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Introducing Forever Dead! For two and a half years he played 7 Days to Die on Xbox console, then made the switch over to PC and has never looked back. He joined the Salty Zombie server at the end of January 2020, of which was his first multiplayer server. When he joined the server, Namsaknoi offered him a safe place to stay until he was able to collect some items and gear to make a place of his own. His first base that he found was an old ranger station that he quickly fixed up and made it his home.

Forever Dead has always been an avid gamer. His journey started with the first Quake game and Sims 1. Nowadays, when he isn’t on 7 Days To Die, he enjoys a bit of ARMA 3, Space Engineers and Day Z.

In real life he is a Carer and helps looking after people with brain injuries. His natural willingness to help others makes him the ideal candidate to be a moderator on the Beginners PvE server. Kraag is the other moderator for that server, and the two of them look after all the new players there.

You will find him in the game either looting a nearby city or down at bedrock mining. He has a decent amount of knowledge on the game, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask him. You can also contact him via our 7 Days To Die Discord Server.

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