Trainer Category: Admin

Victoria - Salty Zombies Server Manager


Victoria runs our dedicated server, she is a Linux expert with more than a decade of experience in running and managing dedicated servers. She doesn’t have many hours in playing the 7 Days to Die game, so her knowledge on that is limited. But she likes the game a lot and plays in her own […]

The Baptizer

The Baptizer

The Baptizer or “Bap” as he is known for short, has many years of experience with server management and security. He is also very skilled in administration on PVP game servers and of course playing FPS and survival games. He is a natural leader who has a unique ability to deal with people in a […]

Ragnarok Salty Zombies Server overseer


Ragnarok is the founder and owner of the famous and very popular Ragnarok PvP server. Namsaknoi and Baptizer play a lot on his server with their friends before it got shut down. Ragnarok is an advisor to the Salty Zombies server team. With Years of server owner experience, there is nothing Ragnarok hasn’t seen or […]


Namsaknoi is the original founder of Salty Zombies. He came up with the idea of going above and beyond your average 7 Days to Die server. Namsaknoi or “Nam” as he is referred to, loves PvP.¬†Namsaknoi is in charge of the Salty Server marketing. He designs and builds the promotional posters, maintains the Facebook Page,¬†Facebook […]