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A great adventure awaits you on the Salty Zombies Conan Exiles RP server. With our custom mods and quality-of-life plugins, you are about to embark on a journey like no other. Our Conan Exiles Roleplay server is run by a Dungeons and Dragons game master of 20+ years. And our Moderators are long-time game enthusiasts and enjoy caring for the community.

Conan Exiles RP Servers Info & Rules

Port: 17000

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5900X 4.4GHz
  • RAM: 128GB RAM 2667MHz
  • 2TB NVMe
  • 1Gbps Network
  • 100 Gbits/s DDOS Protection
  • Daily Back-Ups
  • Location: USA
  • Do not build in or close to Faction Camps, pet spawn areas, rare or boss spawns or POIs
  • Do not leave your thralls guarding 1 skull or 3 skull areas.
  • Do not leave wheels of pain type buildings around the map, pick them up when they have finished breaking thralls.
  • No kiting enemies to player bases.
  • No killing players, their pets or thralls.
  • No stealing from players or bases.
  • No harvesting of other players’ bodies.

Let’s GO

Conan Exiles RP Server Mods

These mods are auto download on server entry

No Conan Exiles RP Servers would be doable if it weren’t for the fantastic people from the Steam community who create mods, and most do it for free. We add quite a few Conan Exiles roleplaying mods to our server to help enhance the experience and immerse yourself into your character easier.

When you join our Conan Exiles RP server, these mods will auto-download. However, if you want to save yourself some time, you can download them first by clicking on the orange button below to get access to our Steam Workshop mod list. All you have to do is click the green + button next to each mod.


The Pippi server management tool allows us to manage all our Conan Exiles RP Servers. Allowing for custom commands, items and more.

Better Thralls

The better Thralls mod is a must for any Conan Exiles server, not just a roleplaying server. This mod allows you to control more than 1 Thrall. It also adds much-needed advancements and customisations to them.

Kerozards Paragon Levelling

This KPL mod extends the levelling system to 300, which allows us to add many more features to our Conan Exiles RP servers and lock them behind the higher levels, extending the end game and progression for all roleplaying scenarios.

Barbarian Barber

You can’t have Conan Exiles RP servers with these awesome roleplaying customization mods. This mod allows you to change the looks of your character’s hair to suit your style, giving you a unique look for your Conan Exiles Roleplay.


Again, what a Conan Exiles Roleplaying server without the ability to transform your character to identify with your scenario. This mod allows you to customize your character’s look while wearing the ugly, powerful end-game armour.

Hosav’s Custom UI Mod

To be more immersed in the Conan Exiles Roleplaying server, we have this customisable UI that allows us to change the HUD in the game. From better health bars or damaged text, not to mention we can finally reposition the minimap.

Stacksize Plus

We all love to loot, but our inventories can quickly fill up, especially with all the added items we have included in our Conan Exiles RP server. So we increased the stack size of all items so that you can carry more.

NOPeR’s Lighted Power Stones

They say small things can make a big difference, and this is one of them. This mod adds a wearable wristband that works like a torch. A great QOL mod for our Conan Exiles RP servers.

Unlock Plus

Do you ever get annoyed with having to look in all your boxes to gather the necessary ingredients to craft things or your Thralls being stolen whilst they are in training? This Unlock Plus solves that by pulling items from your nearby inventory boxes. And only allows Thralls to be removed by the owner. Pretty essential for any Conan Exiles Roleplaying server.

Endgame Extended Weapons

With the new level system extended to level 300, we have added some additional content to the end game, like unlocking new and powerful weapons when you reach those levels.

Conan Exiles Portrait 1
Conan Exile and woman 1

Conan Exiles RP Servers Commands

All Commands

/Warp Faction – Teleports you to the faction Hall (Costs 1 Silver)

/Sethome – Sets your home location

/Home – Teleports you to your home (costs 1 silver)

/Starter – provides food and water to keep you going while you explore the faction hall and choose your Faction.

Check out these!

Conan Exiles RP Server Tutorials

It can be tough to work out who you want to play in any Conan Exiles RP server. Unlike other roleplaying games like GTA 5, Conan Exiles doesn’t allow much customization. However, with our mods and the video guides below, you can create a character that fits perfectly into our crazy world. If you are stump for ideas, you can always join our Conan Exiles Discord and ask someone.

Need Some Help?

Our Conan Exiles RP Server Staff

Oblivious Alan

Conan Exiles Admin


Curious Alan is the Admin who handles all the backend setups for the Conan Exiles RP servers. Don’t hesitate to contact him if you have any issues.

Just In Time

Conan Exiles Mod

Just In Time

Just In Time is the main Moderator for our Conan Exiles RP Servers. He is also the Admin for our DayZ servers and enjoys helping out the community.

Our Conan Exiles Roleplay server is managed by Alan, a DnD game master of 20+ years. He runs the back end of the servers, and Just In Time helps moderator them. 

These two make a fantastic team and are incredibly passionate about Conan Exiles. If you have any questions about the game, please join our Discord and message them.

Conan Exiles RP Server Flyers?

One of the most incredible things about our Conan Exiles RP servers is the community. Everyone loves to roleplay and get involved. Our events are fun to participate in, and there is a real sense of good neighbourliness. 

Having such a popular server brings a great dynamic to your roleplaying, making each playthrough a different experience. If you would like to help further increase the population and help new players find a place they can call home, then you can help.

You can download this Conan Exiles Roleplaying Server flyer we have made and post it on social media like Reddit, Twitter, Conan Exiles forums or even Facebook groups. There are plenty of people out there wanting to find a good server. They need you to point them towards the light.

Conan Exiles PVE Server Poster

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