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Minecraft is one of those games that hardly need an introduction. This legendary game has such a large fanbase that there is absolutely no questioning this game. And as a fan of Minecraft, you will feel right at home with the Salty Zombies Minecraft Discord.

The possibilities in this classic virtual survivor-type game are so numerous, that being part of Minecraft Discord Servers will be very beneficial to you. That is because at Minecraft Discord you will find a very active community of Minecraft Players with whom you can discuss various strategies and gameplay mechanisms. You will also find plenty of helpful veteran players on the Minecraft Discord, who can help you get out of a tricky situation in the game.

If you are into Minecraft then you also probably like playing many other survivor-type games. If so, then you are in the right place! We at Salty Zombies also love playing plenty of survivor games and host PVE servers & Discord channels for a lot of them. Be sure to check our gaming Discord page to see a list of all our discord channels.


Minecraft Discord Rules

The purpose of the Salty Zombies Minecraft Discord servers is to create a safe space for Minecraft gamers and fans. It is a place where Minecraft lovers can discuss with other like-minded players about the gameplay mechanism, different strategies etc. And although we understand that sometimes debates can get heated up, if you feel like tempers are flaring, then you better move the discussion to a private window.

To put it simply, we do not want to have a violent or abusive environment of any kind. That is why we do not tolerate bullying, verbally abusing, and unnecessarily rude behaviour toward any member. If you ever felt like you were a victim of any sort of bullying behaviour, then just contact a moderator to help you out. Below mentioned are some simple rules to ensure we have a clean and safe space on our Minecraft Discord Servers.

  • Sexism & Racism is not tolerated
  • Trash Talking is not encouraged. Excessive trash talking will get you muted.
  • Advertising or promoting third-party discord servers is not permitted
  • Advertising or promoting third-party gaming organisations is not permitted
  • Posting Nude/Obscene/Vulgar memes & images are not permitted
  • Follow the chain of command and report to a moderator in case of any abuse
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Minecraft Discord
Minecraft Discord Servers


What is Minecraft?

If you’re a gamer, then there is practically no way you haven’t at least heard of Minecraft. This legendary and critically acclaimed game has won many awards and has often been called the greatest video game of all time! Just the sheer number of people who play Minecraft is more than enough to vouch for the popularity of this game.

In case you don’t know much about Minecraft, then will be wonderfully surprised by the amount of possibilities in this virtually infinite 3D world. This blocky world is procedurally generated and gives you a terrain from which you can discover raw materials and use tools to extract them.

You can craft tools and items. These can be used to build simple machines, structures & earthworks. Depending upon which game mode you have selected, you may have to fight against the mobs that are computer-controlled. You can also team up with other players in the same world or even play against them!

One of the game modes is the survival mode. In this mode, the player must gather resources in order to maintain health and build different things in the world. There is also a creative game mode where you are given unlimited resources and also have the ability of flight. You can also modify the game to include new assets, items and even gameplay mechanics. 

The possibilities in Minecraft are so numerous that it has enabled Minecraft to go much beyond conventional gaming. It has been used to teach computer science, computer-aided design and even chemistry! Microsoft purchasing Minecraft along with Mojang for 2.5 billion USD comes as no surprise!

What is Discord?

Discord at its core is simply a group chatting app. In this regard, it is very similar to some other older group chatting apps like mIRC. If you’ve used something similar then you won’t have any trouble using Discord. In fact, discord has a much more improved and advanced user interface design and features that have made it the most popular choice for group chatting.

Although now Discord has even taken over Facebook groups in terms of popularity, originally it was only targeted at gamers. Discord was primarily used for discussing various game strategies, tips, tricks, gameplay mechanisms etc. People would also team or play against each other or on private servers like the Salty Zombies PVE servers. 

However, this wasn’t the case for long. Soon the gaming community was joined by other communities like dating, gardening, cooking etc who also found Discord to be a great choice of platform for group discussions. Now no matter what interests or hobbies you have, there’s likely a thriving Discord community for it!

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Well, we said it a few times, so you should be already familiar with the fact that the Salty Zombies staff is full of crazy gamers. We won’t deny it! We absolutely love survivor games, more so if we get to kill some zombies! So you better expect to find a lot more than just Minecraft discord servers here.

We are constantly testing our hands out on every survivor game that we can get our hands on! So far, these include titles like ARK, The Forest, SCUM, RUST, Back 4 Blood, 7 Days To Die, Atlas etc. You’ll find a gaming discord as well as PVE servers for all of these here. Additionally, we also love to stream all our games, so you can enjoy watching us try surviving different games.

We have also added a few little fun stuff on our discord channels. For example, if you got a great snap to share then use #Photography, or perhaps some funny #Memes, or maybe a selfie using #Mugshots. Don’t want to do anything? Well then, just relax with our chill little Music Bot.

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