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The Baptizer or “Bap” as he is known for short, has many years of experience with server management and security. He is also very skilled in administration on PVP game servers and of course playing FPS and survival games. He is a natural leader who has a unique ability to deal with people in a conflict situation. Bap can get a good resolution for all parties concerned without things getting out of hand.

With his skill and attention to detail in server security, he is often looking into claims of people breaking the server rules. When (not if) but when he catches them, he will hand down an appropriate punishment. This could range from just a warning to a permanent ban on all servers.

The Baptizer is passionate about the Salty Zombies and has many hours playing 7 days to die with Namsaknoi. The two play a lot of other zombie survival and FPS games together like GTFO and World War Z.

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