Welcome to the In Game Shop

The Salty Zombies in game shop is a unique online shop on our dedicated servers that is run and managed by Jarvis. He has a special in game currency called “Salty Coins”. You earn salty coins automatically by playing on our servers, you also earn them by killing zombies and voting for our server. These coins are not stored in your inventory, they are just added to your character in a virtual wallet. You can find out how many Salty Coins you have by typing in the game chat /Wallet.

So what can I do with my Salty Coins?

The main thing you can so with Salty Coins is exchange them for LVL 6 gear like armour or an Auger. There are also certian commands on the server you can use, either to set a teleport location or to use a teleport location. These commands will cost you Salty Coins so make sure you get slaying them zombies, or you wont be able to Teleport home. For more information on the server commands and Salty Coins costs, check out our Bot Commands page.

1 Salty Coin

For Every Zombies you Kill

200 Salty Coin

For everytime you vote on our servers and you can vote once every 24 hours

1 Salty Coin

For Every Minute You Play

How To Vote?

As you have probably have guessed, voting for our server is the best way to earn Salty Coins. You can do it once every 24 hours and it only takes 1 minute to do. Click on the voting buttons below and it will redirect you to the 7 Days To Die server voting website. You vote via your steam account so make sure you use the same steam account that you play 7 Days to Die with.

How To Claim My Salty Coins?

Once you have voted for the server via your steam account your character will have been awarded 200 Salty Coins. You can claim these coins by jumping in the game and typing in chat /Vote. Jarvis will check you voted and give you the coins for you to spend in the shop. We have a different shop for each server, so make sure you go to the right shop and spend your hard earn Salty Coins in the right place.

Do note that your Salty Coins will be saved to your account forever and do not get wiped. So if your a good little saver and you vote every day and save up enough coins. The next time we wipe the server map your coins will carry on to the new world. So you could buy yourself some nice gear right on day 1.

Buy Salty Coins

Alternatively, you can buy Salty Coins from our Salty Coins store using real-life cash. This is a great way to give yourself a chance to catch up and or save time on your build. If you buy Salty Coins remember to contact an admin or moderator so they can add your coins to your wallet manually. Buying Salty Coins is another great way you can help support the Salty Zombies gaming community and we are grateful for every purchase. 

Salty Zombies Merch

We also have a real life shop where you can buy some of the cool Salty Zombies Merch, T-shirts, hoodies, head buff (Neck Gaiter) etc. Each purchase from the Salty Zombies Merch shop supports the running and maintenance of the servers. It also allows us to expand the gaming community and the brand. Feel free to have a browse around and if you want some custom T-Shirts done let us know.

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