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If GTFO is your kinda game, then you will love being a part of the Salty Zombies GTFO Discord. The Salty Zombies GTFO Discord is a very active community and is especially useful in finding other GTFO fans to play together with. And since GTFO is primarily a team game, having access to an active GTFO Discord community can be very handy.

Additionally, the GTFO discord is also a very useful space if you need some help with the game strategy or if you get stuck somewhere in the game. That is because the GTFO discord is full of players of all levels, from beginners to professionals! And the pros here tend to be quite helpful!

Now GTFO is a pretty high-level game. And since you like GTFO, we’re sure you love playing other survivor games as well. Well, we’re the same! We love playing all sorts of survivor games, especially the Zombie apocalypse kind. So if you’re like us, then you should also check out our gaming Discord page because just like the GTFO discord and GTFO PVE server, we do the same with many other survivor games.

Watch SZ staff play GTFOon Twitch.

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Salty Zombies is made up of all hardcore gamers, who not only love playing survivor-type games but also like stream the. So if you love playing GTFO and would like to see how we fare at the game, then check out our Twitch Stream Team page to watch us play this game.

Of course, as we mentioned earlier, we love playing all types of survivor games. So on our Twitch Stream page, you will find streams for many other survivor games like RUST, Valhiem, Atlas, SCUM, 7 Days To Die etc. Fan of any of these games? Then come watch us play!


GTFO Discord Rules

The Salty Zombies Gaming Discord channels are a space for all fans of the game to come together, discuss and play. It is not a space just to vent your anger & bully or abuse other people. Of course, debates are good. But if things are getting too serious and tempers begin to flare then move the chat to a private messaging window instead of continuing a public spat. 

Basically, we will not tolerate any member bullying or being abusive towards any other member. If you felt that some member has been acting like a bully towards you or is using abusive language etc, then you can contact a moderator who will help sort out your situation. We have some basic chat rules in place to avoid such behaviour, as mentioned below:

  • Too much Trash talking will result in muting
  • Sexist/Racist comments will get you banned
  • Posting of any obscene/vulgar/nude images and memes is not allowed
  • Advertising or Promoting other Discord servers is not allowed
  • Advertising or promoting other gaming organisations is not allowed
  • In case of any abusive behaviour, follow the chain of command to contact a moderator
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Valheim Group Of Monsters
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What is GTFO?

The game tagline says it all – Work Together Or Die Together. This is meant to be a very cooperative game. Specifically for a team of four. This horror shooter survivor game goes from suspense to all action very quickly. Teamwork is key in this game, and you better work on your stealth and strategy!

When the warden issues a new work order, you are dropped into the Rundown as a team of 4 prisoners. Here you must clear the expedition series and go deeper and deeper into the “Complex”. Clear levels as you go further down by collecting resources and scavenging tools. It’s a dangerous network of tunnels full of wild creatures that are best left undisturbed. 

You can clear the Rundown by clearing all of the expeditions and completing the Work Order. However, remember that is not your regular run-n-gun shooter game. Teamwork is of the utmost importance in order to survive. Given below are some of the GTFO game features 

A 4-player team game

As we mentioned earlier, GTFO is designed to be a team game of 4 prisoners each. Although you do have to use bots if you fall short of 4 players. However, GTFO requires pretty advanced communication, coordination & stealth operations in order to complete the expeditions. That is why we wouldn’t recommend playing with bots. Playing with other players is way more effective & fun.

Strategise, Coordinate & Explore

GTFO is a game made completely for team coordination and strategy. You won’t be able to clear the rundown without mastering both of these. Even before starting your expedition, the first thing you must do is select the weapons, gear and boosters for each of the prisoners. These decide what is the primary function of each prisoner. This comes in handy when things go wrong in the Complex.

Stealth Is Key

You cannot just go all berserk in the Complex. There are creatures here you don’t want to mess with, and there are plenty of them. Luckily these creatures tend to be in a sort of suspended hibernation. However, any noise, light or vibrations will wake them up. This is even more troublesome because soon all of these creatures in the area will wake up as the battle begins!

New Rundown With Every New Work Order

Each time the Warden gives out a new work order, the current Rundown gets permanently erased, while a new Rundown takes its place. Throughout the game, new Rundowns will be dropped in at regular intervals. Each time the Rundown changes, it means new trouble for you and your team!

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What is Discord?

Discord is primarily a group chatting app. If you’ve ever used any of the older chatting apps like mIRC then you’ll know what we’re talking about. Discord, however, has a much better user interface and features that have made it the most popular group chatting app. The covid pandemic too has only boosted its popularity. Discord is now even more popular than Facebook groups!

Discord was initially aimed at the gaming community. It was used at first by gamers to discuss the various gameplay, strategies etc. They could also plan and play together while being connected to each other via discords group voice channel. However, over time, even other communities such as dating, cooking etc started using discord, and now, it is almost the default app for all groups looking for a group discussion platform.

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As fans of the game, you will definitely have a great time on our GTFO Discord & GTFO PVE server. But you also already know that all of us at Salty Zombies are also crazy about all survivor games, especially if we can kill some zombies! Atlas, RUST, Fallout 76, Valheim, SCUM etc are just some of the games we like, to name a few!

At Salty Zombies, you can expect to find a gaming discord channel and PVE server for all of the games mentioned above. You can also check out our Twitch streams to see us try our hand at survival! There are also some little fun activities to do on our discord channel. Now you can share your own pic using #Mugshots, a nice snap using #Photography or just some hilarious #Memes. For those who don’t feel like doing anything, there is also our Music Bot to just chill with.

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