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Minecraft Commands

A list of all the Minecraft commands you need for our Java Servers.

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The Minecraft commands are used by pressing the “T” key to open up the chat menu and typing in any command listed below. Each Minecraft command starts with a forward slash “/”. In addition, you will find our server generates an autofill for commands and player names to make things easier. To select the autofill, click on it with your mouse cursor and press enter to execute the command.

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Our Minecraft Lobby Commands

Every player, regardless of rank, can access the following Minecraft commands. Unless otherwise stated, the commands are free to use. If you see brackets around a word like [this], that means this is a word of your choice, but you should NOT add the brackets to the Minecraft command. Each of the following commands gives players various ways to enjoy the game.  These commands are also accessible by interacting with different NPCs within our main lobby/spawn courtyard.


/Lobby – This command brings you back to our main lobby/spawn courtyard.  This is also the fastest way to access our PVP enabled Warzone region.


/Worlds Displays the different worlds you can explore and access.  Selecting a world teleports you to a random location within that world.


/Jobs – One of the main ways you can earn Salty Coins!  This brings up the jobs menu, where you can select a maximum of three jobs that earn you more coins as you level each of them.  Switch and change jobs anytime using this command.


/Shop – Looking to buy that hard-to-find material for your next build? Use this command to browse through all advertised player shops and get transported to the actual shop to buy what you need.


/HelpShop – shows you the instructions for creating your own player shop. If you are a donor, you have access to set up your shop in our Salty Mall.


/BackPack – You can never have more than enough inventory space!  Use this to access your secondary inventory slots to free up space in your primary inventory. Higher ranked players get more slots for their use!


/Merchant – opens up our dedicated travelling merchant menu.  He will always sell three Items that are chosen at random daily. So be sure to check him out regularly, as you’ll never know when he’ll sell you that item you’ve been grinding so long to get.


/Blackmarket – gives you access to sell 3 different items randomly selected each day at a fixed price. Be sure to keep an eye out for when he decides to buy all that rotten flesh you’ve collected since day 1


/Transfer – Want to know where to use those tokens you’ve earned from quests? Use this command to access some rare items that our Wizard is willing to trade you for tokens! He changes the items he trades with every 3 days!


/Cubelets – Cubelets allow you to unlock special cosmetics items for your character.  This command displays the number of unopened cubelets you already have.


/Cosmetics – Fly around with colourful trails, and change your name or chat colour using different cosmetics you can buy and collect in-game.  This command opens up the menu to equip any unlocked cosmetics for your character. 


/Enchanter – Want some custom enchantments for your tools and armours? In exchange for experience points, you can choose between common, rare, and legendary, and you will get a random enchantment book from the rarity you decided.


/SellHead – Mobs and creatures have a chance to drop specific mob heads when killed.  Display them in your trophy collection, and sell excess heads using this command.


/Vote – This command gives you the chance to support the server through your votes.  Earn 1 vote key for every vote you complete.  Use your vote keys to open item crates.  Save and exchange your vote keys for higher keys that give better crate rewards.


/Votes – shows your total votes (how many times you have voted for the server)


/Skills – As your character takes different actions throughout their adventure, your skills will improve.  Leveling your skills unlocks unique abilities, and special actions associated with each skill.  Use this command to view your progress and current server ranking for each skill.

/emf shop

/emf shop – Your inventory will quickly fill up when you join our Daily Fishing Competition.  Use this command to open the menu to sell your catch and get back to some more fishing.


/Gamble – Feeling lucky?  This command lets you spend some of your salty coins for a chance to get more salty coins. So, double or nothing, here it goes!


/Warp – If you are lost in the main spawn/lobby area or cannot find the place you are looking for, you can use this command to instantly get teleported near the location that you want to go to.

The Essential Minecraft commands for everyday survival gameplay

Minecraft Survival Commands

The following Minecraft commands can be used anytime and, in general, wherever you are in the game. However, note that some of these Minecraft commands may not be accessible to certain worlds due to the specific world setting, such as when trying to claim land in our Resource World. 


/Quests – You might feel stuck and do not know what to do on the server. This command will give you some challenges to help you progress through your levels.


/Rules – Provides you with highlights of the server rule list.


/Home – This is where you can check the homes you have created.


/Guide – If you are too shy to ask for help, enter this command to read the general guide for playing on the server.


/Kits – You’re new to the server and want some essential equipment to start with? This command allows you to browse starting kits from different ranks and claim your own starter kit.


/Help – Shows a list of help commands for claiming, trading, shopping, and the guide.


/Level – This is where you can raise your level, get rewards, and have additional access to cool features on the server.


/Sethome [homename] – Type this command if you wish to save a location and teleport to it at any moment.


/Delhome [homename] – Since different ranks have different home limits, you can use this command to delete one of your current home points, and replace it with a new one.

/Home [homename] (50 SC)

/Home [homename] – Use this command to teleport to one of your saved home points.  There is a cost to using this command.  Cost: 50 Salty Coins

/tpa (50 SC)

/tpa  [playername] – It allows you to request permission from a player to teleport to their location. There is a cost to using this command. Cost: 50 Salty Coins

/TPaccept - /TPdeny

/TPaccept – /TPdeny – You can accept or deny the last teleport request sent to you.


/Email or /Mail – It shows you the list of commands to manage player-to-player communication.

/msg [playername] [msg]

/msg [playername] [msg] – This allows you to send a private message to a player.

/Reply [msg]

/Reply [msg] – This allows you to reply to the last player that messages you quickly.


/Claims – Need to know how to use our claim block system? This shows you the list of commands to interact with the claims.


/Createclaim – This allows you to claim the area where you are already standing in the server for your builds and base so other players cannot build or access your chests in the claim. Cost: 25 Claim Blocks

Minecraft Commands For Donors

The following Minecraft commands are available for all players with the appropriate donor rank. Be sure to review the Donor Perks section for specific details on what commands are available to each rank. In addition, you can click on the button below if you want to become a donor and support the server.

/Disposal or /Trash

/Disposal or /Trash Too many useless items in your inventory or storage?  Get a personal trash compactor with this command. Place all your unwanted items in the popup inventory and close this to remove them permanently.

/back (50 SC)

/Back – Donors get access to quickly go back to your previous location using this command.  This also works if your character dies and you want to go back to your previous location. Cost: 50 Salty Coins


/AFK – to ensure that we can keep the server from lagging, players who are inactive for a certain time are kicked out of the server. Specific donors can use this command to prevent getting kicked. Players who are AFK will not be counted against active players when voting to skip the nighttime.

/Fix (500 SC) & /Fix all (2,000 SC)

/Fix or /Fix all – There is no need to worry about items breaking with these commands, which allow you to either fix the item you are holding or everything that is repairable in your inventory. Cost: 500 Salty Coins (/fix) and 2,000 Salty Coins (/fix all)


/Feed – Hungry but out of food? Quickly fill up your hunger bar by using this command. Note that there is a cooldown after every use.

/ptime [day/night/reset]

/ptime [day/night/reset] – Want that epic night-time screenshot of your base but don’t want to wait for night to fall? Go ahead and set your own personal time using this command. You can change your time to day or night without affecting everyone else. Note that the setting will reset if you log off, change worlds, or die and respawn.

/pweather [weather]

/pweather [weather] – Afraid of thunderstorms hitting your base? Or want the skies to clear? Use this command to change the weather for you without affecting others personally.  Note that the setting will reset if you log off, change worlds, or die and respawn. Storm or Sun are the options.


/tptoggle – You don’t want to be bothered by people asking to teleport to where you are? Use this command to toggle the teleport request on or off.


/Hat – Have fun with your friend using this command that lets you wear any item in your inventory (except for tools and equipment) as headgear for your character. Want to showcase that diamond-block you just crafted? What better way than to wear it in your head, right?


/Firework – Tired of seeing the same fireworks display? Need to spice it up with more colours? This shows you the list of commands to customise the fireworks you are carrying to get new effects!


/Condense – Do you need a bit of help clearing some bag space as you mine ores and other items?  Use this command to quickly transform stacks of items into blocks (EX: Redstone into Redstone blocks, coal into coal blocks).


/Nightvision – Off to mining in a deep cavern but didn’t bring enough torches? Use this command to be able to see in darkness, and even underwater. While this won’t affect mobs from spawning all around you, you can at least be sure they won’t creep up on you in the darkness.


/Near – You can use this command to see whether there are any players around you or within a specific number of blocks (typed as “/near [number of blocks]”). This is particularly useful when going into PVP enabled zones, whether to hide from someone or hunt them.


/Invsee – King need not worry about what other players are carrying and wearing with this command, which lets them see other players’ inventory. Perfect for scouting in PVP or for satisfying your own curiosity!


/Enderchest – Ender chests are one of the most useful items in the game. Being able to access your own ender chests without needing to place the actual chest is something that donors will appreciate using this command.


/Fly – Certain ranks allow flying within your land claim, and our special crates also give fly time vouchers that you can use for a defined period. Ranked donors also can fly within our main lobby/spawn area. Use this command to toggle your flight mode.


/Top – been mining deep underground for hours on end and want to go back to the surface easily?  Or do you want to get to the top of that big tree in front of you? Use this command to teleport to the topmost block in your current coordinates immediately.


/Recipe – Are you trying to figure out the recipe for a specific item and don’t have the time to research it online? No worries. Donors can use this command to show the recipe for a specified item they are looking to craft.

/Beezooka or /Kittycannon

/Beezooka or /Kittycannon – These are fun commands to use when playing around with friends. Throw exploding bees and kittens and surprise them! Note that these do not cause terrain damage in our survival world.

Workstation Commands

The following workstation commands allow donors at certain ranks to access the corresponding workstation without needing the actual station. Type the command, and the usual menu tab will appear much like the actual workstation.

  • /workbench
  • /stonecutter
  • /anvil
  • /grindstone
  • /loom
  • /cartographytable
  • /smithingtable

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