Midnites Ghost or Midnites to his friends or Joe if you happen to make it to his circle of trust, hails from the distant gaming world known as the Metaverse
upon making a visit to the planet earth , Midnites discovered the hobby earthlings called gaming and has been living among the natives enjoying his new found
hobby. Midnites has been around since the NES system enjoying gaming sessions of Duck Hunt , Kung Fu, among others, he is currently enjoying wrecking noobs
in popular titles such as Call of Duty , Apex legends and Fortnite, when he is not collecting the salty tears from his defeated opponents, this gaming wrecking
machine can be found at night in the zombie wastelands of 7 Days to Die hunting the mighty zombie known as “The Juggernaut”, during the day this gaming creature
of habit tends to the problems and disputes of the server population, laying down the law with an iron fist while helping those in need with a compassionate heart
so if you cross paths with Midnites at night time in the apocaliptic wastelands , do not be afraid and run instead give him a virtual hug, and you never know he might
even offer to take you on a Juggernaut hunting trip at night.

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