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Empyrion Dedicated Server

“Voted best Empyrion Server in the world”

Server Info:

Port: 50000

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5900X
  • RAM: 128GB RAM
  • 2TB NVMe
  • DDOS Protection
  • Daily Back-Ups
  • Location: USA

Server Rules:

  • Do not build in or close to Faction Camps, pet spawn areas, rare or boss spawns or POIs
  • Do not leave your thralls guarding 1 skull or 3 skull areas.
  • Do not leave wheels of pain type buildings around the map, pick them up when they have finished breaking thralls.
  • No kiting enemies to player bases.
  • No killing players, their pets or thralls.
  • No stealing from players or bases.
  • No harvesting of other players’ bodies.

Welcome To Salty Zombies Empyrion Dedicated Server

Join the Salty Zombies Community in the stars and build some of the most incredible spaceships on our new Empyrion Dedicated Server.

We have chosen Empyrion Galactic Survival (EGS) for Salty Zombies’ first expansion into the stars. We have installed the latest Reforged Eden mod and have selected a dedicated PingPerfect server in the U.S. to host EGS. Reforged Eden combines the famous Reforged Galaxy and Project Eden scenarios to rebalance the expansive EGS base game and deliver in-depth story elements, especially in the mid and late game. Finding a player faction or a group of friends to explore the massive universe that is EGS and forge the future of humanity in the universe is the best way to experience this spacefaring adventure, and Salty Zombies is the best community to find those friends. The Salty Zombies admin team has more than 30 active admins and moderators in multiple countries and time zones. So chances are, someone is available to help at any time of the day.


Let’s GO

Empyrion Server Mods

These mods are auto download on server entry

Reforged Eden

Reforged Eden Mod is a massive expansion pack and balances the base game.

Virtual Backpack

The Virtual Backpack mod allows virtual storage of in-game items that can be accessed anytime during the game and persists after death.

Ship Passenger

This mod allows ship passengers to stay with the ship when they go offline.

No limits

The No Limits Mod removes the volume, weight and CPU limits so you can build and store to your heart’s content.

Starter Planet Resets

Don’t worry, your base or any player structure will be reset, but all ore and ground resources will reset weekly for new players to use.


We are currently exploring the spotguard and command crate mod for the option to add an in-game currency and reward system for voting of our server and time played.

Empyrion Killer Ship
Empyrion Dude Standing In The Vastness

To use these console commands press   ~

All Commands


/Combiner - Switches mesh combiner on/off


/Deco - Enables to switch on and off the decorations of the terrain and gets some stats


/defragsavegame - defragsavegame


/Destroyme – Destroys the local player (Debug command for killing self)


/detach - Detaches the local player if he has the 'stuck under cockpit' problem (debug command)


/difficulties - Shows the current difficulty setting for the game


/help - List all console commands and show specific help


/oxygen - Show oxygenated areas in POI


/undock - Undocks a specified SV or HV. Can be used if problems happen with the undock


/time - Get / set the global server time [server only]

Check out these!

Empyrion Galactic Survival Tutorials

Our Empyrion Server is a vast game, from mining the earth to shooting alien life forms to navigating through space itself. There is so much to do and learn, so I found the best video tutorials for Empyrion for you to watch. But if there is something that you still don’t understand, you can always join our Gaming Discord and ask one of the pro Empyrion players for advice.

Follow the stream team

Watch the streams live on Twitch

Nams has always liked sci-fi and spaceships. He used to play Eve Online and is a big Startrek fan. He plays on the Empyrion Dedicated Server that we have. You can check him out on his Twitch streams trying to build the USS Enterprise. However, it never looks anything like the USS Enterprise. More like the USS Potato. Be sure to follow him and the other members of the Twitch Steam Team.

Become A Donor

Soon will be adding perks to the donors or our Empyrion Dedicated server. However, we are not sure if we can integrate it with Patreon or perhaps another platform. Stay tuned to know more.

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