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Welcome to the #1 Conan Exiles PVE Server. If you are looking for an active and well-run Conan Exiles PvE server, you have come to the right place. Our server has multiple QOL mods with active admins and moderators. Conan Exiles was the first game we expanded into. Before opening up this server, we were purely a 7 Days To Die Community.

Server Info:

Port: 7777

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7950X 5.7GHz
  • RAM: 128GB RAM 6000MHz
  • 2TB NVMe
  • 1Gbps Network
  • 100 Gbits/s DDOS Protection
  • Daily Back-Ups
  • Location: USA

Server Rules:

  • Do not build in or close to Faction Camps, pet spawn areas, rare or boss spawns or POIs
  • Do not leave your thralls guarding 1 skull or 3 skull areas.
  • Do not leave wheels of pain type buildings around the map, pick them up when they have finished breaking thralls.
  • No kiting enemies to player bases.
  • No killing players, their pets or thralls.
  • No stealing from players or bases.
  • No harvesting of other players’ bodies.

Let’s GO

Conan Exiles PVE Mods

These mods are auto download on server entry

Below are all the mods for our Conan Exiles PVE server. They download when you connect to our server for the first time. But sometimes, we find it best if you download them first. Click the button below to open our Conan Exiles PVE steam workshop mod list. Then click on the Green Plus buttons next to each mod, and you will see your Conan Exiles game on Steam start updating. Once that is done, you can launch the game and join our server.


Pippi Is a server management tool allowing us to give the server that unique Salty Zombies feel with donor commands and kits, currency, customizations and other great additions to the server.

Better Thralls

This is a significant addition. Better thralls allow us to let you control 2 thralls at once, a vital change for the increased challenge of the AoC overhaul mod.

Kerozards Paragon Levelling

Extends the levelling system up to 300 allowing us to extend the life of each seed and make max level a lot more of an achievement and customising many more features of the levelling system.

Barbarian Barber

Does your long, unkempt hair get in the way when you fight against the stone noses? Does your hair get caught in the quiver of your arrows? Then we got you, the Barbarian Barber enables you to edit your characters hairstyle with whatever fancy look feeling.


Everyone has a different opinion on the best looking armour sets. Fashionist allows you to customise how your character looks while also letting you wear that ugly but awesome endgame armour.

Hosav’s Custom UI Mod

A hugely customisable UI mod where you can add or remove a huge amount of modifications to the UI from better health bars to mini-map repositions and floating damage text.

Stacksize Plus

This ultimate stack-size mod works on all DLC content and modded items. It’s a must have for any Conan Exiles PVE server

NOPeR’s Lighted Power Stones

Add a wearable wristband that acts as a torch, a monumental Quality of Life addition to our Conan Exiles PVE server.

Unlock Plus

One of the best quality-of-life mods you could ask for in any Conan Exiles PVE server. It adds multiple abilities. For example, pull items from nearby inventories so you don’t have to gather them at the crafting table. Protect your Thralls from grief so they can only be removed by the owner, and add locking capabilities to placeables. Plus much more.

Endgame Extended Weapons

This mod adds additional content to the end game but allows you to unlock new and powerful weapons when you reach higher levels.

Conan Exiles Portrait 1
Conan Exile and woman 1

Conan Exiles PVE Commands

All Commands

/Warp Faction – Teleports you to the faction Hall (Costs 1 Silver)

/Sethome – Sets your home location

/Home – Teleports you to your home (costs 1 silver)

/Starter – provides food and water to keep you going while you explore the faction hall and choose your Faction.

Check out these!

Conan Exiles Tutorials

Conan Exiles is a vast game with little in-game guide or tutorial to get you started. And our Conan Exiles PVE Server has a lot of additional mods that can make things even more exciting but also more challenging. Below are some great video tutorials from Youtube that we think will help you in your adventures. If you get stuck, you can always ask our experienced players in our Conan Exiles Discord.

Need Some Help?

The Conan Exiles PVE Server Team

Oblivious Alan

Conan Exiles Admin


Curious Alan takes care of all the backend stuff for the Conan Exiles PVE server. If you need any help with anything, he is your man.

Just In Time

Conan Exiles Mod

Just In Time

Just In Time is our DayZ Admin, but he used to run our Conan Exiles PVE server. So he likes to help out the community where ever he can.

Our Conan Exiles PVE server is run and maintained by these two incredible people. We have Alan, our Admin, who runs all the back end, and Just in Time, who runs our DayZ server but is a big fan of Conan Exiles and loves to help moderator the server.

Together they make an excellent team in keeping the Conan players happy and the server healthy. If you need any help, feel free to open a ticket in our Discord via the Support channel and click on the “Conan Exiles” button to create a ticket.

Conan Exiles PVE Server Flyers?

One of the great things about our Conan Exiles PVE server is the community. Everyone is so friendly and helpful to new players. The group has a lot of camaraderie, and having such a popular server brings new dynamics every time you play. Being part of a community is all about meeting new friends or like-minded people. 

If you would like to help expand this community and bring some fresh players to the Conan Exiles PVE server. In that case, you can share this poster we have made on social media platforms like Conan Exiles forums, Facebook groups and Reddit.

Conan Exiles PVE Server Poster

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