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Welcome to the Fallout 76 Discord. This is the perfect place for all Fallout 76 players, especially if you are looking for a community of other Fallout fans. Here you can discuss gameplay, and strategies and even play together with other players. At the Salty Zombies Fallout 76 Discord, you will find a lively community with plenty of Fallout players. From newbies to the more seasoned players, they’re all here talking about the game or playing together by teaming up or challenging each other on our Fallout 76 PVE server.

Since you’re a fan of Fallout 76, our guess is that you like other survivor games as well! Well, we’re the same you know! All of us at Salty Zombies is a hardcore survivor gamers. We get especially excited about taking down zombies! So make sure you check our gaming Discord where you can see our discord channel for all the other survivor games we play.

Watch SZ staff play Fallout 76 on Twitch.

[twitch streamer="Krixluther"]

Our SZ staff not just love playing Fallout 76 but they like to stream it as well! So if you want to see us play Fallout 76 then just head over to our Twitch Stream Team to get the link. And being survivor game fans we don’t just stick to Fallout 76 all the time.

You can also catch us playing other survivor games like 7 Days To Die, Valheim, The Forest, Dayz, Scum, RUST and many more!


Fallout 76 Discord Rules

Salty Zombie is a place where we build a community for all sorts of gamers to come together, interact, discuss, discover and play together. And for such a community to thrive, it needs to be a space where one can freely interact. This is why we do not let anyone spoil the mood by being unnecessarily rude, brash, racist or generally offensive.

This is not to mean that we don’t encourage discussions and debates. Sure, there needs to be a healthy conversation between differing points of view. However, when things get a bit too heated up, just move the conversation to private messaging. 

But sometimes, things can just get completely out of hand when someone just outright talks abusively. If you have experienced this, make sure to notify the moderator, who will take the necessary action. Here are the general rules to keep in mind when conversing with other members (This applies to in-game chats too):

  • Do not sexist remarks
  • Do not make racist comments
  • Do not promote or advertise other Discord servers 
  • Do not promote or advertise third-party Servers / Gaming organisations 
  • Do not post Nude/Obscene/Vulgar Videos/Pictures/Memes
  • Do not  engage in excessive trash talking or you will get muted
  • In order to report abuse, contact the moderator or admin
  • Report abuse by following the chain of command
Valheim Scenery
Valheim Group Of Monsters
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What is Fallout 76?

Fallout 76 is yet another product of the well renowned Bethesda Game Studio. These are the folks who gave us award-winning games like Skyrim & Fallout 4. Now, in Fallout 76, you find yourself in a post-apocalypse world in America. The nuclear war is long over, as you emerge 25 years later in 2102 on Reclamation Day along with your fellow Vault Dwellers – the chosen ones, from among the nation’s best!

Fallout 76 is an open-world multiplayer world. This vast world is the most dynamic and biggest world in the Fallout universe. You can either choose to go at it solo, or you can team up with others to complete quests, explore the wastelands, survive and win against all threats. Here are some of the features you can look forward to in Fallout 76:

Detailed Quests & Interesting Game Characters

You enter the Fallout 76 world as soon as you get out of Vault 76. This is also when your main quest begins which will help you discover West Virginia and all of its secrets. You will also come across your new neighbours who are there to rebuild this post-apocalyptic world. Whether you betray them or join them is up to you.

Customize Your Character & Your Story

You can use the S.P.E.C.I.A.L system to completely customise your character. Furthermore, you can choose to explore more than hundreds of locations in this vast wasteland either alone or team up with other online players. How your story goes in Fallout 76 is all up to you.

Create Unique Custom Worlds

There are many settings in Fallout 76 that help you customise your Fallout 76 world. The game features are also constantly evolving which helps you discover Appalachia and play through adventures that are unique to you.

Reimagine The American Dream

In this game, you use C.A.M.P (Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform) to craft items in the Fallout world. With C.A.M.P your Supplies, Shelter and Security can be taken care of. You can also interact with other players by setting up your own shop. This can be used to trade and exchange goods with your fellow survivors in the Fallout 76 world.

Seasonal Challenges

Every season you have the opportunity to earn very useful rewards like C.A.M.P, supplies, consumables and much more. In order to win these, you need to complete all the time-limited challenges of the season.

A Splendid and Vast World 

As you’ve already guessed by now, a very unique adventure awaits you in the vast world of Fallout 76. This world here is based on 6 regions from West Virginia and gives you splendid sceneries from the wide and open lands of Cranberry Bog to the Appalachian forests. But beware, each place has its rewards as well as risks.

This is how the game developers describe the Fallout 76 content:

  • Mature Language
  • Drugs & Alcohol!
  • Lots Of Violence
  • Bloody & Gory
  • Very Implicative Theme
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What is Discord?

Discord is basically a group chatting app. In concept, it is very similar to older group chatting apps like the mIRC. What differentiates Discord from the other older apps is the much better User interface and features, that make it all the more easier to have group discussions.

Discord was initially targeted at the gaming community. Gamers would use this platform to discuss the game, and its various gameplays, build strategies and play with or against each other. The platform interface, however, seemed pretty good for other communities as well to have group discussions. Soon. discord was popular all across the spectrum, with many communities such as gardening, cooking, dating etc signing up.

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As you should know by now, we are not just Fallout 76 fans. We love all survivor games! Whether it is surviving the cannibalistic mutants in The Forest, living the pirate life in Atlas, or surviving a zombie apocalypse in 7 Days To Die, we are always game for it! That is why there is much more for you to discover here than just the Fallout 76 Discord and PVE server.

So make sure to check out all the other games we cover in our gaming Discord. In building a community space for all our fellow gamers to talk and mingle, we have made our discord channels more fun. So now if you feel like doing something just for a laugh you can post #Memes, or perhaps your pictures with #Mugshots, or maybe just a good snap with #Photography. Don’t feel like doing anything? Just chill and listen to some tunes with our Music Bot.

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