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Welcome to Salty Zombies Gaming Community Discord 

Salty Zombies is one of the coolest gaming communities ever! We started as just a small Discord of friends playing 7 Days To Die, an online multiplayer zombies survival game. We soon moved to host our own 7 Days To Die servers and host other games such as Conan Exiles, Project Zomboid, Minecraft, etc. Before we knew it, our friend’s Discord turned into a huge community-based gaming Discord with thousands of people worldwide. Now there isn’t a game that someone in a community isn’t actively obsessed about, so if you are looking for a new gaming buddy or 2, you are sure to find them in our Gaming Discord.

A safe place for everyone

Gaming Discord Community Rules

These are a couple of rules for our gaming Discord server. Basically, don’t be rude, insulting or hostile to people. We don’t mind debates or members expressing different opinions but keep it clean and away from politics, religion or controversial subjects. If you wish to discuss such a matter, then please do so outside of our gaming Discord. These rules are also for the in-game chat of our gaming servers. If you find someone breaking these rules, please use the chain of command and contact a moderator, do not tag an owner or admin. You can also Ping a moderator in our Gaming Discord by typing @moderator in any channel, then pressing enter.

  • Use chain of command
  • No racist or sexist remarks
  • No advertising for other Discords
  • No nudity/vulgar/obscene pictures/memes/videos
  • No advertising of other gaming servers/organizations
  • If trash talking goes beyond friendly banter, you will be muted
  • If someone is suspected of cheating, contact an admin or moderator

Watch SZ Community Stream on Twitch.

[twitch streamer="Krixluther"]

Not just a gaming Discord! Salty Zombies has a Twitch Stream Team. They are led by our founder Krix Luther, who likes to stream various games, mostly zombie apocalypse survival games. You should check them out, they all have their own unique styles to their streams, and most of the community is there joining in the fun. Check out the Twitch Stream Team page if you are a streamer interested in becoming part of the stream team.


Become part of our gaming discord family

Over the years, Salty Zombies has become more than just a community. People have met in our gaming Discord and became good friends. They have helped each other with real-life situations and created bonds and relationships that go beyond the virtual world of gaming. Our members have become so close they have travelled across the country to meet in real life. Some have developed romantic relationships and have travelled across the globe to pursue the person of their dreams.

We have plans in the future to do regular Salty Zombies Meet Ups. There have been a few already, and they have been a lot of fun. Maybe in the not too distant future, we will be running SaltyZombiesCon meetups.

What is Discord?

Discord is a popular group-chatting app, similar to the old school mIRC and was initially made for gamers to build their communities and talk like our Conan Exiles Discord and us, for example.

However, since its launch in 2015, it has expanded into becoming the home for many other types of communities. Like, cooking, dating and hobby communities. In a way, Discord is taking over what Facebook Groups used to be.

Discord thrived during the pandemic because many people had to work from home, so businesses were opening up Discords to communicate with their staff, and schools were also known to use it for their students. Now there are over 200 million active users.

How Our Gaming Discord Works

When you first join our gaming Discord, you will be greeted with a rules page that will ask you to read and accept before proceeding. Here you will be directed to our main #Rules & Info channel. This channel contains some critical links that could help with any questions or further information you might need. You will also see a bunch of Emojis that represent Games. Please click on any of the games you play or want information about. Clicking on these emojis will make the specific channels for that game appear. You can unclick and click on any of these emojis at any time hiding or showing more channels.

Commons Area

Salty Zombies Gaming Discord has a commons area where we can share real-world things about ourselves, for example, there is a #Mugshots channel where you can throw a real-life picture of yourself, a #Foodies channel where the food addicts among us can show off what we are about to devour.

Discord Music Bot

Our gaming Discord has a couple of music bots you can use in the coms channels. Please ask if you are in coms with someone else if it’s ok for you to play music. To use the music bots, be in a coms channel of your choice, go to the #Music-Commands channel and type in /join; the bot will enter the coms channel with you. From there, you can type in /play [insert song name] – For example, /play acdc highway to hell. The bot will start playing this song. To pause the song, type /pause and then /resume to resume the music. When you are done or you want to the bot to leave you can type /stop

Discord Rankings

The more you talk and interact in our gaming Discord the more XP you get. This XP will 

What Games Does Our Gaming Community Discord Play?

This is the most commonly asked question when people join, so I thought I would answer it here. In short, all of them. It’s very unlikely you regularly play a game that no one in our gaming Discord doesn’t play. Not only do we host a bunch of games, but we also hold regular streaming events in games like Among Us or Back 4 Blood.

Check out our Gaming Discord Community Members

Our Gaming Discord has grown from strength to strength, and Salty Zombies has accidentally become a brand name now. The community love to buy our merch, wear it with pride and show it off. So many have mentioned people engaging in conversation with them, asking, “What is Salty Zombies?” If you are interested in being part of our crazy gaming community and have your photo planted here, feel free to visit our merch shop here.

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