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Salty Zombie’s dedicated servers are aided by Bots that help manage the servers with various tasks, like regular reboots, tracking players and inventory etc. If you are familiar with 7 Days To Die Server Managers, then you know they are extremely useful and come packed with many features that enhance the game and increase server security. 

Below is a list of commands you can use and their description of what they do, some of these commands are only on particular servers or restricted to people with specific permissions.

General Commands

These commands are general commands you can use every day. Some cost Salty Coins, and some have a cool down, so you can’t always use them. When entering these commands in chat by, Press the “T” button. Once you have written the command, press the “Enter” button. J.A.R.V.I.S, our in-game bot, will confirm with the “Command received.” message.

When you type /bed, it will teleport you to your active bed. Your active bed will be the last one you placed. The moment you throw a bed down, it will deactivate the other one.
Death can be a regular and frustrating occurrence with 7 Day To Die, and sometimes it can not always be your fault. Type in /Bag once you respawn to be teleported near your Backpack.
See how many Salty Coins you have acquired. You get 1 Salty Coin for every zombie kill and every minute of active gameplay. In addition, donors get 25% to 50% extra Salty Coins.
Type this in and the Bot will tell you when the next Horde Night is.
/Gimme is a gamble command. It will cost you 50 Salty Coins, and the bot will give you a random item. This could be a medical kit, meat stew, ammo or a bunch of zombies that will spawn right next to you.
Type this in, and you will teleport to one of the entrances of our Donor city.
Once you have bought something from the shop, you need to type /Claim in the game chat… remember to have space in your inventory for the items you just bought when you do.
You can earn Salty Coins by voting for our server every day. Once you have done that, type in-game chat /Vote to receive your Salty Coins.
Transfers SaltyCoins from your balance to another player’s balance. You can specify the target player via name or steam ID. If there are multiple players with a similar name, use their steam ID instead. Example, /Pay Namsaknoi 5000
If you have play on any other SZ server and think you have Salty Coins on that server. You can type /SZCoins and it will check all SZ servers you have a profile on and transfer them to that current server.


As a donor, you get access to specific commands enabling you to claim or use the donor perks. If you are interested in what perks you get, please check our Subscription page. You can subscribe to our monthly packages if you are interested in supporting the server and helping us pay the bills. To do so, check out our 7 Days To Die Tebex store here: Salty Zombies 7D2D Shop.

/SetTele [name]
/Tele [name]
/DelTele [name]
/ClaimPlot XX
/PlotFriend [name]
/Remove Plot Friend
You can save a teleportation point anywhere on the map. For example, if you find a great place to loot, like a big city, or a perfect place to mine. You can save the position there and teleport to it at any time. Type /SetTele and the name you want to save the teleport, for example, /SetTele City.
To teleport to one of your saved teleportation spots, just type in /Tele followed by the name you saved it as, Example, /Tele City.
If you wish to delete a teleport you have set, you can use the command /Deltele [Name], for example, /Deltele Town.
If you saved a couple of waypoints but forgot what you called them, you can list all the teleports you have saved by typing /ListTele
All donors get teleportation access to the unique Donors Trader. Inside the Donor Trader is 4 traders. You can only access this building via Teleport.
This is a command you use to exit the donor trader. It will teleport you to your last location when you teleported to the trader.
To claim a plot in Donor City you can simply type in /claimplot and then the plot ID. So, for example /ClaimPlot B6 or C7. All the plots have a letter or a number that you can see on the map.
Once you claim your plot you can type /plot to teleport right outside of it.
If you want a friend to help you build on your plot, you can add them to the claim by typing in /PlotFriend [Name]. For example, /PlotFriend Namsaknoi
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Coming Soon

Trouble Shooting Commands

/Fetch [Vehicle]
Typing /fetch [Vehicle] type will instantly teleport your Vehicle to you. This is in case you get off your Vehicle and it rubber bands back. A classic issue in the online multiplier aspect of the game. Below is a list of the actual commands you have to type. /Fetch Bicycle /Fetch Minibike /Fetch Motorcycle /Fetch Jeep /Fetch Gyro
This command will help if you have lost your drone. The drones are a new feature and not well optimised. They will get stuck often, and losing one might stop you from putting down another. If that happens, use the next command /ClearDrone
If you have lost your drone and the /fetchdrone command doesn’t work. You will have to use this command to put another drone down. This command will kick you from the server, but you will be able to put a new drone down when you rejoin.

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