Salty Zombie’s dedicated servers are aided by a Bot that helps manage the servers with various tasks, like regular reboots. If you are familiar with a 7 Days to die server manager bot, here are the most commonly used commands. If you have no idea what I am talking about, then read on for a more detailed explanation. Please note: most of the commands are mostly for the Salty Zombies PvE Server. There are only 2 commands on the dedicated PvP server. That is /Trader and /Return, but these PvP commands are only accessible to people who donate to our Patreon Page.


/Bed – 25 Salty Coins
/Bag – 25 Salty Coins
/Gimme – 50 Salty Coins
/Vehicle – 100 Salty Coins


/SetTele [Name] – 50 Salty Coins
/Tele [Name] – 25 Salty Coins
/Deltele [Name]

/Listtele [Name]
/Trader – 25 Salty Coins


A Server Bot overlays on top of the game. It enables players to move around the map a little easier and helps Admins of the server manage and see what is going on more clearly. For example, you can use the commands to teleport around the map, protect your base from raiders and make save points so you can get to certain places easier.


Salty Coins are the second currency given to you by the Bot. Similar to the 7 Day to Die Duke coins. Except your character doesn’t hold these coins in their backpacks like you would Duke Coins. You earn these Salty Coins by killing zombies and spending time on the server. The coins will be needed for the teleportation commands. You earn 1 Salty Coin for every zombie you kill on the server, and you gain 1 Salty Coins for every minute you are active on the server. If you are a Standard Donor, this is amplified by 1.25%, and for Elite Donors, it’s amplified by 1.5%

How to transfer your Salty Coins from one player to another.

In the in-game chat, you can execute a command to transfer your coins from your wallet to another player. Just type:

/pay <playerName or steamID> amount

Transfers SaltyCoins from your balance to another players balance. You can specify the target player via name or steam ID. If there are multiple players with a similar name, use their steam ID instead.


When you type /bed it will teleport you to your active bed, your active bed will be the last one you placed. The moment you throw a bed down it will deactivate the other one.


/Gimme is a gamble command. It will cost you 50 Salty Coins and the bot will give you a random item. This could be a medical kit, meat stew, ammo or a bunch of zombies that will spawn right next to you.


Typing /vehicle type will instantly teleport your Vehicle to you. This is in case you get off your Vehicle and it rubber bands back. A classic issue in the online multiplier aspect of the game. Below is a list of the actual commands you have to type.



Death can be a regular and frustrating occurrence with 7 Day To Die, and sometimes it can not always be your fault. Type in /Bag once you respawn to be teleported near your Backpack.


See how many Salty Coins you have acquired. You get 1 Salty Coin for every zombie kill and for every minute of active gameplay. Donors get 25% to 50% extra Salty Coins.


Type this in and the Bot will tell you when the next Horde Night is.


To be clear, Salty Zombies does not do Pay2Win, but we like to reward the people who wish to help us pay the bills and improve on the server. So all people who donated will get a couple of extra commands and 50% less on the Teleportation cooldown timer. If helping us out with the financial costs of running the server is something of interest to you, then you can jump on our Patreon Page and donate from there:

/SetTele [Name]

You can save a teleportation point anywhere on the map. For example, if you find a great place to loot, like a big city, or a perfect place to mine. You can save the position there and teleport to it at any time. To do that type /SetTele and the name you want to save the teleport, example /SetTele City To set and save the teleportation point will cost you 50 Salty Coins.

/Tele [Name]

To teleport to one of your saved teleportation spots just type in /Tele followed by the name you saved it as, Example, /Tele City every time you teleport it will cost you 25 Salty Coins


All donors get teleportation access to the special Donors Trader. This is the only command that’s on the PvP and PvE server. Inside the Donor trader is 4 traders. This is a PvP free zone, anyone committing murder in this area will have their donor status revoked. You can only access this building via Teleport and it has closing times same as normal traders. (6:00 to 22:00)

/DelTele [Name]

As a normal donor, you get to save 4 teleportation points and if you are an Elite Donor you get 6. However, if you don’t want to keep one of them you can delete it to free up a teleport point and use it again. To delete the teleport just type /Deltele [Name] for example /Deltele City. This command will not cost you any Salty Coins


If you saved a couple of waypoints but forgot what you called them, you can list all the teleports you have saved by typing /ListTele this command will not cost you any Salty Coins.


This is a command you use to exit the donor trader. It will teleport you to your last location when you teleported to the trader.

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