Chat is moderated by staff as well as an automated filter. There is no discrimination of any kind allowed. We have zero tolerance for hate speech, and this will be autobanned. No political or religious topics, no trolling or misleading other users, and no advertising of any kind (including other servers).
  • No inappropriate usernames or nicknames. You also may not use /nick to impersonate any staff member or member of the server. Impersonation will result in a ban.
  • No inappropriate Minecraft skins, images, capes, signs, or builds. This includes but is not limited to hate based imagery, items resembling genitalia, etc.
  • No killing of other players outside of PVP enabled zones. Do not try to use lava, TP trapping, droppers, pushing players off a ledge, fireworks, or any other method that gets around the PVE setting.

Java Version Only

Our Minecraft servers Philippines Mods

These mods are auto download on server entry

Daily Supply Airdrops

This is a one-of-a-kind event taking place in a PVP-enabled zone on our Minecraft servers in the Philippines. During this event, rare in-game goods can be collected by players. Tier 1, 2, and 3 chests will spawn at random locations around the map. There are a limited number of treasure chests, so players must race to discover and collect as many chests as they can. The gifts they get in the chest depend on the chest’s tier level.

Fishing Competition

Our Minecraft servers in the Philippines includes a fishing competition mod in the Survival and Resource World. This server-wide event pushes users to catch the most unusual fish! All you need to get started is a fishing pole and a body of water. The fish are available in a variety of forms, sizes, and rarities. You’ll find a vast range of fish here, from ordinary to epic and even legendary catches! You’ll get a one-of-a-kind crate key if you catch the rarest catch within an hour! And what are you going to do with all of that catch? Simply sell them to the NPC dealer to receive some Salty coins in exchange!

Daily/Monthly Gifts

By visiting the Courier NPC, located in the primary spawn location’s central courtyard, players can claim daily gifts on our Minecraft servers in the Philippines. Donors are also eligible for a monthly special delivery gift. Their current donor rank determines the prizes.

Weekly Kits

If you are new on our Minecraft servers in the Philippines, simply execute the command /Kits to gain access to various beginning items. They will be necessary on your first day! The initial items vary depending on the donor tier, but you can always expect to receive basic necessities like food, armour, tools, weapons etc. Players are permitted to use this command every week.

Player Jobs

Finding job is the best way to earn Salty Coins on our Minecraft servers in the Philippines! Players can choose up to three different options from the jobs menu (/jobs) and complete them in the game by performing certain tasks. There are 12 different occupations to choose from. You can also change between jobs at any time. If you love digging for stones and ores, you should consider being a miner. Alternatively, if you want to collect a lot of wood, then perhaps become a woodcutter. You can also make money as a hunter if you like fighting mobs! You level up your character as you do tasks based on them, unlocking greater powers that help you fulfil your missions faster.

Doing Quests

The #1 Minecraft server in the Philippines has over 670 missions. So there’s little chance it will ever run out of things to do for players to accomplish. There are eight separate categories to choose from: Mining, Hunting. harvesting, gathering and walking. Each category has its own set of challenges that escalate in complexity. For example, in the Mining Quests list, you can complete the Deepslate Iron quests 1 to 6 or the Stone quests 1 to 6. Quests will also offer one or two of the following rewards in return, depending on the complexity of the mission: salty coins, tokens, and experience. These tasks may be found in the Resource World, Survival World, End-World, and Nether World.

Dungeon World Exploration

On the Minecraft servers in the Philippines by the Salty Zombies, there is an option to unlock the Dungeon world. This is a highly unique element of the server, and one that most players love to crack! In this custom-made scenario, the dungeon realm invites you to embark on an adventure with all of your friends. A simple dungeon crawl adventure with new foes and bosses to test your skills and equipment is also now available. There are multiple levels to the dungeon to unlock, and the enemies get more powerful as you progress through them. However, as a result, the awards will be substantially bigger as well! Mobs in the dungeon drop shards, which may be used to get unique items and rewards. The reward levels you have unlocked by collecting these shards can also be used to keep track of your progress.

Levelling System

Another cool approach to enjoy playing on the Salty Zombies Minecraft servers in the Philippines is to use the Leveling System for your game character. Each level has its own set of criteria. You may raise your character level from 1 to 70 by fulfilling these requirements. Completing tasks and voting for the server several times also counts. When you reach a new level, you will receive unique rewards such as Salty Money, special in-game goods, and so on. Levelling up also unlocks special new commands and grants access to other realms, such as the  End or Nether worlds. The levelling system is meant to be fair for both novice and veteran players. Although this boosts the game’s difficulty, trust us when we say you’ll have a lot more fun.

PVP Areas

For those wanting for PVP action in addition to standard building, crafting and other adventures, Salty Zombies Minecraft servers in the Philippines, provides a variety of innovative options to satisfy your PVP needs! Three PVP-enabled zones are available here, which can be accessed by any of its three gates.  The Warzone, for example, is located just outside the main spawn courtyard and is dedicated to PVP fighting. When you enter, you will find yourself in a big open arena where you may rough it out with other players. This is also the location of daily supply drops. Other fascinating PVP zones may be discovered in the Nether and End worlds, making it quite an adventure to explore these new locales. Please be aware that whatever you have on you and any equipment you are carrying will be lost if you die inside this zone. PVP zones also have additional restrictions, so be sure to read them before you enter!

Minecraft Cart Run
Minecraft Riding Horse

In-game commands for Philippines Java Server

Some of the most commonly used commands on the Salty Zombies Minecraft servers in the Philippines are listed below. Of course, there are many more commands that you will need as your game progresses. Simply click the button below to see the entire list of their Minecraft commands.

All Commands











Donor Commands











Minecraft Server Currency

Our Minecraft servers in the Philippines accepts a variety of currencies. Emeralds are the primary type of currency, often known as Vanilla Money. You would usually mine them or sell the commodities to village traders to earn them. The Salty Zombies, on the other hand, have included special elements that allow you to win Emeralds and other currencies. You may obtain any of the game currencies by engaging in activities like as fishing, mining, etc., or also by completing quests and other events. You may spend this money on in-game items or cosmetic items for your character.


These are still the main in-game currency you will need to trade with any villagers and travelling merchants.

Salty Coins

Our main server currency that players can earn as they play the game. These are earned by taking jobs, completing quests, selling items to one of our custom NPC merchants, trading with other players, and sometimes even as rewards from crates. These coins can be used to purchase items from NPCs, player shops, and our in-game server store. In addition, you can ‘withdraw’ your money to pay to trade with other players and protect it from loss on death.


Tokens are a special type of currency that can only be gained as a reward for completing certain quests. Tokens are used to purchase unique items from the Wizard at our main spawn area.


Player experience can be used to purchase special enchantments from the Enchanter NPC at the main spawn area. Experience can also be ‘bottled’ to save it for later use and protect it from loss on death.

Graveyards and Gravestones

Dying in-game could be a hassle, especially since you would typically drop everything you have. With our player graveyard plugin, you don’t have to worry. You can save your current inventory and equipment in one of your available graveyards when you die. You can then claim these items back after a cooldown period of one hour or use a gravestone to claim them immediately. Layers start the game with 1 graveyard slot and 3 gravestones for their use. 


These are unique items that are earned from crates and certain quests. They are used to buy cosmetic items that can be equipped for your character, such as player trails, player outlines, and even chat or name colours. Cubelets also can be purchased in our online store. https://minecraft.saltyzombies.com/.


These are unique items that drop from slaying mobs in the dungeon world. These shards can be used to claim special rewards to help you in your adventure. The more shards you collect, the higher the chance of getting better rewards!

Our Minecraft servers Philippines moderators




Robin is the primary admin of the Minecraft Servers in Thailand. She keeps the server running and the mods updated.

These wonderful folks maintain and manage the these top of the class Minecraft servers in the Philippines. These are the folks who can help you out if you require it. To get the fastest answer to your problem, just join our Discord and ask for help. A moderator will answer within minutes if you post a ticket in the HELP channel.

Multiple Worlds

Spawn – On our Minecraft servers in the Philippines the main spawn area welcomes players to a beautiful & secure zone.  You can freely interact with other players and NPCs here. Each NPC offers exhilarating access to the several modules that keep the game interesting and fun. The primary spawn site also contains the world porta, which gives you access to all of the server’s available worlds! The main courtyard links to the PVP-enabled Warzone that surrounds it via three exit gates, making it perfect for wargames and PVP combat. Players may always use the /spawn command to return to the primary spawn point.

Survival World

Survival world –  The PVE survival world on our Minecraft servers in the Philippines gives players 900,000 square kilometres. That is a lot of areas to explore and build upon. This world’s difficulty level set to normal enables access to all biomes, from sparse rainforests to freezing oceans, granite tops to verdant caverns. Players will undoubtedly enjoy travelling to various locations to discover its most hidden secrets. Discover and defend settlements, assault mansions and pillager outposts, explore the darkest tunnels and dungeons, return treasures, and expand your empire! You can enter the world and arrive at a random location by using the world portal in the main spawn area or the /worlds command.

Minecraft Snow Biome
Minecraft Desert Biome
Minecraft Green Biome
Minecraft Jungle Biome

The End World

The End World – On these Minecraft servers in the Philippines, after reaching level 30, players will be able to enter the End World! While you explore end cities and end ships, make sure you are also ready to fight all your way to shulker shells as Endermen keep an eye on you. Because this vast world is set up as another PVP zone, keep a watch out for other players who may be seeking for the same things as you. It should be noted that entering the End through the world portal or the /worlds commands will lead players to a random place within the End. To fight the ender dragon, you must first find and trigger an end portal from the primary surviving world.

Resource World

Resource World – Resource World- On these Minecraft servers in the Philippines, this randomly generated world on our with a low difficulty level is great for gamers who want to collect resources without worrying about being chased by zombies, creepers etc. This 10,000 by 10,000-square-foot zone will supply you with everything you need in your survival base, whether you’re looking for diverse types of wood or the rarest of ores. Resources are almost endless because since world reset happens every 7 days! The resource world may be reached using the main spawn area’s world portal or the /worlds command.

Minecraft Amazing Sunset over the desert

Nether World

On the #1 Minecraft Server in the Philippines by Salty Zombies, you must visit the Nether to complete your Minecraft adventure! After all, some of the most crucial items you’ll require can only be grown in this beautifully horrifying environment illuminated by roaring lava streams. Do you wish to go on raids against strongholds and bastions? Or perhaps you’d want to trade with Piglins? Or cultivate vivid crimson forest timber? You have the ability to achieve all of this and more. Because the huge world is intended to be a PVP zone, investigate only when you are ready.

To ensure your readiness, the nether is only accessible if you have reached level 15. You can travel to several underworld realms using the world portal in the main spawn area or the /worlds command. You can also build nether gateways in the main survival world. However, you can only use these portals after reaching the required level.


Minecraft Nether World Adventures
Minecraft Java Server Nether World Boss
Minecraft Entering The Nether

Creative World

Donors on our Minecraft servers in the Philippines can access the game’s creative menu by going to this serene flat world. Here, the world is your blank canvas. And it’s quite a huge world! So, whether you want to test your base or agricultural construction ideas or create an aesthetically pleasing masterpiece, you can freely do it all here on the #1 Minecraft Server in the Philippines. It should be noted that when you join this creative world, your character’s existing equipment and inventory items will be inaccessible, but they will be available when you depart. You also won’t be able to carry anything from our creative world to the main surviving world or other worlds.

Dungeons World

This custom-generated setting in our Minecraft servers in the Philippines provides level 25 players with a PVE dungeon crawl experience that tests your character’s fighting abilities. To survive against customised creatures that become stronger at each step, you’ll need the best weapons and equipment. There are also treasure and gather shards that may be swapped for Dungeon-exclusive collectables. Bring a buddy and travel together for double the fun!

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Minecraft Tutorials

Minecraft, although looks like a simple block-building game, its underlying architecture is extremely complex. The crafting process, for example, requires you to know exactly where to enter each component in the crafting slots to make a certain object. We advise watching the tutorial videos below so you don’t feel too overwhelmed!

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