FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions (FAQ) our moderators and admin get asked. Please take the time to read the entire page before PM the Salty Zombies staff. Chances are your question is here in this list. If you have any good questions that you think should be here then please feel free to contact us with them.

You can find our servers by typing “Salty Zombies” in the 7 days to die server page in game. If you don’t see it, you could be on a different version of the game. Altertativly you could click on the links below and it will connect you to the servers directly.

Hit this link to connect to our PvE server steam://connect/

Hit this link to connect to our PvP server steam://connect/

Generally it will be 4 per player, the size will depend on if you are playing PVP or PVE – check our PvE Server & PvP Server details for exact details.

Tree farming is when a play plants rows and rows of trees to collect wood from, Too many trees causes server lag and drops FPS. We have banned tree farming for this reason. When you chop down a tree you get a seed, just replant the tree once you are done.

If you are playing on our PVP server – yes you can, If you are playing on our PVE server – no you can’t.

7 days to die has issues with memory leaks and over time these leaks can lead to poor server perfomance. A reboot every 4 hours keeps everything fresh and gives us more time inbetween map wipes.

A griefer is a player in a multiplayer video game who deliberately irritates and harasses other players within the game. (trolling) They may use aspects of the game in unintended ways to cause issue with other players. A griefer derives pleasure primarily or exclusively from the act of annoying other users, and as such is a particular nuisance in online gaming communities.

Drop mining is when you undercut sections of any block or terrain and allow the blocks/terrain above to fall to the ground. Drop mining can cause issues with the server and can also lead to premature map wipes. You can drop mine in small squares of 5x5x5 which will equal to 125 blocks. Anything more then that and our bot will detect these falling blocks and alert admin via discord.

A high value POI is a pre-fab structure that contains high-value loot, IE Gun safes, wall safes, ammo crates and multiple supply crates etc.

So long as the POI is not considered “high value” and the POI is not in a reset zone, no problems. If in doubt- ask an admin or moderator.

We have different levels for donors with different benefits. Please visit our Patreon page for more detials – www.patreon.com/SaltyZombies

The most common way players find other players bases is either by following players back to their bases or simply walking around the map with a land claim block in their hands. If it shows as green the land claim can be placed, If it shows as red you are either in a no build zone or you are over the top of another players claimed area.

A reset zone is a particular area that will get reset after some time. These are usually in big cities or towns. The reason we have these is incase a city or major POI is ruined by a griefer or a new player use parts of the city to harbour themselves from a horde night. DO NOT BUILD YOU BASE IN A RESET ZONE.

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