Just In Time


Just In Time

Player Stats

  • Damage 45% 45%
  • Accuracy 60% 60%
  • Endurance 35% 35%
  • Strength 55% 55%
  • Speed 40% 40%

Just In Time Biography:

My name is (you guessed it) Justin. I first starting playing 7 Days to Die back during Alpha 17’ish, but only played for a little while. I played off and on since then and about 9 months ago when I started playing it full time. In the search for a better 7 Days To Die server, I came across Salty Zombies and have stayed ever since. I have been into video games almost my entire life and I still have every console I have ever owned (even my 2 Atari 2600’s)! I have never sold a single video game that I have acquired (even the ones that ended up being terrible, ET for the 2600 comes to mind). Before starting 7 Days 2 Die back up I was playing a lot of Conan and Borderlands 2 & 3.

Shortly after Salty Zombies and getting out of the Starting Area (after reading the walls and figuring out how to get out!), I met a couple of players that gave me some stuff to get started with. Not long after I met Kraag, while we were talking about my experience on the server so far he explained the most important rule, the rule I try my best to follow and instil in others “Don’t be a D@ck.” Which means your fun shouldn’t ruin anyone else’s fun!

About The Real Justin

I have had a lot of really cool jobs in my life. I was a bouncer for over 10yrs, went through Culinary School and worked as a Professional Chef for 10 years, was an Engineering Technician and Superintendent on Site for a Precast Company. One of my favourite projects I worked on was the erection (Yes, I said Erection!) of the control tower and building at the Air Force Academy. I also worked on other really cool projects for the Air Force/Military; this allowed me to work in places most civilians let alone enlisted personnel would ever get to experience firsthand. All that came to a crashing halt when I was injured on the job.

After playing with Kraag and everyone else on that map, I knew I had found where I wanted to stay. It hasn’t always been a smooth ride. But as a whole, they have always looked to do what is best for the entire community. As a moderator, I hope to continue to look out for Salty Zombies and its amazing community of players, moderators, admins, and owners.

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