Thanks to our donors Salty Zombies has gone from Strength to Strength. We started with just 1 simple shared PvE server that eventually changed into a PvE/PvP server. The map was split, the South was PvP and North was PvE. Eventually, we were able to afford 2 servers, one a dedicated PvP server and one dedicated PvE server. Once we had a big enough following and a regular stream of donors we were able to add Server Manager Bots to enhance the game. This also added an extra level of protection against hackers and griefers.

At the start of 2020 was when we really took things to the next level. We got a dedicated server, a beast of a machine that allowed us to have multiple instances of 7 Days to Die. We expanded out into having both our PvE and PvP worlds on this dedicate server, along with the overhaul modded version like Ravenhurst and Darkness Falls Server.


Salty Zombies has grown beyond the borders of just a game server, we built a solid and helpful community, a group of people from all over the world that has turned into a family. So many people have found refuge with us during these crazy times and our community has been referred to as a “pillar of support” to individuals during personal troubling times. Donating to Salty Zombies is not just about helping us pay for a server, its about helping bring like minded people together and sharing our passion and love for gaming. And none of it can be done without your support.


$50 A Month - Pays for single shared server > > > > > > > > 100%
$110 A Month - Pays for 2 Shared Servers + Server Bot > > > > > > > > 100%
$220 A Month - Pays for a Dedicated Server > > > > > > > > 100%
$300 A Month - Pays for Dedicated Gaming Server with DDOS Protection > > > > > > > > 100%
$500 A Month - Maintenance of Server Plus Savings For Steaming Gear > > > > > > > > 70%
$1,000 A Month & Nams Becomes a Full Time Streamer > > > > > > > > 30%


Become a supporter of the Salty Zombies family with just $10 a month you could help us maintaining the running costs of the servers and aid us in future upgrades and ideas to enhance your 7 Days To die experiences. Below is a list of perks you get on our server and discord when becoming a donor. Click on each perk to expand it and find more detail explanation of each one.

The VIP Trader is a special POI made by Namsaknoi that has 4 traders in it. The only way to access these traders is via Teleportation, all Donor will get a special command that will only work for them. Just type in /Trader in the game chat and you will be teleported to the trader. Type in /Return to be teleported back.

A new addition to the VIP trader. All Donors can get a Vending Machine in the donor trader, these vending machines can be accessed by anyone in the server by simply typing /Market in the ingame chat. This allows donors to earn more duke coins by selling any stuff to other players.

At the top of the VIP Trader is Nams penthouse, inside there is his vending machine that’s only accessible to Donors. Inside the vending machine will be special items you can buy with duke coins. Mostly decorative items to pimp out your base which you couldn’t get anywhere else. To get there type /Trader then climb up the ladder in the middle of the complex behind the vault door.

All donors will get VIP status on discord, this will allow them to have access to the VIP chat channel that only donors can see and read as well as access to the VIP voice coms channel. VIP status gives you special Discord abilities as well, you get to post GIF’s and links in all Discord channels. No one else can do this besides Moderators and Admins.

People who donate get a different name chat colour in both discord and in game. The colour is loud and stands out when you talk. If you want to be heard and have people to know your name, this is the way to go.

Our dedicated servers can get pretty busy, and it can be frustrating when you want to play but the server if full. Donors get a reserved slot so no matter what time or how many people are online, you will always be able to get in.

Donors get to save teleportation spots anywhere on the map. So for example if you have found a good city you want to loot but its too far from your base to keep driving back and forth. You can add a teleportation spot in the city by typing in /settele {name}. So for example, I would do /Settele City, and then when ever I want to go to there I just type /city and I will be teleported there. Supporting Donors get 2 Teleportation points you can save. Elite Donors get 6.

If any one has any questions or enquires most people ask in general chat in discord and a moderator or a senior member of the community can help. With Premium Support you get to add the moderators on Discord so you can PM them directly and get personal 1 on 1 support.

For every minute you play on our servers and every zombie you kill will earn you 1 Salty Coin. You can spend these coins in our online shop for Lvl 6 items. As a donor these numbers are multiple by 25% enabling you to earn more in less time or 50% if your an Elite Donor.


As an Elite Donor you get all the benefits above, plus additional ones below. $30 a month helps us immensely with the future of Salty Zombies. Growing a gaming community takes a lot of time, energy and money and we thank every single one of you for giving up your hard earn cash to enable us to do this. For some $30 a month is a lot, but if your in a financial position to donate this monthly, then you will become our pillar of support for us in growing this community and expanding the Salty Zombies family.

When you become an elite donor you get an awesome Salty Zombies T-shirt worth $20. Its made with 100% soft-wound cotton. This super comfy high-quality cotton makes you want to wear it 24/7. The print itself is solid and wont wear off or fade for years. When you donate via our Patreon page you will be asked for your address, once you have donated please add Namsaknoi and Baptizer as friends on Discord and then PM Namsaknoi informing him of your elite donation and what size T-Shirt you require as well as what colour (Black or White)

Get your own personal voice coms in our discord. If you play with a team of people then you can get your team a personal voice channel in the 7 Days To Die Discord. Only 1 of you needs to be an Elite donor for us to create this channel. The channel will be locked so only you and your team can use it, you will have to inform the admin as to whom you want to give access to it.

So you got yourself a crew and you want to make your mark on the Salty Zombies world? Then we can add your Team Name and its bio on our website and display it on our Community page for everyone to see. Just send us your Team logo and a 300 word Bio of your team and what makes you guys so awesome.

Sometimes when you wanna build an epic underground base or a huge tower from bedrock, clearing a huge chuck of land can be time consuming. To prevent people drop mining and to save time we offer donors to select and area they want to build and have an admin cut/clear the area for them.

Supporting Donors get to have 2 teleportation spots anywhere on the map, you as an Elite Donor get to have 6. So for example, if you have found a good city you want to loot but its too far from your base to drive back and forth. You can add a teleportation spot in the city by typing in /settele {name}. For example, I would do /Settele City and then whenever I want to go to there I just type /city and I will be teleported there. For more information on how to use the teleports and save and delete waypoints, you can refer to our Bot Command Page.

Just like any hosting company different purchasing levels comes with different levels of support. As and Elite Donor you get Elite Support, whether it be a question about the game or you need help with something game related you can add Namsaknoi and Baptizer as friends on discord and PM then with your enquiry. Either one will get back to you as soon as possible.

For every minute you play on our servers and for every zombie you kill, you will earn you 1 Salty Coin. You can spend these coins in our online shop for Lvl 6 items. As an Elite Donor these numbers are multiplied by 50% enabling you to earn more in less time.