Forever Dead (Scammer)

Ex Moderator for PVE Casual 

Forever Dead

Player Stats

  • Damage 5% 5%
  • Accuracy 3% 3%
  • Endurance 20% 20%
  • Strength 1% 1%
  • Speed 7% 7%

Forever Dead Biography:

Forever Dead or Mr Dead X as he now call himself is now a forbidden word in the Salty Zombies Community. He was a moderator for our PVE Casual Server and comes off as a very nice and eager guy. Kinda submissive and overly grateful for everything. He first joined us back in 2019 when Salty Zombies was going through one of its growth spurts. We decided we needed to recruit some more moderators and promote the existing ones for admin.

Forever Dead or Anthony Mason as he is known in real life, applied to be a moderator but never made the cut at first. But he continually asked to be one, he was a little too insistent which what put us off. But he was always active and he lived in the UK which is a different time zone for all our other moderators which was a benefit. After a few months of helping promote our servers on Facebook and Reddit etc, he asked if he could have a special role like “advertiser”. I thought he just wanted a title or the feeling of belonging. I figured after all the hard work he was putting in I guess I could give him one if it made him feel good. So I granted him the title and he literally cried with joy, I kinda felt sorry for him, he had a way of appealing to that side of you.

A month or more goes by one of our new moderators had some family issues and had to step down. So there was an opening for a moderators position and Forever Dead wormed his way into it. It wasn’t long after we noticed some weird behaviour, like telling senior moderators and admins what to do. Or overstepping his powers by @everyone in discord for nonsense announcements. Which only Admin is allowed to do. Despite apologising for these shortcomings he continued to do them and continued to act a bit abnormal.

The Scam

One day Forever Deads computer breaks and he can’t get in the game to help. In a random conversation in comms, he mentions his motherboard is broken and he needs a new one. The replacement would cost £100. So we lent him the money to buy the board. He promises to pay us back at the end of the month. End of the month comes and he says “No I said the 17th”, the 17th comes and he says he can’t pay until next 17th. Then on the 16th, the day before payment is due, Kraag gets a discord PM from Forever Deads girlfriend saying he had a mental break down and is in hospital.

What Forever Dead failed to remember is that he added a bunch of us as Steam friends before he became a moderator and we saw him online playing games. We weren’t sure it was him or maybe someone else living in the house. During a discussion in comms with other moderators about him, we find out he didn’t just borrow £100 ($140 USD) from us. He borrowed $280 of Kraag, $60 of One Angry Soldier and $100 of Saron Gas. That’s just under $600 he took and had no intention of paying us back.

He comes back from his hospital episode and we confront him about his accumulated debt and he ends up leaving the discord and removing us all as friends. We find out the hospital excuse was a lie which is shocking considering there were people genuinely worried about him.

UPDATE: 24/11/2020

Months later he changed his name to MrDeadX and we find out he is a moderator for another 7 Days To Die Server called Red Dusk/The Red Alliance, trying to run the same scam. However, after mentioning to the owner of that server, his response was to ban us from his discord. Months later dispite the warnings from us we find out he ended up being removed as an admin from there for doing some “dodgy shit” what that was, we don’t know.

UPDATE: 17/2/2021

A couple people joined our discord today telling us Mr Dead X joined their 7D2D server and scammed 2 members of their community for $420. They knew he was an ex moderator of ours and after they got scammed, they checked our website and saw his Biography here. (Little to late). They asked their names and server be left out of this update, but they ask our permission to post this article around social media to warn others.

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