Purple Jord

Moderator – PVE UK Server

Purple Jord

Player Stats

  • Damage 40% 40%
  • Accuracy 45% 45%
  • Endurance 60% 60%
  • Strength 30% 30%
  • Speed 50% 50%

Purple Jord’s Biography:

Purple Jord is one of our moderators for one of our 7 Days To Die Servers, specificly the UK PVE server.

I am Purple Jord, my name is Jord and just in case you didn’t guess my favourite colour is purple. I first started playing 7 days to die years ago when it first came out on console and it was love at first sight. My first time playing the game I stayed up all night with some friends building my very first base. Nothing fancy but we managed to clear a cemetery poi replaced the ground to start a small farm. For me, it was the beginning of a long-lasting love affair.

Within a few years, I had racked up many hours on the console version before finally admitting defeat. The console version was just too buggy and glitchy so I bought myself a PC.

So i bought myself a pc and yes it is the only reason I own a pc, and I have never looked back, the differences between console and pc are amazing, the best addition for me was by far the new vehicles, as I had a love for building racetracks.

I first joined salty zombies because building racetracks was fun but not so much when I don’t have anyone to race them. After only a few weeks of playing Salty Zombies, I soon realised that there are no actual racetracks in the 7 Days To Die world so I decided to build the first version of the Red Rocket Raceway. It was a simple track, 1 LCB in size and 7 floors high. I soon realised it needed some cool features like traps that required an extensive electricity system. It would be too much for me alone, so enlisted the help of my long time friend robmac33. Together we finished the very first red rocket raceway.

Our next raceway was a true labour of love situated over more than 9 land claim blocks and 100 blocks tall. Organising the electric system had become a full-time job for robmac33 with an astonishing 20 solar banks full of cells and what must have been 50 miles worth of wiring, luckily by this point the red rocket raceway team had grown from a duo to a squad. The squad was fantastic, but so was everyone in Salty Zombies. For me, the reason I keep playing the game is not just to build a fancy race track, it was the community of people that Salty Zombies have built.

It is hands down the best group of friendly players I have ever met on any game. I am gonna finish this off by saying your guys and gals rock keep on being awesome!

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