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Minecraft Server Java Edition

“Voted coolest Minecraft PVE Server in the world”

The Salty Zombies Minecraft Server is an economy/survival server that offers a lot of fun and exciting ways for players to enjoy the game.  Our goal is to create a long-lasting player community where people can interact and play the game with others, while still allowing them to enjoy the game the way they want. 

Server Info:

Direct Connect:

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5900X 4.4GHz
  • RAM: 128GB RAM 2667MHz
  • 2TB NVMe
  • 1Gbps Network
  • 100 Gbit/s DDOS Protection
  • Daily Back-Ups
  • Location: USA

Minecraft Into Video:

Welcome To Our USA Minecraft Java Server

We offer a supersized PVE Survival World players can explore and build on. Earn Salty Coins by interacting with NPCs and other players, taking jobs, and doing quests. Purchase player ranks to get access to better equipment or fun cosmetic items! Not enough resources? No problem, visit our Resource World and gather your materials safely. The world resets every 7 days, ensuring that you’ll never run out of resources for your builds or your shops!

New worlds are accessed as players level up! Explore The Nether, The End, and even a custom hard mode Dungeon World to test your fighting prowess. Visit the dedicated “Warzone” for some PVP action, where daily events and fun surprises await! Several other worlds and other events will be added in the coming weeks, such as Minigames, Hunger Games, Hide and Seek, and Factions, to name a few.

Our Salty Zombies family is all about collaboration in the most fun and enjoyable way.  We pride ourselves on giving you the support you need to be able to play the game and enjoy it the way you want. 

We have a dedicated team of moderators who will be ready to help you.  Whether you are a new player of Minecraft or a seasoned builder, we hope to offer you a unique adventure that you can share with your friends and family!

Server Rules:


The rules below are based on the principles of courtesy, respect, fairness, and good old fashioned common sense.  This is not intended to be a complete list of each and every rule, and any of the rules can change or get updated accordingly.  Our Staff reserves the right to judge each situation individually and make the decision if a rule is broken or if someone should be punished or forgiven.  Breaking any of the rules may result in appropriate sanctions, including, but not limited to a permanent ban.

  • No hacks of any kind. Hacks include but are not limited to Xray, kill aura, auto-soup, auto-armor, etc.
  • No use of macros or scripts of any kind on the server. This includes but is not limited to /soup macro, auto selling scripts, auto clickers, or anything similar.
  • No abusing bugs or glitches on the server.
  • No evading mutes or bans in any way. Joining with an ALT after being punished will result in an escalation of your ban length or a permanent ban. Do not use signs or books to avoid being muted.
  • The use of any client modification that gives you any benefit that the vanilla game does not have, is against the rules. You can view a specific list of mod details below.  If it is not on this list, you should probably ask if it is ok.
  • Griefing and raiding is not permitted. This includes unclaimed and abandoned builds.
  • Chat is moderated by staff as well as an automated filter. There is no discrimination of any kind allowed. We have zero tolerance for hate speech, and this will be autobanned. No political or religious topics, no trolling or misleading other users, and no advertising of any kind (including other servers).
  • No inappropriate usernames or nicknames. You also may not use /nick to impersonate any staff member or member of the server. Impersonation will result in a ban.
  • No inappropriate Minecraft skins, images, capes, signs, or builds. This includes but is not limited to hate based imagery, items resembling genitalia, etc.
  • No killing of other players outside of PVP enabled zones. Do not try to use lava, TP trapping, droppers, pushing players off a ledge, fireworks, or any other method that gets around the PVE setting.

Let’s GO

Features on Our Server

These mods are auto download on server entry

Daily Supply Airdrops

Players get a chance to loot special in-game items in this special event set in this PVP-enabled zone.  A limited number of loot chests generated randomly as Tier 1, 2, or 3 chests will generate randomly across the map, and players race to find as many as they can to earn the rewards based on the chests’ tier. 

Fishing Competition

Survival World, Resource World. This server-wide event invites players to go fishing in the hopes of finding the rarest catch! You need your fishing pole and a body of water, and you are all set. The fishes come in all varieties, sizes, and rarity–from common to epic and even Legendary! Get the rarest within the hour, and win a unique crate key! So what to do with all your catch? Well, sell them to our own NPC trader, and earn Salty coins for your trouble!

Daily/Monthly Gifts

Players should regularly visit the Courier NPC, located in the central courtyard of the main spawn area, to claim daily rewards. In addition, donors will also have access to a monthly special delivery gift they can claim. Rewards are based on their current donor rank.

Weekly Kits

First time on the server? Not a problem! Use the /Kits command to get access to a set of starter items that can help you on your first day! These items vary depending on your donor tier, but they will always give you tools, a weapon, armour pieces, food, and other items you’ll need. After that, players can use the command every week!

Player Jobs

When it comes to earning Salty Coins, the best way to do that is by getting jobs! By accessing the jobs menu (/jobs), players can select up to three different jobs that reward players for doing particular actions in the game. If you like to mine for stone and ores, be a miner. Were you planning to gather lots of wood? Why not be a woodcutter? Or, if fighting mobs is more exciting for you, earn money doing it by being a hunter! There are 12 jobs that players can choose from. And you can switch jobs anytime. As you complete actions based on your jobs, you also level them up, unlocking more skills that help you do your job faster and more efficiently.

Doing Quests

You will never run out of something to do on the server, thanks to over 670 quests that players can complete. Each of the quests falls into one of 8 categories, such as mining, harvesting, gathering, killing, or walking. Each category offers specific quests that gradually increase in the degree of difficulty. For example, from the Mining Quests list, you can complete the Stone quests 1 to 6 or the Deepslate Iron quests 1 to 6. In addition, quests will reward one or two of the following, depending on the level of the quest–Experience, Tokens, and Salty Coins. These quests can be completed in the Survival World, Resource World, Nether and the End worlds. Finally, some quests need to be completed to level your character, so you must do them if you want to level up.

Dungeon World Exploration

One of the unique features of the server, and a sure aspirational goal for many players, would be unlocking the Dungeon world. The dungeon world offers you the opportunity to adventure with your friends in this custom-made setting. And to test your skills and equipment in a straightforward dungeon-crawl adventure, where you get to fight unique mobs and bosses. The dungeon offers several levels to unlock, and as you progress each level, the enemies grow stronger. So naturally, the rewards will also be greater! In the dungeon world, mobs drop shards, which can be used to get unique items and rewards. You can also track your progress across different reward levels, unlocked by the shards you collect.

Levelling System

The player character levelling system is another excellent way for players to enjoy the server. Players can level their character from Level 1 to 70 by completing each of the requirements at each level. This can either be completing specific quests or voting for the server several times. Whenever you unlock a new level, you get particular rewards that range from Salty Coins and certain in-game items to unlocking special commands or granting access to new areas to explore, such as the Nether or the End worlds. The level system allows for balance for both experienced and new players alike. It will make your gaming experience exciting, even with the added challenge!

PVP Areas

For players who enjoy PVP as much as they enjoy the usual adventuring and building, we offer different ways to engage in some friendly PVP action. Here are three PVP-enabled zones that you can use. The Warzone, the area outside the main spawn courtyard, is one such zone explicitly designed for PVP. Players can enter from one of three gates, and once inside, they have a large open ground to hunt and fight each other. This is the setting for the daily supply drops as well. The Nether and The End are also designed to be PVP-enabled zones. This allows for the added challenge of exploring these worlds. Note that players killed by other players will drop the items and equipment they carry. There are specific rules around our PVP areas, so please make sure to read through those.

Minecraft Cart Run
Minecraft Riding Horse

In game commands

Below are some of the most common commands used on our Minecraft Java Server, so I made a quick reference to them for ease of use. However, there are many more commands than this that you might find helpful. Click on the button below to see the complete list of our Minecraft Commands.

All Commands











Donor Commands











Minecraft Server Currency

There are many different currencies in the Salty Zombies Minecraft Server. Some vanilla money like the emeralds and others are added in as a unique feature. All currency in the game can be earned through playing, either via job actions like mining and fishing or completing quests or events. You can use these different types of currency to spend on in-game items or cosmetic items for your character.


These are still the main in-game currency you will need to trade with any villagers and travelling merchants.

Salty Coins

Our main server currency that players can earn as they play the game. These are earned by taking jobs, completing quests, selling items to one of our custom NPC merchants, trading with other players, and sometimes even as rewards from crates. These coins can be used to purchase items from NPCs, player shops, and our in-game server store. In addition, you can ‘withdraw’ your money to pay to trade with other players and protect it from loss on death.


Tokens are a special type of currency that can only be gained as a reward for completing certain quests. Tokens are used to purchase unique items from the Wizard at our main spawn area.


Player experience can be used to purchase special enchantments from the Enchanter NPC at the main spawn area. Experience can also be ‘bottled’ to save it for later use and protect it from loss on death.

Graveyards and Gravestones

Dying in-game could be a hassle, especially since you would typically drop everything you have. With our player graveyard plugin, you don’t have to worry. You can save your current inventory and equipment in one of your available graveyards when you die. You can then claim these items back after a cooldown period of one hour or use a gravestone to claim them immediately. Layers start the game with 1 graveyard slot and 3 gravestones for their use. 


These are unique items that are earned from crates and certain quests. They are used to buy cosmetic items that can be equipped for your character, such as player trails, player outlines, and even chat or name colours. Cubelets also can be purchased in our online store.


These are unique items that drop from slaying mobs in the dungeon world. These shards can be used to claim special rewards to help you in your adventure. The more shards you collect, the higher the chance of getting better rewards!

Multiple Worlds

Spawn – Our main spawn area welcomes players to a gorgeously built safe zone, where players can freely interact with other players and the various NPCs.  Each of the NPCs offers exciting access to the various modules that make the game exciting and fun.  The main spawn area is also home to our world portal, which gives you access to all the other available worlds in the server!  The main courtyard opens up to the PVP-enabled Warzone surrounding it via three exit gates, perfect for wargames and PVP action. Players can always return to the main spawn area through the /spawn command.

Survival World

Survival World – Our main PVE survival world offers a massive 900,000 x 900,000 area for players to explore and build on.  Set to normal difficulty, this world provides access to all types of biomes: from sparse jungles to frozen oceans, from stony peaks to lush caves.  Players will surely enjoy travelling to various locations to uncover their most hidden secrets.  Find and protect villages, raid mansions and pillager outposts; brave the deepest mines and dungeons; bring home treasures, and build your kingdom!  You can enter the world and arrive at a random location through the world portal at the main spawn area or the /worlds command.

Minecraft Snow Biome
Minecraft Desert Biome
Minecraft Green Biome
Minecraft Jungle Biome

The End World

The End World – At level 30, players will finally get access to the End! Visit end cities and end ships, and be prepared to fight your way to collect shulker shells, while in the ever-watchful eyes of Endermen.  Watch out for players who may also be looking for the same treasures, as this massive world is set as another PVP zone.  Note that accessing the End through the world portal or through the /worlds commands will teleport players to a random location in the End.  You will still need to find and activate an end portal from the main survival world to fight the ender dragon.

Resource World

Resource World – This randomly generated world, set to peaceful difficulty, is perfect for players who want to gather resources without worrying about zombies and creepers lurking behind them.  Whether you are collecting different types of wood, or the rarest of ores, this 10,000 x 10,000 area will give you all you need in your survival base.  And because the world resets every 7 days, resources are almost limitless!  You can access the resource world from the world portal in the main spawn area or through the /worlds command.

Minecraft Amazing Sunset over the desert

Nether World

Your Minecraft adventure is never complete without a journey to the Nether!  After all, some of the more essential resources you will need can only be farmed in this beautifully eerie world, ever-lit by streams of glowing lava. Looking to find fortresses and bastions to plunder?  Or perhaps you would like to trade with Piglins? Or farm colourful wood from crimson forests?  You can do all that and more.  The large world is set to be a PVP enabled zone, so venture only when ready.  To ensure you are ready, access to the nether is unlocked only when players reach level 15. You can access random areas in the nether from the world portal at the main spawn area or through the /worlds command.  You can also create nether portals from the main survival world and use them when you have reached the required level.

Minecraft Nether World Adventures
Minecraft Java Server Nether World Boss
Minecraft Entering The Nether

Creative World

This peaceful flat world is designed for donors who want access to the game’s creative menu.  Whether to test your base or farm build designs or work on one of your creative masterpieces, this massive world is your canvas.  Note that your character’s current equipment and inventory items will not be available when you enter this creative world, but they will be there once you leave the world.  And you will not be able to bring any items from our creative world to the main survival world and other worlds (resource world, nether, the end, and dungeon world).

Dungeons World

This custom-generated world offers players who reach level 25 a PVE dungeon delve experience that’s guaranteed to test your character’s fighting abilities. With custom mobs that grow even more powerful at every stage, you will need the best weapons and armour to survive. In addition, there is loot and collect shards that you can exchange for collectable items that are only available in the Dungeon world. Bring friends and journey together for double the fun!

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