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Enjoy kicking some zombie ass by playing Dying Light? Then how about teaming up with some other fans of the game and taking on the zombies? Well then, the Salty Zombies Dying Light Discord is the perfect place to be! Dying Light Discord is a very active community of Dying Light players, and can not just help improve your game, but make it more fun as well!

You will find plenty of new as well as pro players discussing, helping & teaming up with each other on the Dying Light Discord. So if you are stuck somewhere or just want to discuss Dying Light strategies then you’ll find yourself right at home here. You can even find people to play together with on our Dying Light PVE server.

You should also know that all the folks at Salty Zombies absolutely love gaming. All of here love playing survivor games. We especially love the ones where we get to kick some zombie butt. So if you too are into other survivor-type games, then you should definitely check out our gaming Discord page to see which other community discord channel you might enjoy being part of.

Watch SZ staff play Dying Lighton Twitch.

Now that you know we are all proper gamers here, its no surprise that we love streaming our games as well. If you would like to watch the SZ staff play Dying Light, then you can check it out from our Twitch Stream Team page.

Of course, Dying Light is not the only game we stream. Since we also love playing stuff like RUST, Fallout 46, DayZ, Atlas, Valheim, 7 Days To Die and many more, you also check out our game streams for these as well.


Dying Light Discord Rules

Gaming being a very competitive field, things can often get quite heated up. And although we encourage debates, we would strongly advise shifting to private messaging if the debate is getting too heated up. That said, we don’t tolerate any member behaving unnecessarily rudely or bullying another member.

We have certain protocols in place to make sure this remains a safe and healthy place for all Dying Light fans. If unfortunately, you were a victim of any abusive behaviour on our Dying Light Discord channel, then you can use the chain of command to contact a moderator who will help resolve the issue. Note that the protocols in place as mentioned below also apply to in-game chats as well.

  • Excessive trash talking will result in muting
  • Racist & Sexist remarks are not tolerated
  • Promoting third-party discord servers is not allowed
  • Promoting other gaming organisations, channels and servers is not allowed
  • Posting any obscene/vulgar/nude memes & images is not allowed
  • Follow the chain of command & report to a moderator in case of any abuse mentioned above
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You can have quite high expectations while playing Dying Light since it comes from the same folks who created the famous Call of Juarez & Dead Island. With more than Fifty awards & nominations, these folks have set a whole new gameplay standard for first-person zombie survival games. Its popularity can be judged by the fact that even so many years after its release, it still gets community events that are free, and new content as well.

In Dying Light, you find yourself in a city infested with a zombie virus. There are some hard secrets that you will discover while on your secret mission. Will you choose to save the remaining survivors or simply obey orders from above?

Here are some of the game features you can expect:


The Dying World is a vast world that you can roam around and explore to your heart’s content. Master parlour and you’ll be able to scale high structures and even reach remote places.


The combat in Dying Light can turn very gory indeed! There are numerous combat styles you can use against your enemies by using your abilities, taking advantage of the terrain and various weapon types.


While you hunt down enemies in the daytime, the night is a whole new story as you now become the hunted. Will you then take in the enemies head-on or will you run and hide till Daylight?


When facing countless enemies it is always a good idea to team up with others, especially when the enemies are zombies! You can then complete the story campaign as a team and also compete in community challenges that take place regularly.

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What is Discord?

If you’re familiar with old-school chatting apps like mIRC, then you will have no trouble using Discord. In fact, the well-designed user interface and features are what made Discord one of the most popular group-chatting apps. You can even use the voice channels to have a group call.

Although discord was originally aimed mainly at gamers to discuss game strategies, gameplay etc. You could even find other gamers to play together or against. However very soon discord was adopted by a lot of other types of communities such as cooking, dating, and many more. 

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You know it well by now that we just love playing survivor games. Throw in a few zombies and you got us hooked! The Dying Light Discord and the Dying Light PVE servers are just one of the many that we host. At Salty Zombies we are also into games like RUST, Ark, The Forest, DayZ, Scum, Minecraft, Valheim, Atlas and lots more.

At Salty Zombies you will find a discord channel and PVE server for all of these games. You can easily find all the community help you were looking for on the Salty Zombies discord pages. 

We have even added a few fun stuff on our discord channels so you can also just chill over there! Feel like sharing a pic of yourself? Use #Mugshots. Or use #Photopraphy for sharing a great snap or use #Memes if you found a funny one! Or just use our Music Bot if you just want to relax. 

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