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For all the hardcore survivalist gamers who are into playing DayZ then here is a great active gaming community for you to join! The Salty Zombies DayZ Discord is full of gamers with whom you can discuss or play the game with.

Our DayZ Discord has a lot of players ranging from novice to seasoned players. This means that not only can you have great fun playing together, but with experienced players around you even get some help and tips.

We at Salty Zombies are dedicated to the gaming world, especially survivor and zombie apocalypse type games – it is not just limited to DayZ. Check out our gaming Discord to see what gaming community we have here at Salty Zombies.


DayZ Discord Rules

Ensuring a safe space for all our discord members to mingle and communicate with other members is of the utmost importance to us. What this means basically is that we don’t tolerate any sort of rude, offensive and bullying behaviour towards any member.

This does not, however, mean that we don’t encourage debates and discussions between members with different points of view. But if it turns into an out of control argument then you better continue in private messages. Usually, this can be prevented if you avoid religiously and politically sensitive topics. Here are some of the rules you should keep in mind while using our discord channel:

  • Racist comments are not allowed
  • Sexist remarks are not allowed
  • Promoting or advertising other Discord servers is not allowed
  • Promoting or advertising other Gaming organisations or servers is not allowed
  • Nudity /Obscenity in pictures/videos/memes are prohibited
  • Too much trash talking is prohibited
  • Contact the admin/moderator to report abuse,
  • Always use the chain of command
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DayZ Discord wolf attack
DayZ Discord Downed Helicopter


What is DayZ?

If you are a hardcore survivor-type gamer and love shooting down zombies, you will enjoy playing DayZ. Here, you start in a world post-apocalypse where resources are limited, and the land is swarming with zombies. Your job is to survive somehow! In the DayZ world, many things can get you killed.

Apart from the zombies and wildlife, even other players will put you down for the sake of gathering more resources for themselves. It’s a harsh and hostile world. You can either try making friends with other gamers and surviving as a team or go solo and take on this deadly world by yourself. Some of the DayZ Game Features include:

Online Multiplayer

Each server here has a maximum of 60 players. You must play alongside these other players and compete for the limited resources. This means either teaming up and working together or considering them enemies as well!

No Saving Game

In DayZ, if you die, it’s all gone. Nothing is saved, and there are no checkpoints to start again from. You die, and you start again from scratch. That’s tough!

A Tough Environment

Nothing in the DayZ world is going to make survival easy for you. Pretty much everything here wants you dead. If it’s not the zombies, wildlife or other players killing you, then it might just be the bad weather that gets you!

A Huge Game World

The DayZ game world is pretty vast. It is roughly spread over 230 sqm with an amazing landscape and landmarks that are based on actual locations in the real world.

What is Discord?

To put it simply Discord is a chatting app which is specifically made for group chatting. If you’ve used group chatting apps like mIRc before then you will be quite comfortable with discord too.

Originally, discord was made for the gaming community to chat and discuss different games and their strategies, gameplay etc. However, over time, discord has also become equally popular among other communities such as cooking, dating, gardening etc.

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As you already know by now, Salty Zombies is not just a DayZ Discord & PVE server. We love all survivalist games especially if we can also shoot down some zombies. Some of the other ges we host include Rust, Scum, Valheim, Atlas etc.

Since our gaming Discord channels tend to be quite lively we have also enabled some additional fun features for our members. Now you can use some hashtags that we’ve enabled to post #Memes, share personal pics using #Mugshots or a cool snap using #Photography. There is also a music bot that you can hang out with and listen to some songs! All in all, it’s a fun little space for all DayZ fans.

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