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Get You Free Eve Online 1 Million Skill Points! It sounds like one of those contract scams in Jita, right? That’s what I thought as well, but it is actually CCP’s new marketing strategy to bring new players to Eve Online. However, this isn’t just for new players. They didn’t leave out the current loyal players, past and present. Anyone can claim the free Eve Online 1 Million skill points, and below, I will show you how.

How to claim your Eve Online 1 Million Skill Points?

Get Your Free Eve Online 1 Million Skill Points

If you are a new player, you can claim your Eve Online 1 Million Skill Points by clicking the orange button. It will take you to a page with the signup forum, like the image here. Choose an email you can access, as it’s essential in case you lose your account info. Choose a username and password. The Username is not your in-game name, so don’t worry about that. Make it something you can remember.

Already an existing EVE Online Player?

If you are already an existing player, active or not. You, too, can claim Eve Online 1 million skill points. You can check the bottom section of the forum, where it says:

Already Have An Account?
Login To Become A Recruit

I have highlighted it in the red box in the image here. Click on that and log in as usual. Once you have done that, you can log in and get a confirmation screen. Then, you can log in to your character via the Eve Online launcher, and you will see the 1 million Eve Online skill points ready to be claimed.

Unclaimed 1,000,000 eve online skill points
Eve Online 1 Million Skill Points Forum

Claiming Your 1 Millions Skill Points In Eve Online

Claiming your Eve Online 1 Million Skill Points

Once you log in via the link, you can log in via your Eve Online account, and you will see the orange indicator in the bottom left of your screen. This icon is where all your unclaimed items will be. Once you click this icon, it will open up a window where you can claim your skill points.

It will ask if you want to redeem your Eve Online 1 million skill points in your current or home station. Since they are just skill points, it doesn’t matter, so just choose “current station”.

I Don’t See My 1 Million Skill Points In Eve Online.

If you still don’t see the 1 million Eve Online skill points, you must open a ticket with Eve Online Support. Regarding new accounts, the 1,000,000 unallocated skill points are always there. However, for older players, it has failed a few times. The fastest way to get those skill points is to open a ticket with the Eve Online support team and tell them you signed up via this link:

which is the affiliate link that gains you the skill points, and tell them in the ticket that you have yet to receive them. They usually reply within 24 hours and manually add the EVE Online 1 million skill points to your character’s account. If you have more than one toon on that account, you must specify which toon you want the 1 million skill points to be applied to.

Where to spend your free 1 million Eve Online Skill Points?

I wouldn’t immediately blow the entire 1 million Eve Online Skill points if you are a new player. Not until you know what you want to do with your career. However, if you wish to be a fighter and shoot pirates all day or to be a miner/industrialist, there will be skills you will need regardless of the career. These skills might be worth putting in some of your free Eve Online Skill points.

I highly recommend saving them once you have done all the tutorials in all the different industries and have finally decided what career path you want to take your character on. Because to be proficient in any one of Eve Online’s careers can take a very long time to skill into. And Eve Online’s 1 million skill points are roughly about 1 month’s worth of training.

Can I become an Eve Online Affiliate?

Yes! This new marketing program is open to all Eve Online players. You can go to the Eve Online Recruit page and log in. There, you will be given a personalized affiliate link. Give this link to your friends, who can get Eve Online 1 Million Skill points. You can also earn rewards for every one you get to sign up via your link.

Please Note: the rewards are only given if they sign up to Omega. However, they do not have to sign up to Omega to receive the 1 million Eve Online Skill Points.

Main Rewards 1:

For every recruit that upgrades to Omega, you will have 15 days added to your Omega account.

Reward 1 15 Days Omega

Main Rewards 2:

For every recruit that buys a plex, you are awarded a 4x Master At Arms Cerebral Accelerator.

Reward 2 4x24H Accelerator

1 Recruit:

Triglavian Apparel

1 Recruit Triglavian Apparel

Once you get your first reference to sign up for Omega, you will be awarded a unique Triglvian Uniform. I was given a female uniform even though my character is male. I don’t remember if I had a choice. These currently sell in Jita for 2,000,000 ISK.

2 Recruit:

Pacifier BPC + SKIN

2 Recruits Pacifier BPC and Unique Skin

Things get interesting here; your 2nd referral gets you a Pacifier Blueprint Copy, which allows 1 run. This Blueprint is currently worth 300 Million ISK, and the ship is worth around 340 Million ISK. So unless you are a highly skilled industrialist, it is well worth selling the Blueprint and buying the ship directly. The unique skin you get with it is worth around 23 Million ISK.


1 Month of Omega

5 Recruits 1 Month Omega

On your 5th successful recruit to sign up, you get 1 month (30 days) free Omega added to your account. Not the most exciting reward. But remember, every recruit that signs up gets 15 days free Omega. So essentially, after 5 recruits, you have already been given around 2.5 months (75 days) of free Omega.


Enforcer BPC + SKIN

10 Recruits Enforcer BPC and Unique Skin

After 10 recruits sign up using your link and buy Omega, you will get a 1x run Blueprint Copy of an Enforcer, a Cruiser Class ship. The Blueprint is worth 350 million ISK, and the actual ship is worth 450 million ISK. The skin that comes with it is currently worth 139 million ISK.


You receive 2000 PLEX

20 Recruits 2000 Plex

I believe this to be the best reward of all. As I write this article, 1x plex is worth 5,300,000 ISK in Jita. Times that by 2,000, and you get 10.6 billion ISK. But that’s not why I think it’s the best reward. If you thought having Eve Online 1 million skill points was good, with 2,000 plex’s, you could buy 2 million Eve Online skill points from the New Eden store.

For 1,530 plex, you can buy the Master Bundle, which gives you 1,750,000 skill points with 470 plex remaining. You can either spend the remainder on skins or buy an additional 250 plex for $12.50 or buy exactly 188 Plex from the market for nearly 1 Billion ISK, and they will give you enough to buy the Novice Bundle that gives you 350,000 skill points. This gives you a total of 2,100,000 skill points in Eve Online.


Marshal BPC + Unique SKIN

40 Recruits Marshal BPC and Unique Skin

Although it is one of the game’s most expensive ships and skin, I don’t feel it is worth the immense effort to double the number of referrals you have already. The Blueprint is worth 8 billion ISK, and the skin is on the market for 1.3 billion ISK. So the total value is 9.3 Billion ISK. You could sell your 2,000 plex and buy this last reward with 1.3 Billion ISK change left over.

Not to mention, an additional 20 recruits means you miss out on the rewards for your first, second, fifth, and tenth recruit. So, I would create a new account, start promoting that referral link, and rinse and repeat. At no point is it worth pushing your referral link beyond 20 referrals.

Otherways you can earn Eve Online Skill Points

There are numerous ways you can earn more Eve Online Skill Points. Firstly, as you probably know, skill points in Eve Online are used for training skills for your pilot, making him a more efficient fighter or miner industrialist, etc. Learning new skills in Eve unlocks abilities to use bigger, better ships and all the models that come with those new ships.

But you can either earn Eve Online skill points that will be unallocated so you can assign them to any skill you have, or you can train skills faster. So, I will start by showing you how to train your skills faster and then teach you how to earn skill points to allocate.

Training your Eve Online skills faster

Like any other MMORPG game, your player has attributes you can put points into. In Eve Online, you have 5 attributes: Perception – Memory – Willpower – Intelligence – Charisma. When you first join Eve Online, all these attributes have equal points allocated to them. Every skill you train requires 2 different attributes. For example, every skill in the Gunnary Class requires Perception as its primary attribute and willpower as its secondary attribute. So the more points you have in these two attributes, the faster you learn skills in Gunnery. The more points you have in the primary, the better compared to the secondary.

Attribute Example

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