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Welcome to the Salty Zombies’ top Minecraft server in India. You can join any of their numerous servers regardless of which edition of Minecraft you purchased. The Salty Zombies Minecraft Servers now support both the Java & Bedrock Pocket editions since their most recent release. Here is a brief overview of the two Minecraft editions in case you’re new to the game or don’t know much about them.

Bedrock Pocket Edition

The MINECRAFT BEDROCK POCKET edition was completely coded in C++, a new programming language at the time. The reason for using C++ is that the original Minecraft was designed to run on mobile devices such as Android and iPhone. That is also where the name ‘Pocket Edition’ comes from.

That was, of course, a long time ago. Since then, the Bedrock version has been upgraded to work on desktop/laptop PCs and a variety of other platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. Although Minecraft Bedrock Edition grew in popularity, it had one major drawback: it could not be modded, which can be a big turn-off for many gamers.

Java Edition

The Minecraft Java edition made up for what the Minecraft Bedrock edition lacked. With the Java edition, gamers can now completely customise their gaming experience using many mods and plugins. These improve your gameplay and introduce a slew of new features. Minecraft Java Edition was created with the Java programming language and had one limitation: it can only be played on a desktop, laptop PC, or MAC.

You may utilise many great mods and plugins on the Salty Zombies’ #1 Minecraft server in India to create a highly customised gaming experience. Additionally, some of these mods assist the admins in better controlling the server and keeping away cheaters, griefers, and hackers. Well, now you know the difference between the two editions of Minecraft. Whether you like to play the vanilla or a wholly modded version of the game, join the Salty Zombies Minecraft Server and have a great gaming experience.

Server Info:

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5900X 4.4GHz
  • RAM: 128GB RAM 2667MHz
  • 2TB NVMe
  • 1Gbps Network
  • 100 Gbit/s DDOS Protection
  • Daily Back-Ups
  • Location: USA


Direct Connect:


Direct Connect:


The Salty Zombies Minecraft Family gives you a superb gaming experience. They accomplish this by maintaining great servers and providing you with all the assistance you may require. In addition, they have a highly active and dedicated team of super friendly and helpful moderators that ensure you have a great experience on their servers. So, whether you’re new to Minecraft or a seasoned player, you’ll have a fantastic time on the Salty Zombies, Indian Minecraft servers.

Our Minecraft Server in India has several new features, mods and plugins, as well as six new worlds to explore. Throughout the game, you will come across various NPCs with whom you may engage with to earn new quests and missions to complete and level up your character! Completing these activities and missions also grants you different currencies that you can spend to purchase in-game items like new and unique equipment, gears and cosmetics to change your character’s appearance!

As you progress through the game, you will get access to progressively dangerous regions such as the Nether World, End World, and beyond, which you should only enter if you think you are up for the challenge! If you want to put your battle skills to the test, there’s also a really difficult Dungeon World you may try at your own peril! We do advocate enlisting the help of a large group of friends. Exploring the many Minecraft worlds with a group of friends or family is typically much more enjoyable!

Minecraft server in India Rules:


This is not a full list of our server rules for our Minecraft server in India. The principles outlined here are based mostly on common sense, taking into account fairness, respect and courtesy. Any of the regulations mentioned below may be changed or updated at any time. Our staff will judge each incident individually to determine if a rule was breached and whether the responsible party should be forgiven or penalised for it. It will result in a suitable punishment, such as a permanent ban if found guilty.

  • No hacks of any kind. Hacks include but are not limited to Xray, kill aura, auto-soup, auto-armor, etc.
  • No use of macros or scripts of any kind on the server. This includes but is not limited to /soup macro, auto selling scripts, auto clickers, or anything similar.
  • No abusing bugs or glitches on the server.
  • No evading mutes or bans in any way. Joining with an ALT after being punished will result in an escalation of your ban length or a permanent ban. Do not use signs or books to avoid being muted.
  • The use of any client modification that gives you any benefit that the vanilla game does not have, is against the rules. You can view a specific list of mod details below.  If it is not on this list, you should probably ask if it is ok.
  • Griefing and raiding is not permitted. This includes unclaimed and abandoned builds.
  • Chat is moderated by staff as well as an automated filter. There is no discrimination of any kind allowed. We have zero tolerance for hate speech, and this will be autobanned. No political or religious topics, no trolling or misleading other users, and no advertising of any kind (including other servers).
  • No inappropriate usernames or nicknames. You also may not use /nick to impersonate any staff member or member of the server. Impersonation will result in a ban.
  • No inappropriate Minecraft skins, images, capes, signs, or builds. This includes but is not limited to hate based imagery, items resembling genitalia, etc.
  • No killing of other players outside of PVP enabled zones. Do not try to use lava, TP trapping, droppers, pushing players off a ledge, fireworks, or any other method that gets around the PVE setting.

Java Version Only

Mods On Our Minecraft server in India 

These mods are auto download on server entry

Daily Supply Airdrops

This is a one-of-a-kind event that will take place in a PVP zone on our Minecraft server in India . Players get the opportunity to get their hands on special in-game items during this event. Tier 1, 2, and 3 chests will spawn randomly anywhere on the map. Because there are a limited number of these treasure chests, players must race to find and gather as many as possible. The chest’s tier level determines the goods they receive in the chest.

Fishing Competition

The Survival and Resource World in our Indian Minecraft servers contains a fishing competition mod. This server-wide event encourages players to capture the most odd fish possible! You only need a fishing rod and a body of water to get started. The fish come in a range of shapes, sizes, and rarities. There’s a wide range of fish to catch here. Ranging from common to epic and even legendary catches! If you capture the rarest catch within an hour, you’ll receive a one-of-a-kind crate key! And what will you do with all of that catch? Simply sell them to the NPC merchant in exchange for some Salty coins!

Daily/Monthly Gifts

This is a one-of-a-kind event that will take place in a PVP zone on our Minecraft server in India. Players get the opportunity to get their hands on special in-game items during this event. Tier 1, 2, and 3 chests will spawn randomly anywhere on the map. Because there are a limited number of these treasure chests, players must race to find and gather as many as possible. The goods they receive in the chest are determined by the chest’s tier level.

Weekly Kits

If you are new to our Minecraft server in India, simply type /Kits to acquire access to numerous starting items. They’ll definitely come in handy on day 1! These initial supplies differ based on the donor tier, but you can always expect to receive basic essentials such as tools, armour, food, weapons, and so on. Every week, players are allowed to use this command.

Player Jobs

Finding work is the most effective method to earn Salty Coins on our Minecraft server in India! Players can select up to three choices from the jobs menu (/jobs) and complete them in-game by completing certain tasks. There are a total of 12 job types to pick from. You can also switch jobs at any time. If you enjoy digging for stones and ores, you should consider being a miner. Alternatively, if you want to harvest a lot of wood, you may work as a woodcutter. If you enjoy fighting mobs, you can also get money as a hunter! As you complete activities based on them, you level up your character, gaining higher skills that allow you to complete missions more quicker.

Doing Quests

On the Salty Zombies Minecraft server in India, there are 8 different categories to choose from: Mining, Hunting. harvesting, gathering and walking. Each category has its own set of difficulties that increase in complexity. With over 670 missions, there’s little chance that this #1 Minecraft server in India will ever run out of stuff for you to do! You can, for example, complete the Deepslate Iron quests 1 to 6 or the Stone quests 1 to 6 from the Mining Quests list. Depending on the difficulty of the assignment, quests will also provide one or two of the following rewards: tokens, salty money, and experience. These missions may be found in the Resource World, the Survival World, the End-World, and the Nether World.

Dungeon World Exploration

There is an opportunity to unlock the Dungeon world on the Salty Zombies’ Minecraft server in India. This is an extremely unique aspect of the server that most players enjoy cracking! In this custom-made scenario, the dungeon realm invites you to embark on an adventure with all of your friends. A straightforward dungeon crawl adventure with new opponents and bosses to put your abilities and equipment to the test is also now accessible. The dungeon has several levels to unlock, and the enemies become more powerful as you travel through them. But bigger enemies also mean the prizes will be far larger! Mobs in the dungeon drop shards, which may be utilised to get one-of-a-kind goods and prizes. Collecting these shards unlocks reward levels that can be used to see your progress.

Levelling System

Another interesting way to enjoy playing on the Minecraft server in India by Salty Zombies is by using the Leveling System mod for your game character. Each level has certain requirements, and by completing these requirements, you can boost your character level from 1 to 70. Voting multiple times for the server or Completing tasks helps you level up. When you hit a new level, you will be rewarded with special in-game items such as Salty Money. Levelling up also allows access to other realms, such as the End or Nether worlds. It also unlocks special new commands. The levelling system is intended to be fair for both new and experienced players. Although this increases the game’s difficulty, trust us when we tell you’ll like it.

PVP Areas

The Minecraft server in India by Salty Zombies, offers a range of pretty cool choices to satisfy your demand for PVP action in addition to the usual building, crafting, and other activities. This area has three PVP-capable zones that may be entered by any of its three gates. For instance, the PVP-focused Warzone is situated right outside the main spawn plaza. When you first arrive, you’ll be in a big open arena where you may brawl with other players. Additionally, this is where daily supply drops also take place. The Nether and End worlds are some other intriguing PVP zones, making exploration of these new areas quite the adventure. Note: If you die inside this zone, you will lose all items and equipment you carry. There are other rules in PVP zones as well, so please study them before you enter!

Minecraft Cart Run
Minecraft Riding Horse

In-game commands for India Java Server

The following are some of the most frequently used commands on our Java edition of Minecraft server in India. Of course, as the game grows, you will require many more commands. For a  full set of Minecraft instructions, simply click the icon below.

All Commands











Donor Commands











Minecraft Server Currency

The #1 Minecraft Server in India by Salty Zombies, offers a number of currencies. Emeralds are the most common kind of cash, often known as Vanilla Money. You can mine them or sell the commodities to village traders in order to obtain this currency. The Salty Zombies, however, have introduced special aspects that allow you to earn Emeralds and other currencies in a different way. You can get any of the game currencies by completing activities like fishing, mining, etc., or by even completing quests and other events. This money may be spent on in-game stuff or cosmetics for your character.


These are still the main in-game currency you will need to trade with any villagers and travelling merchants.

Salty Coins

Our main server currency that players can earn as they play the game. These are earned by taking jobs, completing quests, selling items to one of our custom NPC merchants, trading with other players, and sometimes even as rewards from crates. These coins can be used to purchase items from NPCs, player shops, and our in-game server store. In addition, you can ‘withdraw’ your money to pay to trade with other players and protect it from loss on death.


Tokens are a special type of currency that can only be gained as a reward for completing certain quests. Tokens are used to purchase unique items from the Wizard at our main spawn area.


Player experience can be used to purchase special enchantments from the Enchanter NPC at the main spawn area. Experience can also be ‘bottled’ to save it for later use and protect it from loss on death.

Graveyards and Gravestones

Dying in-game could be a hassle, especially since you would typically drop everything you have. With our player graveyard plugin, you don’t have to worry. You can save your current inventory and equipment in one of your available graveyards when you die. You can then claim these items back after a cooldown period of one hour or use a gravestone to claim them immediately. Layers start the game with 1 graveyard slot and 3 gravestones for their use. 


These are unique items that are earned from crates and certain quests. They are used to buy cosmetic items that can be equipped for your character, such as player trails, player outlines, and even chat or name colours. Cubelets also can be purchased in our online store. https://minecraft.saltyzombies.com/.


These are unique items that drop from slaying mobs in the dungeon world. These shards can be used to claim special rewards to help you in your adventure. The more shards you collect, the higher the chance of getting better rewards!

Meet The Moderators OF OUR Indian Minecraft servers


MC Partner


Cassius is the primary man for everything to do with our Minecraft Server in India. He built them from the ground up, including the custom mods.

These amazing people run and operate the best Minecraft server in India. The moderators are always ready to assist you if you need it. Just join their Discord channel and ask for any help there to get the quickest response. If you write a ticket in the HELP channel, a moderator will respond within minutes.

Multiple Worlds

Spawn –  Players begin at a very safe & gorgeous zone, which is their main spawn location on the best Minecraft server in India. Here they may freely engage with other players and NPCs. Each NPC provides thrilling access to the various modules, keeping the game exciting and enjoyable. The world gateway, which grants you access to all of the server’s various worlds, is also located in the primary spawn place! The Three exit gates connect the main courtyard to the PVP-enabled Warzone that surrounds it, making it ideal for wargames and PVP fighting. To return to the primary spawn site, just use the /spawn command.

Survival World

Survival world –  The Salty Zombies PVE survival world in the Indian Minecraft servers is about 900,000 square kilometres. There is lots for players to explore here and build as per their imagination. With a normal difficulty level, you can access all biomes, from scarce jungles to cold oceans, granite summits to lush tunnels in this world Players will certainly appreciate travelling to different locales to learn their most hidden secrets. Explore the deepest tunnels and dungeons, return riches, and develop your empire! To enter this world and arrive at a random spot, use the /worlds command or use the world portal located in the main spawn location.

Minecraft Snow Biome
Minecraft Desert Biome
Minecraft Green Biome
Minecraft Jungle Biome

The End World

The End World – Players will only be able to access the End World our top Minecraft server in India after they achieve level 30! Go about exploring end cities and end ships. But don’t let your guard down. You’ll have to battle your way to shulker shells while Endermen watch you. Because this enormous world has been set up as a PVP zone, keep an eye out for other players who may be looking for the same treasures you are. It should be noted that entering the End through the world portal or the /worlds commands will transport players to a random location within the End. To defeat the ender dragon, you must first locate and activate an end portal from the main surviving world.

Resource World

Resource World – This randomly generated world on the Salty Zombies Minecraft Server in India, with a low difficulty level is ideal for gamers who wish to gather resources without being hunted by zombies and creepers. This 10,000-square-foot zone will provide you with everything you need for your survival stronghold, whether you’re hunting for various types of wood or the rarest of ores. Because the world reset happens every 7 days, resources are nearly limitless! The resource world may be accessed via the world portal in the main spawn area or the /worlds command.

Minecraft Amazing Sunset over the desert

Nether World

To finish your Minecraft experience on the best Salty Zombies Minecraft Server in India, you must definitely go to the Nether! After all, the most important goods you’ll need can only be cultivated in this horrifyingly gorgeous landscape lit by raging lava streams. Do you want to conduct raids on strongholds and bastions? Or maybe you’d want to exchange with Piglins? Or grow vibrant crimson forest timber? You are capable of accomplishing all of this and more. Because the massive world is designed to be a PVP zone, only examine when you are ready. The nether is only accessible if you have attained level 15 to confirm your preparation. You can go to various underworld realms by using the world portal in the main spawn area or the /worlds command. Another way is to create nether portals from the main survival world, although you can only use them when you have reached a certain level.

Minecraft Nether World Adventures
Minecraft Java Server Nether World Boss
Minecraft Entering The Nether

Creative World

Donors who wish to access the game’s creative menu on the Indian Minecraft servers should visit this tranquil flat world. This vast world is your blank canvas, whether you want to put your base or agricultural building ideas to the test or create an aesthetically attractive masterpiece. It should be noted that your character’s existing equipment and inventory items will be inaccessible when you enter this creative setting, but they will be available when you leave. You will also be unable to transport items from our creative world to the main surviving world or other worlds.

Dungeons World

This custom-generated world offers level 25 players a PVE dungeon delve experience that tests your character’s fighting skills. On the Salty Zombies Minecraft Server in India, you’ll need the greatest weapons and equipment to live against specialised monsters that get stronger with each stage. Treasure and gather shards may also be exchanged for Dungeon-exclusive trinkets. Bring a friend and travel with them for double the pleasure!

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