Infernal Butler


Infernal Butler

Player Stats

  • Agility 25% 25%
  • Fortitude 25% 25%
  • Intellect 100% 100%
  • Perception 25% 25%
  • Strength 25% 25%
  • Charisma 100% 100%

Infernal Butler Biography:

Infernal Butler is an omnilaterally singular fellow. Infernal Butler has many interests, including reading, sitting in a cave, wandering about, sitting in a cave again, wandering about some more, sitting in a cave reading about a man wandering about, playing music, wondering why playing music wasn’t mentioned before so he could at least entertain himself in between all of this wandering, and cave sitting, and more wandering, and reading about wandering while reading about how he was sitting in a cave… and then eventually gaming. Cutting his teeth on tabletop RPGs such as AD&D and HeroQuest, he found the value in playing in group environments rather than wondering if he was in a cave or not.

In 2017, during the zombie craze of early alpha games, Butler began looking for a new game to spend time on, and Youtube eventually led him to 7 Days To Die. Beginning in early alpha 15, Infernal Butler spent his first thousand hours playing solo while watching popular streamers, until his favourite Youtuber opened a server to play with his followers. However, after a month of play, it became apparent that the streamer wouldn’t devote enough time to the server to make it a workable venture, so he decided to shut it down before the community decided to take the server over. Thus a passion was born.

Butler devoted his time to connecting the dozens of above-ground bases with underground tunnel networks, giving the group a way to do quick travel to avoid adverse terrain at a time that minibikes were the only means of transportation, and soon discovered his true calling as a tunnel dweller. That worked for several years before the band broke up, so to speak, which nearly led to another random hobbyhorse.

So then, drifting through the miasma that is the fetid pool of 7dtd servers, Butler nearly gave in to despair, seeking to become one with wasteland, before discovering the Salty Zombies servers. And thus began a truly beautiful thing… Nam’s perpetual headache. Stealing the credentials of a janitor and nipping an extra uniform from the laundry, Butler spent the first few months of 2021 sleeping in the locker room, eating the snacks in the kitchen, bribing the cleaning lady, and generally avoiding upper management and anyone who might notice he wasn’t supposed to be there before Nam and Bap tracked him down and determined that, indeed, he was not “Bob from Accounting.” More’s the pity; were that true, he’d be much more useful at this point.

After joining and discovering that the Salty Zombies servers ran more akin to a professional, slick machine of a game hosting service than a hobby run by volunteers, he decided that the SZ servers were where he wanted to be. So you will find Butler on the PvE Casual USA server offering bikes full of supplies, alongside digging and building lessons, and also on the Discord famously “Never Not Talking.”

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